18 Beachy Decorating Ideas to Create a Vacation Vibe at Home

Summer is a fantastic season to introduce beach-inspired decor into your home, whether you’re by the coast or in the heart of the city. Let the hues of sunsets, ocean blues, and the whimsy of coastal charms breathe life into your interiors. Here are our must-try beachy decorating ideas, making your abode feel like an eternal summer getaway, even when the autumn hues begin to emerge.

18 Beachy Decor Ideas for Your Home

When the warmth of summer ebbs away, it doesn’t mean the beachy vibes have to leave your home too. Bring the shoreline inside with understated, elegant pieces that play with the ocean’s palette and coastal-inspired elements.

The Playful ‘Feelin’ Beachy’ Wall Decor

Feelin Beach Rustic Wall Decor for summer

I’m not going to tell you that you can definitely get away with this Feelin Beachy wall decor in a house that isn’t a vacation home. I will leave that up to you, but if you are one of those people that seriously, LOVES the beach, then why not? This whimsical wall decor piece can add a lively touch to your space, reflecting your love for the beach. It’s a fun, charming conversation starter that complements any beach-themed interior.

Beachy Macrame Wall Hanging

Bohemian beachy decor, like this macrame wall hanging, adds a trendy yet timeless aesthetic to your home. The gorgeous blue and teal fibers make this a stunning wall hanging for your home that definitely is beachy, but would fit in easily all year long.

Beach-Inspired Plant Pot

beachy vibe succulents with cloth pot holders

Carry the summer vibes over to your houseplants with these cute little fabric pots. This cost-effective decor strategy adds a fresh, beachy touch to your home without overwhelming your space..

Unique Whale Art

3 piece whale art from etsy, beachy decorating ideas

I love unique decor for the home because individuality is crucial. If this triptych wall art resonates with you, it’s a powerful and impactful way to express your beach-inspired decor style.

Woven Beachy Fiber Art

beachy woven fiber wall tapestry from etsy

Woven fiber art can bring texture and color into your home. The added beachy accents and sunset-inspired hues make it a must-have piece for a beach lover’s living space.

Sunset Watercolor Painting

pink, blue green watercolor of sailboats.

A beachy decor essential, this sunset watercolor painting is a beautiful addition to your home. Its serene sea scene and striking colors can enhance the beachy vibe in any room. It’s definitely some beachy decor that’s welcome in my home no matter what the season is or where I live.

Sea Glass Decor

Sea glass mobile with seashells

Brighten up a corner of your home with this sea glass mobile, an exquisite decoration that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the beach. Pair it with your wind chimes for a captivating outdoor display.

Natural Rope Pendant Light

beachy decorating ideas

If you’re keen on immersing your home in beachy decor, consider this Natural Rope pendant light. Ideal for casual dining rooms or bedrooms, it beautifully complements pale blue walls.

Non-Traditional Beachy Wreath

Beach themed wreath for indoors or out.

This unique wreath integrates unconventional colors and natural beach elements, including charming sea urchins. Hang it above a fireplace or in your dining room for an intriguing touch.

Coral Reef Lamps

beachy decorating ideas

I have a thing for lamps. I want to buy every cool one I see. So, if I’m going for a beachy vibe, I’m swapping out my regular lamps for these exquisite sea coral lamps. Their sea-inspired design can stay appealing all year, adding a delightful touch to your home.

Natural Elements Coffee Table

beachy decorating ideas

Driftwood is an excellent material for beachy decor, offering both aesthetic and functional appeal. But then it also has this sculptural quality to it. You could get an ordinary coffee table to put next to the sofa. But this beach-curated table would act as a stunning and artistic addition to your living space.

Beachy Terrarium

Beachy terrarium wiht sand and shells

Bring a miniature beach into your home with this Beach Terrarium, perfect for those who can’t make it to the beach. Pair it with a beachy-scented candle for a complete sensory experience.

Beach House Mirror

Driftwood circular mirror

End your beach decor transformation with this driftwood mirror. It’s circular design and unique driftwood pieces add a subtly beachy element to any room.

Beachy Decorating Ideas by Rooms

Laid-Back Living Room

In your coastal-style living room, consider an area rug in shades of blue or sandy neutrals, which can bring warmth and a laid-back beachy feeling. Complement it with linen curtains, imbuing a light, airy ambiance reminiscent of coastal breezes. A rattan coffee table in the center, adorned with seashells or a beach-inspired centerpiece, can complete the room’s beachy transformation.

Beach-Themed Bathroom

For the bathroom, seagrass baskets can be used to store toiletries, adding to the beachy vibe. A bamboo mirror paired with artwork showcasing coastal designs can create stylish and thematic wall decor.

Coastal Kitchen

The kitchen presents numerous opportunities to incorporate coastal decor. Oars can be used as unique wall decor, while natural fiber baskets can serve as practical and stylish storage options. Consider adding a beach cottage-inspired centerpiece to your dining table for a complete coastal transformation.

Tips from an Interior Designer for Beachy Decor

An interior designer would advise you to stay true to the natural color palette that embodies a beachy aesthetic. This includes hues of sea blues, sandy whites, and seashell pinks. Natural materials, such as driftwood, seagrass, bamboo, and rattan, should play a pivotal role in achieving this look. Additionally, the use of white pumpkin decor and warm neutrals can ensure your coastal home easily transitions into fall.

Textiles and Accessories

Beachy decorating ideas aren’t complete without the addition of textiles like throw pillows and rugs. Opt for designs inspired by the sea or sand, and remember, a coastal-style interior benefits from the use of linen, adding a touch of sophistication. Accessories such as seashells, beach-inspired artwork, and oars can add an extra coastal touch to your space.

Embrace the Coastal Color Palette and Natural Materials

Keep the shades light and airy for your beachy decor. Choose curtains, rugs, and other textiles in colors inspired by the beach, like ocean blue, sandy white, or seashell pink. Natural materials are at the heart of a coastal home, so incorporate elements like rattan, bamboo, and seagrass where you can.

FAQ: Beachy Decorating Ideas

How can I incorporate rugs into my beachy decor?

Consider an area rug with shades inspired by the sea or sand. This adds warmth to your space while keeping with the beachy theme.

What kind of accessories works well with beachy decor?

Accessories like seashells, oars, artwork featuring coastal designs, and sea-glass lamps can enhance the coastal vibe in your home. These elements help to create stylish and thematic beach-inspired decor.

Can beachy decor be used all year round?

Yes, beachy decor can be used all year round. Elements like driftwood furniture, sea glass lamps, or beach-inspired artworks can serve as timeless decor pieces.

Can I incorporate white pumpkin decor with beachy elements?

Yes! As fall approaches, blend in some white pumpkin decor with your beachy decorations. It complements the coastal vibe while introducing a touch of autumn charm to your home. For example, you could put white pumpkins on your wooden side table or use them as centerpieces surrounded by sea glass pieces. This combination blends autumn and coastal themes harmoniously.


No matter where you live, these beachy decorating ideas can make your home feel like a coastal retreat. Incorporate elements of nature, shades reminiscent of the beach, and ride that wave all year round. With a bit of inspiration and creativity, you can enjoy the warmth and laid-back appeal of a coastal home.

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