11 Bedroom Ideas With Blue Painted Walls & How To Get Them

Did you know that Blue is the most popular “favorite color”?  Among men and women, blue wins and it wins by quite a bit. I’m not surprised. It’s my favorite color.  It’s a very calming color that might remind you of the sky or the ocean depending on what shade you choose.  It’s perfect for a bedroom. Because blue can go Traditional, Beachy, Farmhouse, or minimalist quite easily (or any style really).  

We explore various bedroom ideas with blue painted walls, from light blue hues to deep navy, and discover how this color can create a striking contrast, provide a luxurious feel, and enhance the overall ambiance of your sleeping space.

11 Bedroom Ideas With Blue Painted Walls

1. Inky Blue Walls

You could almost fall right into those walls.  They don’t even look solid, they are just more night sky inside your bedroom. Paired with that blush accent colors and this room is like an awake dream.  I might just end this list right now because you probably don’t need to see any more blue bedrooms.

This one wins.  I’ll show you more because that’s what you came for, but this room is the end.

2. Modern Blue Bedroom

This blue has a greyish undertone. And all that white trim and white linen bedding make for a bright, crisp bedroom.  It’s definitely leaning toward modern but still comfy due to all the throw pillows.

3. Blue Color Scheme With Patterns

That grasscloth blue wallpaper gives this room a much lighter feel than the dark blue walls we’ve seen previously.  This is a great room to wake up to. It’s bright and airy and energizing without breaking that serenity that blue offers.  

I’d love to see more of that purple that is in the pot of flowers on the bedside table in this room.  Just one more little pop of color.

4. Meditative Blue Tones

This is what I think of when I think about blue as a calm color.  This dusty blue is beautiful, but not overpowering.  It’s a “relax your shoulders” kind of blue.  Like the weight of the day falls off of you when you walk in. This mostly monochrome, pattern-free room would not be the same without that one bright yellow blanket on the right.   

5. Rumpled Blue Room

Tousled.  Rumpled.  I love a room that looks like it’s totally lived in and cozy but not messy.

I haven’t figured out how to achieve this look of wrinkled linens looking like you just stepped out of bed and threw on a little shift dress, plumped your hair, and faced the day like a warrior. I don’t know, my sheets are rumpled, but the rest of that look eludes me.

6. All The Blues

OH MY that wallpaper.  Just.  It’s, I mean.  I love it.  That is what I’m trying to say.

Ok, if you can take your eyes off of the wallpaper for a second, the rest of this room is just layered upon layer upon layer of all the variations of blue.  

There are multiple colors and textures happening in here, but keeping them all blue makes this room really, really calm and cool.   You can find the details for this room at Houzz.

7. Contemporary Blue Accent Wall

bedroom with grey color scheme and a navy blue accent wall made out of blue wall panels

Here’s a blue bedroom without a lick of blue paint.  If you’re apartment living and dying for a blue bedroom, these luxe blue velvet wall panels can get you that blue bedroom.

Now, you’re going to need to go contemporary and updated with the rest of your accents and furnishes just like this room, or else the panels might be a little 70s and not in a good way. You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

8. Boho Blue

bedroom with blue painted walls, boho decor

This warm blue is perfect in this collected blue Boho bedroom.  

A wall of books is a dream.  I love the plants that are sprinkled on the shelves, too.

But, it’s the little red-ish and orange-ish accents in this room that keep this room looking really warm and cozy.  Just a little, though.  A little accent color, like in that rug, goes a long way to tie it all together. You can find all of the details for this room on Houzz.

9. Minimalist Blue Bedroom

a minimalist style blue bedroom with white bedding

If you love the Minimalist lifestyle but you still want a bedroom that has style impact, then consider a dark color like navy blue.

A deep, dark color sets enough of a mood for a room that you don’t need lots of accessories and throw pillows to express your style.  

I could take a lot of naps in that room.  It’s completely calming and non-distracting.  I made that word up, non-distracting, but I think you get what I mean. You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

10. Blue-Green Bedroom

a boho style bedroom with teal blue painted walls

If you’re stuck between blue and green, then this beautiful blue-green color might be perfect for you.  In my opinion, a blue bedroom is going to be a better long-term choice, although a deep emerald green sounds pretty awesome, too.

This color set off by those pretty warm wood accents is a really great look.  All of those natural elements, the wood, the plants, and the rattan keep this room really pretty and fresh. You can find all of the details for this room on Houzz.

