15 Cute Ikea Wall Decor Ideas & Hacks For Every Room in Your Home

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There’s no worse sound on earth than the sound of a wooden chair screeching across the concrete floor of the Ikea cafeteria. In case you were wondering.

I say that because I’m sitting here in the Ikea cafeteria, filled up with Swedish meatballs, after having perused the whole store for awesome Ikea Wall Decor Hacks to share with you.

I found a bunch. Some of them are just Wall decor ideas and some are Hacks straight from Ikea. I think you’ll love them all and want to run directly to Ikea and buy something to jazz up your walls.

15 Gorgeous Ikea Wall Decor Ideas for Your Unique Home

What I love about walking through Ikea is how they use their own products in unusual ways. Sometimes it’s only a little unusual and sometimes it’s a true hack that turns the product into something totally new.

I’m going to show you a few of both of those types of Ikea hacks.

Ikea Wall Decor Hacks for the Kitchen

Vertical Herb Garden

The Vilto wall storage ladder is so versatile.

On this trip to Ikea it’s being used a vertical herb garden. It’s such a slim piece that it barely takes up any room. in fact it creates space for you because normally you’d be growing those herbs on the windowsill, right?

Just make sure you put this somewhere that the herbs will still get enough light. I assume. I’ve never had a plant that lived more than 2 weeks, so perhaps herbs don’t really need blazing kitchen window sunlight.

Show Off Your Stuff With Open Shelving

Ikea Wall Decor ideas - kitchen shelving

In the kitchen I like to see your actual stuff used as decor. Your pretty plates or structural pots. They can definitely be worthy as a piece of decor.

It’s all in how you display them.

So it’s totally acceptable to count the stuff that you use in the kitchen as decor if you’re going to have it on handsome shelves like these.

It doesn’t have to be super fancy stuff, either. The mix of wood and ceramic her is great. It’s tidy enough and gives the kitchen a really welcoming feel.

Those Cutting Boards!

a wall gallery using different ikea cutting boards, ikea wall decor

Ok, you might not have this many cutting boards, but I bet you don’t have this much open wall space either, do you?

That’s ok, you can still get this look with a few less cutting boards and a lot less wall space.

I LOVE these butcher block cutting boards against the black wall. This was a display in the cafeteria that I had to snap a photo of after I had my meatballs and green beans.

Ikea Wall Decor Hacks for the Living Spaces

One thing that makes me bored or sad is a blank wall. Ok, maybe sad is the wrong word, but it makes me lament for the missed opportunity of putting something awesome on a big old blank space.

Ikea was meant for filling those spaces. They have large scale art and funky pieces that you might not expect to use on a wall.

If you look very carefully while you’re walking through Ikea, you’ll see there are even hacks, with little tags explaining the hack.

Large Scale Wall Art

Ikea Wall Decor ideas - living room, ikea wall art

Sectionals are the greatest couch invention since the couch was invented. They are so lazy and cozy and just giant lounging beasts.

But when you have a giant sectional, it means you probably have a giant wall above it that looks super boring if it’s just empty.

Gallery walls are awesome (we’ll see a couple soon), but sometimes you just want to bang one nail in the wall and be done with it, right?

That’s where these beautiful large scale wall art pieces come in. This one of the bridge is my favorite. No more boring giant wall.

gallery wall using ikea frames used for family pictures

Sometimes I like a flowy organic gallery wall and other times I like a nice buttoned up, structured gallery wall like this.

All nice neat rows, no fussiness. Your eyes are not confused about what direction to go in to follow the story (like they sometimes are with some of the crazy gallery walls).

This symmetrical gallery wall is perfect over this console table.

Hang it With Ribbon

hanging frames hung with ribbon

Little touches can go a long way with your wall decor. You could just hang these pretty silhouttes in the gold frames and be down with it. They would be lovely.

But at that black ribbon and you’ve elevated it just a bit.

They look a little feminine and romantic, right? They would belong in my house, but the are perfect in this sort of Victorian vignette.

ikea wall art

If you want to create one of these flowy organic gallery walls without making the eyeballs not know where to rest themselves, then this is how you do it.

