10 Simple DIY Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas You Must Try

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It seems as though everyone is obsessed with farmhouse home decor nowadays. Every home decor show and every other pin on Pinterest has something do to do with rustic or farmhouse decor.

This makes sense when you consider that many people feel that the modern look can come off as cold. Rustic can completely transform a normal house into one with a bit more personality and what’s even better is that many times you don’t have to pay modern decor price to make it happen.

It is so popular I thought I would post some must-try DIY ideas.

10 Simple DIY Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas You Must Try

Because farmhouse decor goes for a rustic look it means you can often fashion together old things and make them look like they are supposed to be that way.

Maybe this is why it’s so popular.

This list will show you how you can put together your own farmhouse decor items so you can slowly transition your home into Old MacDonald’s.

1. Free Farmhouse Printables

free farmhouse printables for farmhouse home decor ideas

These free farmhouse printables by The Mountain View Cottage Blog allow you to create some wonderful signs that carry with them a nice rustic feel.

If you could somehow translate these designs to a chalkboard then you might end up with random chickens in your backyard.

2. Thrift Store Farmhouse Jars

I love the idea of turning outdated thrift store finds into something totally new.

White spray paint, black stenciling, and a little sanding can turn any canister into a rustic farmhouse container. Why would you need containers? To store your special cooking supplies and things you use for teas and coffees.

On the farm, they don’t come in fancy packages. They come in big containers that make you feel like you have an endless supply!

farmhouse jars

Twelveonmain.com has instructions on how to transform thrift store canisters into farmhouse jars. The spray paint and sanding can also be used to transform plain mason jars into a farmhouse look.

I like to go with the mason jar approach because they are easy to find at places like Michael’s or Amazon. They serve so many purposes it’s getting kind of ridiculous.

3. Repurposing Vintage Ladders

Nothing says farmhouse decor like a vintage ladder.

vintage ladder hanging on wall used as shelving for decor

Vintage ladders can be repurposed for storage or used as shelves. Gratefullyvintage describes how to mount a ladder to the wall. It also describes how to cut a groove into the wood in order to hold plates or picture frames in place.

I really like this open cabinet look which makes it a mix of modern design with rustic traits.

4. Kitchen Racks

diy kitchen racks

It seems like everything is hanging up on the farm. I can’t say why this is, maybe it makes things easier to get to.

This is no different in the kitchen.

Kitchen racks can be functional as well as attractive.

Hanging coffee mugs with the addition of a potted plant adds to the farmhouse appeal. Stonegable has a wonderful example of how to make this work.

I never would’ve thought about hanging a potted plant on a rack but as you can see it really adds some diversity in a very surprising place.

5. Rustic Entryway Coat Rack

rustic coat rack

What’s the point of trying to go with a rustic look if you can’t make people feel at home as soon as they walk in the door?

A rustic coatrack in the entryway instantly welcomes any visitor and makes them feel at home.

This one piece serves a functional purpose while also adding to the rustic feel you want to convey. LizMarieBlog gives a DIY on how to make this beautiful coatrack.

What I love about this project is that it either requires a lot of customization or not customization. It totally depends on how you like the door piece that you are able to use.

You might be thinking that’s it’s impossible to find a barn door just lying around and you’re right, but you can repurpose almost any wood door in this fashion.

6. Wooden Signs

how to make wooden signs

In any house with a farmhouse decor, you are sure to find some kind of wooden sign. Wooden signs can be hung anywhere in the house to give that rustic feel.

It is such a simple idea any one can do it.

Remodelaholic has one of the easiest methods of making these signs. All you need is some wood, paint, and a computer printer.

The printer they choose to use is the Canon MG7720 Wireless All-In-One.

7. Pallet Plaques

how to create pallet plaques

Wood pallets are used in many different ways in farmhouse decor.

They can be used to make written signs but I love the use of them as plaques.

Plaques are an easy and attractive way to show off pictures or notes. At ohmy-creative.com there is a wonderful tutorial for making these plaques.

If you’re able to find a good supply of pallets then be sure to check out the many different things you can create with pallets.

It seems like the world can be built with pallets!

8. Old Window Frames

window frame diy jewelry holder

Old window frames are another example of an item being repurposed into a completely new item.

They are brought inside and used as a display case or shelves for any variety of things.

The use of a window frame to display and organize jewelry is one of my favorite uses. Theborrowedabode.com has a tutorial on how to make a nice looking one.

What I love about this look is that it can really keep things sorted properly. You never wanted your platinum jewelry mixing with your white gold pieces.

9. Chalkboard

diy hanging chalkboard

A chalkboard is probably one of the easiest ways to add rustic appeal to your house. It might bring up memories of the old schoolhouse but if you can get your hands on a nice chalkboard then there are some cool things that you can do with it.

It is easy to buy one and hang it anywhere in the house but what fun is that?

The Inspired Hive has a set of easy instructions on making your own chalkboard. Yes, you can make your own chalkboard.

Unfortunately writing on the chalkboard does take some practice and if you are left-handed then you might want to find a right-handed person to help.

Left-handed people know exactly what I’m talking about.

10. Farmhouse Finish

Getting a farmhouse finish

Probably the most important element in farmhouse decor is the finish.

Being able to create a weathered or rustic finish is something you should know how to do if you are going to add the farmhouse look to your interior. For an easy tutorial on how to create this look check out CherishedBliss.

What’s great about this look is that it is pretty easy to do. You just need some supplies that you can easily pick up from any hardware store and a bit of elbow grease and you’re good to go.

11. DIY Word Art

diy word wall art

If you have some lettering skills, a quote on a canvas is always a quick and easy way to get something gorgeous on your walls! Grab some sharpies from Dollar Tree and some white craft paint and paint over an old canvas you no longer love.

Get the Farmhouse Look

As you can see, achieving the farmhouse decor look in your own home doesn’t take much. There is no need to go shopping at the expensive stores that try to sell these looks for hundreds of dollars when you can repurpose used goods and achieve the same effect.

Even if you feel like you aren’t the most creative person in the world you’ll be amazed to discover what you can do with a couple of simple techniques.

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