11. Navy Blue & Dusty Rose Combo

This bedroom is the perfect case for why no one should be afraid to put a dark color on their walls. And you just can’t deny the cozy factor.

Navy is also a great neutral color. You might feel like putting navy on the walls is then limiting the accent colors you can use. But pretty much anything goes with navy and I am completely in love with the dusty rose that is the accent color in this interior design.

Types of blue paint for bedrooms

Blue offers a broad spectrum of shades, each with its own unique appeal. Light blue, reminiscent of clear skies, creates a soothing and airy atmosphere, perfect for promoting relaxation. On the other end of the spectrum, deep navy and dark blue walls are more dramatic and moody. Consider using different shades of blue in combination to create a stunning visual impact, such as pairing light blue walls with darker blue accents or inky blues with pale blue undertones. 

  • Light blues are ideal for creating a serene and calming atmosphere.
  • Medium blues can be used to create a more sophisticated and elegant look.
  • Dark blues can be used to create a bold, moody, or dramatic statement.

How to choose the right shade of blue for your bedroom

  1. Size of the Bedroom and Natural Light: The size of your bedroom and the amount of natural light it receives play a crucial role. In smaller bedrooms with limited natural light, opting for lighter variations can help create an illusion of openness and enhance the sense of space. Pale blues or pastel shades can make the room feel more airy and spacious. On the other hand, larger bedrooms with ample natural light can handle darker and richer looks, adding depth and warmth to the space.
  2. Desired Mood: Consider the mood you want to create in your bedroom. Blue is often associated with calmness, tranquility, and relaxation. Lighter tones, such as sky blue or baby blue, can promote a soothing and serene atmosphere, making them suitable for bedrooms intended for rest and relaxation. If you want a more dramatic and sophisticated feel, deeper shades like navy blue or royal blue can add a touch of elegance and depth to the room.
  3. Existing Furniture and Belongings: Take into account the colors of your furniture and other belongings in the bedroom. Blue is a versatile color that can complement a variety of styles and color schemes. If you have neutral-colored furniture, a soft blue shade can provide a subtle pop of color without overpowering the space. Alternatively, if you have furniture or accessories in warmer tones such as wood or earthy hues, consider choosing a blue with warmer undertones like teal or turquoise to create a harmonious and balanced look.
  4. Personal Preference: Ultimately, your personal preference and taste should guide your choice of blue shade. Consider your own emotional response to different shades of blue. Some people may find lighter blues to be more calming, while others may prefer deeper blues for a cozier and more intimate atmosphere. Experiment with swatches or sample paint on your bedroom walls to see how different shades of blue look and feel in the space before making a final decision.

Here are some of the most popular colors of blue that are used for bedrooms, as they all make a perfect backdrop or feature wall:

  • Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore (HC-154)
  • Naval by Sherwin-Williams (SW6244)
  • Serenity by Behr (SW6200)
  • Hale Blue by Benjamin Moore (HC-156)
  • Water’s Edge by Benjamin Moore (1635)
  • Distant Sky by Sherwin-Williams (SW6782)
  • Whispering Blue by Valspar (PPU11-17)
  • Dew Drop by Benjamin Moore (2122-50)
  • Sky Blue by PPG (1009-3)
  • Baby Blue by Glidden (5001-1)
hale navy benjamin moore color swatch

What color goes best with blue in a bedroom?

  1. White: Crisp white is a classic choice that creates a fresh and clean aesthetic when paired with blue. Whether it’s white bedding, furniture, or accents, white enhances the calming effect of blue and adds a sense of brightness to the space.
  2. Cream: Cream is another neutral color that pairs beautifully with blue. It adds warmth and softness to the room, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Cream-colored curtains, rugs, or upholstery can provide a subtle contrast to blue walls and create a harmonious balance.
  3. Gray: Gray is a versatile color that complements blue elegantly. Light greys work well with light or pastel blues, creating a soothing and sophisticated combination. On the other hand, deep or charcoal gray can add depth and drama when paired with darker shades of blue.
  4. Beige: Beige is a warm and earthy color that pairs harmoniously with blue. It brings a touch of natural warmth to the room and creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Beige-colored bedding, rugs, or accents can soften the overall look and provide a subtle contrast to blue walls.
  5. Coral: For those looking to add a pop of color to their blue bedroom, coral is an excellent choice. The vibrant and energetic nature of coral complements the coolness of blue, creating a visually striking and balanced combination. Incorporate coral through throw pillows, artwork, or accessories for a lively and refreshing touch.
  6. Gold: If you want to infuse a touch of luxury and elegance into your blue bedroom, consider incorporating gold accents. Gold pairs beautifully with various shades of blue, creating a sophisticated and glamorous atmosphere. Gold-framed mirrors, light fixtures, or decorative accents can add a touch of opulence to the space.
  7. Dusty Rose: Dusty rose is slightly muted and earthy that pairs beautifully with various shades of blue. It adds a sense of sophistication and creates a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Consider incorporating dusty rose through bedding, a statement chair, or artwork to infuse a subtle and gentle touch of pink.

