13 Beachy Decor Ideas to Create a Vacation Vibe at Home

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Summer is the perfect time to add a little beachy decor to your home. Whether it’s your vacation home or your all year-round home, on the beach or not, you can totally get that beachy vibe in the house.

Pretty blues and greens of the ocean and the warm color of the sun and sand are just as beautiful inside the house as they are outside.

You might have a hard time switching them out when the oranges and yellows of fall come around! (I know you love your pumpkin spice, though!)

13 Beachy Decor Ideas for Your Home This Summer

When you decorate for a season, you don’t have to go crazy. Unless the season is Christmas and then more is more.

But for Summer decor, you can add just a few small pieces to bring the feeling of the season into the home.

You’re probably spending most of your time outside, but it’s nice to come home to a reminder of the beach, too.

Feelin’ Beachy Wall Decor

Feelin Beach Rustic Wall Decor for summer

I’m not going to tell you that you can definitely get away with this Feelin Beachy wall decor in a house that isn’t a vacation home.

I will leave that up to you, but if you are one of those people that seriously, LOVES the beach, then why not? It would certainly be unique to you and that’s what home should be.

I love the cheeky play on words and the colors are great. Vacation home or not, this counts as a conversation starter.

Macrame Beachy Wall Hanging

If I had to pick a general style that “beachy” falls under, it would be Bohemian.

A macrame wall hanging is super boho and very on trend still.

Add in some of those gorgeous blue and green fibers and this is a stunning wall hanging for your home that definitely is beachy but would fit in easily all year long.

Beachy Plant Pot

beachy vibe succulents with cloth pot holders

Your plants are already kind of summer, so it’s not hard to carry them over to beachy.

These cute little fabric pots are a perfect way to add a little bit of beach decor without going over the top of spending tons of money.

Little switches like this really make your home feel fresh and it’s so fun to pull out the seasonal stuff!

Whale Art

Abstract whale art tryptic

I love unique decor for the home. It’s kind of what we’re all about here at Bogoten. We want your home to be “you”.

If this Whale Art speaks to you like it’s speaking to you, then this is “you”. A lot of people might not feel a connection to this whale, but if you do and you want beachy decor, then this is a great way for you to do it.

I love a tryptic for wall art too because it’s large scale and a lot of impact for one image. Not quite as busy for the eyes as a full gallery wall.

Beachy Fiber Art

Woven fiber wall art with beach elements, beach macrame wall hanging

Woven fiber art is like the cousin to macrame.

These beauties have a bit more texture and color than most macrame and the added beachy accents are cute.

I love the colors here. They remind me of a fading sunset.

Sunset Watercolor

pink, blue green watercolor of sailboats.

You don’t even need to love the beach to love this stunning watercolor sunset painting.

The colors reflected on the water and the pretty sculptural sailboats are lovely to look at.

This is definitely some beachy decor that would be welcome in my home no matter what the season is or where I lived.

Sea Glass Decor

Sea glass mobile with seashells

This sea glass mobile is the perfect way to brighten up a little corner of your home with obvious beachy style.

I love the colors here and the starfish hanger makes me smile.

This would work well outside, too, next to your wind chimes!

Beachy Pendant Lighting

natural rope pendant light for a beachy feel.

If you’re going all in on the beachy decor and aren’t afraid to have something that will stay up all year long, then this Natural Rope pendant light is a great choice.

It’s perfect for a casual dining room or even over a beachy bed.

I can just see the pale blue walls that would be a perfect backdrop for this light.

A Very Beachy Wreath

Beach themed wreath for indoors or out.

A front door wreath is great, but I can totally see this super beachy wreath hanging above a fireplace or in the dining room.

I love the sort of non-traditional colors and all of the natural beachy elements.

Especially the sea urchins. They are weirdly cute, right?

Sea Glass Lamps

blue green glass lamps

I have a thing for lamps. I like to change them around often, so switching out a heavy metal lamp, for instance, for something a little lighter and “beachy” in the summer sounds like fun to me.

I know. I have a weird definition of fun.

These stunning beachy lamps remind me of sea glass and you could definitely leave them out all year if switching lamps around isn’t your idea of fun.

Beachy Side Table

beautiful driftwood side table with glass top

Driftwood is a magical material. The color is so pretty and distinctive.

But then it also has this sculptural quality to it. You could get an ordinary side table to put next to the sofa.

OR. You could get this driftwood side table and have form and function. Because this is art.

A Beachy Terrarium

Beachy terrarium wiht sand and shells

If you can’t be at the beach, bring the beach to you.

A teeny, tiny, itsy bitsy beach in the form of this Beach Terrarium.

Maybe sprinkle it with a little suntan lotion to get the smell of the beach, too? Ok, maybe not. Light a beachy scented candle.

Driftwood Mirror

Driftwood circular mirror

I couldn’t resist a little bit more driftwood for the end of this beachy list.

I love that this mirror is basically a perfect circle made up of a whole bunch of uniquely shaped pieces of driftwood.

It’s subtle beachy.

Bring The Beach Home

You’re ready to live like your on vacation in your very own home now with your beachy decor ideas.

Remember, just a couple of touches will do if you’re doing seasonal decorating, but if you happen to be decorating a beach house, then you can go all out on the beachy!

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