You pick a soft and subtle theme and then lay them out on the wall however you like. These images are great for a calm, relaxing dinner in the dining room.

Dining rooms are another one of those spaces that usually has a lot of wall space, so a gallery wall is a great idea.

Go 3D With Cubbies

Ikea wall decor - 3 dimensional

I snapped a pic of this vignette because those cubbies are three dimensional. It gives the room a little bit of interesting beyond just a flat painting on the wall.

The cubbies are also display cases for your favorite things and they are great for storage.

Pretty useful is a great combination and that’s what I love about this.

OH! And don’t miss the other cool wall feature in this picture. This was featured in a bunch of different vignettes throughout the store. See that nifty paint treatment? It’s here as well:

gallery wall made with mirrored sconces

Don’t be surprised if you something similar popping up on Pinterest. I love it for two reasons. No cutting in on the ceiling. And, it looks kind of like a skyline.

Your Desk Needs Decor, Too

Ikea wall decor for the office

These Ikea style peg boards are one of my favorite newer items from Ikea. They are so versatile and they have that whole I’m pretty and useful thing going for them.

They are great in an office area like this one because you can use them to store desk stuff like pens and paper clips if you want.

BUT, you can also use that top half that isn’t quite within reach from your chair and so not convenient for decor stuff. Like those pretty prints!

Put Something Different on Your Wall

wallpapered wall with entertainment center and hanging baskets as ikea wall art, ikea staged room in store

You might be thinking that those rattan looking circles are interesting decor because they have great texture.

They are.

But they are also seats. Yes, seats. They are like a cushion, so if you’re kids are floor sitters, they will love these.

Ikea is so smart though because they KNOW they are good looking and they also KNOW you don’t necessarily want to walk around these big old cushions all the time. So they mounted them to the wall thereby double dutying them. Wall decor + a seat.

A Poppy Tryptic

bright family pictures framed on wall, large ikea wall art

You might have your kids school pictures hanging somewhere in your house.

But aren’t these huge candid shots so much more fun? I think these are really great.

I’m a big believer in making your home as unique as possible and there’s nothing more unique than photos like these on the walls.

Ok, that wallpaper is pretty, um, unique. I’m not a proponent of the wallpaper, ok? what were you thinking Ikea?

Wall Decor Hacks & Ideas for Your Bedroom

The master Bedroom is always last on the list. I think I have one random picture hanging on a wall in mine right now. I’m always stealing art from there to put somewhere else where people will actually see it.

Well, no more. Ikea has some great wall decor ideas for bedrooms.

If you want more Ikea Bedroom Hacks, I’ve got you covered!

A Rug is Like A Tapestry, but Warmer

ikea wall tapestry

If you want to get a cozy feel in your bedroom, try this idea of hanging a big rug on the wall behind your bed. Just like you would a tapestry.

The difference is that the rug has texture and just looks nice and warm. This is a bedroom for North Dakota.

If I were going to try this, I would go with a rug with a pretty, bolder pattern, but I’m a little nuts about color.

Art On the Line

black and white bedroom with wall art

I’ve seen this at Ikea before for kids art. You hang a wire and attach the art to it with paper clips.

I have not seen an adult-ish version until now, though.

But if you’re an artsy adult, why not display your work like this? Or if you just buy some unframed art, this is a very simple way to get it on the walls.

Love the No Wifi sign, too. It’s not a rule in my bedroom and it never will be, but I like the sign. I would buy that sign and every night feel like a rebel while I’m on my laptop totally using wifi and defying my own rule.

A Simple Canopy

bauble light fixture

I know you’re like, that’s not wall decor, it’s a canopy.

But listen, it’s basically covering that wall behind the bed. It’s pretty and flowy which means it is decor.

On the wall and decor. Wall decor. Ok? I knew you’d see it my way.

Now What?

Ok, you need to go walk around your house and scope out all of the places where you have bare walls. We can’t go on like this, ok?

You need some fun personality filled wall decor ideas. I just gave 15 of them if you count that funky paint treatment.

Go make your house unique.

Want More Wall Decor Ideas?

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