Blue Modern Bedroom Ideas For That Dark & Moody Look

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I can’t help it I just love a dark, shadowy bedroom. It’s not easy to get it right. But the Modern Bedroom we’re going to look at today gets it exactly right.

Sometimes dark and shadowy can take a turn to dingy and shadowy. But not today friends.

Not today.

Today we’re going to deconstruct this beautiful bedroom so that we might have a chance to recreate it for our navy blue sanctuary.

Let’s go.

The Inspiration: Navy & Dusty Rose Modern Bedroom from House Lust

This bedroom is the perfect case for why no one should be afraid to put a dark color on their walls.

Most people think that have a really dark color on the walls makes the room feel like a cave.

It might be your perspective and just a matter of personal taste, but dark walls appear to recede and make the room feel as if it’s expanding. I have super low ceilings in my house (less than 8 feet) and the rooms with navy blue walls just feel taller.

And you just can’t deny the cozy factor.

Navy is also a great neutral color. You might feel like putting navy on the walls is then limiting the accent colors you can use. But pretty much anything goes with navy and I am completely in love with the dusty rose that is the accent here.

Finally the mid century elements here, like the side tables and the bedside lamps are perfect. They are definitely mid century, but imagine how easily you could change those out if in a few months/years/decades you decide you don’t Mid Century anymore?

This bedroom is built on a foundation that is built for the long haul.

A Cozy Navy Modern Bedroom for the Rest of Us

So can we replicate this look? Yes?

Yes, we can.

hale navy benjamin moore color swatch

Paint color: Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore

Hale Navy is a can’t miss navy blue. I promise you. I have it in three rooms in my house. I might someday just paint every single room Hale Navy.

navy blue headboard

This blue headboard from Amazon is a great match for the inspiration room.

I love the linen look of this fabric. It definitely puts a traditional tufted look more firmly in the “Mid Century” style.

One of my favorite things about the inspiration room is that layered look with slightly different variations of the same color and I think this color would achieve that perfectly.

mcm nightstand, mcm end table, mid century modern end table

This little side table from Amazon might not be round like the inspiration picture, but they are just as mid century. And they have the white paint setting off the warm wood.

AND this side table has something the inspiration room does not.

A second drawer. Which is always a good thing when it come to bedside tables.

mcm globe lamp, midcentury modern lamp

I don’t think these lamps from Amazon are a perfect match for the ones in the inspiration room, but they are definitely close enough.

I love everything about these from the polished brass to the white globe.

The don’t have a big footprint either, so they won’t take all of the bedside table real estate.

vintage teal radio

The little teal bluetooth speaker that looks like a vintage radio is one of my favorite things from the inspiration room.

You could have any old bluetooth speaker, as long as it functions, right? But if I’m going to buy something, I’d love it to have form as well as function.

And this one totally does. Amazon has this radio that is very similar and works perfectly in this room.

navy blue and white coffee mugs

I love the edition of the blue coffee mug to the bedside table. I really love the dark tones of the one in the inspiration room.

This ceramic mug from Amazon is a close match, though a lot lighter and brighter.

I love the handmade feel that this mug has.

cat on a navy blue sherpa blanket on a bed

That luxe looking blue velvet throw is not easy to replicate. It’s quite unique, but I like this one from Amazon for a couple of reasons.

It’s think. Most of the velvet-y throw blankets I found were just the one layer and not very thick at all.

This one has the sherpa lined underside which gives it some fullness.

And the other reason is that is looks insanely cozy.

dusty rose circular pillow

The pillows in the inspiration room don’t have this pin tuck look to them and I love those. They come in multiple colors including one that is similar to the navy ones in the inspiration room.

I can’t really decide which one’s I like better, to be honest. These pretty pillows from Amazon would work. I think they’d be fine with the dusty pink coverlet.

But if you find a more plain pair like the one’s in the inspiration room, that would of course be fine, too. It might be more mid-century modern to go with the plain ones.

rose colored bedding

I love this pink quilt from Amazon because that basket weave is a little more modern than what most quilt stitch patterns will have.

I always love an extra long quilt like this because it will also act as your dust ruffle. I think it’s a really clean look for a bedroom.

navy blue rug from amazon

This blue rug from Amazon I am actually kind of obsessed with. I have it! I love the color and the variations in the color. It’s a solid, but it’s still very interesting to look at.

The pattern is super subtle, but it’s still there. It just looks very rich to me. It comes in several sizes so you can find what fits your room.

navy blue bench

The bench is the last piece in this pretty bedroom. I like this blue bench as a match to the inspiration room because it has the little bit of polished brass.

I found a few with some shiny brass, but the polished brass I think is important here.

What Did It All Cost?

Depending on the sizes that you need for things like the quilt and the rug the total can vary, but this will cost you somewhere around $1,000.

You may or may not need everything on this list, either and if you’re on a budget you can pick bits and pieces for now and keep adding over time

It’s not bad for a truly beautiful Mid Century Modern bedroom.

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