9 Home Office Organization Ideas So You’re Ultra Productive

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I’m very lucky to have a tiny little home office in my house. With a door and a big window and everything. What I don’t have is home office organization. I have all.the.things in the office and I know for sure it makes me less productive.

In my ideal world, I would have clear flat surfaces with all of the stuff put away somewhere that I can find it easily when I need it and where I’m not distracted by it when I don’t need it.

I’m not at a point where I just need to “put stuff away”. I’m at a point where I actually need places to put stuff away.

How Did I End Up With This Need for Home Office Organization?

I started working from home a little less than two years ago. In the beginning it was me, my laptop and some craft supplies.

And then photography lights.

And a microphone.

Oh and the printer. And the tripod(s) and more craft supplies and other electronics that I definitely need once every three months.

My job expanded and so the things that I needed in the office expanded. Very quickly.

But the places to store things did NOT expand. I still have the same crappy plastic drawer system for the craft supplies and the printer still sits on the floor. It makes it difficult to find the things I need and it’s not very easy to concentrate with all of the clutter around.

All of that adds up to me being less productive than I should be. And that needs to change.

So, first up, I need some home office organization inspiration so that I can start to understand what it is that I need in the office so that I can put my crap away.

Here’s what I’m loving from around the internet and why I love it and what I’m hoping to implement.

Home Office Organization Ideas

Clipboards for Hanging Up Your Papers

This beautiful office looks like a spot I could sit down in and get a lot of work done. I love that it’s mostly black and white with just that green leaf garland.

But what I really love about this office is the clipboards.

I know it seems like you never use paper in your office, but you do you some, and when you do, it needs a place to live. If you print out a to do list, might you put it down on the desk?

And then what? Might you go looking for it two hours later and it has disappeared? Pop it on a clipboard and hang it up and it will be right in front of you when you need it again.

You can find all of the details for this pretty home office on House Mix Blog.

A Pegboard to Hold ALL OF IT

First of all, there are those clipboards again. I told you that was brilliant.

But what’s great about this office set up is the pegboard. A pegboard on a wall like this above your desk means you can get all of that stuff that is normally on your desk or in a closet or drawer somewhere, up AND away so you have plenty of nothingness to not distract you.

That’s what you, need right? The freedom to just stare at your screen and grab your mouse without ALL the clutter all over the top of your workspace. And if you do need something, you can peek at the pegboard and all of your stuff is visible at one glance.

Not tucked in a completely over packed drawer that you don’t even want to open.

You can find all the details for this pegboard enhanced office on White House Black Shutters.

Keep It Coordinated

When I used to work outside of the home, I remember that the office supply game at every place I ever worked at was really weak. A bunch of mismatched straight from the boring aisle of the Office Supply store plastic junk.

It was functional and that is most important, but I like to have an office space that is personalized, especially if it’s in my home.

So don’t be afraid to be a little picky with the style of your home office organization accessories. You’re going to spend long hours staring at them, they may as well be cute.

You can see the details for these galvanized steel accessories at Lil Luna.

You’re Gonna Need Some Bins

Two things have jumped out at me in my research for home office organization inspiration. Vertical space is prime real estate.

And I’m going to need some bins. Nice bins that match each other so that my brain can rest if it should fall upon them. Mismatched bins, willy nilly all over the place are not good for producivity.

Matching bins, especially these nice white ones with covers, keep your brain from getting distracted by lots of visual clutter.

You can see all of the details of this gorgeous and colorful office at A Beautiful Mess.

You Don’t Need a LOT of Space

Did I mention my office is tiny? It’s like 10×8, I think. But, that’s huge in comparison to this adorable tucked away corner office.

As small as it is, it is WAY more organized than my office and probably has way more storage space.


Because it has shelves that utilize all of that amazing vertical space above the desk. Brilliant.

You can see all the details on this cute office at The Container Store.

Small Things Storage Solutions

Do you ever notice all of the little things that are around the office? Pens, pencils, tacks, clips and all sort of other doodads.

Mine are kind of just strewn about right now. But this office/desk situation has done the smart thing and is using small storage solutions like those little wicker baskets and the cute little drawers to put their stuff away.

AND not just put away, but closed in a drawer or under a lid. Makes things far less distracting.

You can see all the details of this fun and functional office at Binge Fashion.

Front and Center

What jumped out at me about this office is not the rustic/farmhouse style, but the fact that there are two things that are front and center in this office. The Calendar and the Clock.

Something tells me this person is busy and needs to be focused on how she is using her time.

And can’t we all? Or if by some miracle time isn’t a constraint for you, maybe your front and center items are something different… a vision board to remind you of your goals, maybe?

The point is, I think it’s important to have a constant reminder of what is important, front and center

You can see all the details of this focused office space at Sarah Joy Blog.

A Desk Buddy

I have a tiny desk, sort of by design because the idea was I would have the laptop, the mouse and the keyboard and MAYBE a lamp on the desktop and the rest would be pristinely clear.

I know, yeah right, like that was every going to happen.

Well it could happen if I had a desk buddy like this cart! All of the other random things that are sitting on my desktop could have a nice home in the cart, right next door to the desk.

I love that this one has that butcher block top on it in case you need an extra writing surface. Or a place to put your lunch.

You can see all of the details on this rolling cart desk buddy at The DIY Playbook.

You Can Just Buy It All

If you’re kind of like, “I’m not good at picking out all of this cute matching stuff”, don’t worry.

You can just buy it all together like this Pottery Barn set. It all coordinates and it’s all meant to keep you organized.

You can mix and match whatever pieces work best for you functionally and you know it will all work together aesthetically.

You can find the details for these sets at Pottery Barn.

What’s Up Next?

Now it’s time to narrow down these amazing Home Office organization ideas to what exactly is going work best for me in my space.

Then I’ll have to actually buy some stuff, I suppose. And I should probably purge a bunch of stuff. And then I have to put all of this stuff away.

And THEN I’ll be so productive.

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