How to decorate a bedroom with blue walls?

  1. Choose a Complementary Color Scheme: Blue pairs well with various colors, so select a complementary color scheme to enhance the overall aesthetic. For a calming and cohesive look, consider using white, cream, or light gray as neutral accents. These colors will create a fresh and airy ambiance, allowing the blue walls to take center stage.
  2. Play with Different Shades: Explore the versatility of blue by incorporating different shades within your bedroom. Mix lighter shades of blue with deeper hues to add depth and visual interest. For instance, pair light blue walls with navy blue bedding or incorporate accents in various shades of blue to create a harmonious and layered effect.
  3. Introduce Contrasting Colors: To make your blue walls pop, introduce contrasting colors. For a striking and vibrant look, consider incorporating touches of warm hues like orange, coral, or gold. These contrasting colors create a visually dynamic and energetic atmosphere, while still allowing the blue walls to shine.
  4. Embrace Natural and Organic Elements: Blue, reminiscent of the sky and ocean, can be enhanced by incorporating natural and organic elements into your bedroom design. Use wooden furniture pieces or woven textures like rattan or seagrass to bring warmth and a touch of nature. This creates a harmonious balance between the coolness of the blue and the warmth of natural materials.
  5. Layer Textures and Patterns: Add visual interest to your blue-walled bedroom by layering textures, fabrics, and patterns. Consider using textured bedding, such as a cozy knit throw or a plush velvet duvet cover. Additionally, incorporate patterned elements like floral or geometric prints through accent pillows, curtains, or area rugs. These elements add depth and personality to your space.
  6. Use Blue Accents: While the walls are already blue, don’t shy away from using blue accents to create a cohesive look. Blue accents, such as decorative pillows, artwork, or ceramic vases, can tie the room together and reinforce the color scheme. Play with different shades and textures of blue to add dimension and interest.
  7. Consider Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood of a room. Optimize natural light by using sheer curtains or blinds that allow sunlight to filter through, creating a soft and ethereal atmosphere. Additionally, incorporate layered lighting with warm-toned lamps or wall sconces to create a cozy and inviting ambiance during the evening hours.
  8. Personalize with Art and Décor: Make your blue-walled bedroom truly your own by incorporating artwork, photographs, and personal mementos. Choose pieces that resonate with you and complement the color scheme. Whether it’s a serene seascape, abstract art, or family photographs in cool frames, these personal touches add character and make it unique.

Tips for painting your bedroom blue

  • Choose a high-quality paint that is designed for walls.
  • Apply two coats of paint for the best coverage.
  • Use a primer if you are painting over a dark color.
  • Be sure to sand the walls before painting to create a smooth surface.

Want to Copy The Navy & Rose Blue Bedroom?

Can we do it with some Amazon dupes and some paint? Yep!

  • Paint color: Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore. It’s a can’t-miss navy blue. I promise you. I have it in three rooms in my house. I might someday just paint every single room Hale Navy.
  • This blue headboard from Amazon is a great match for the inspiration room.
  • This little side table from Amazon might not be round like the inspiration picture, but it too has the white paint setting off the warm wood.
  • Check out these lamps from Amazon that are so mid-century modern just like hers.
  • The little teal Bluetooth speaker that looks like a vintage radio is one of my favorite décor pieces here. Amazon has this one that’s just like it.
  • Find luxe-looking velvet throw blankets, like this one from Amazon. Very cozy!
  • I love this dusty rose-colored quilt from Amazon because that basket weave is a little more modern than what most quilt stitch patterns will have.
  • This blue area rug from Amazon I am actually kind of obsessed with. I have it! I love the rich color and the variations in the color too. 
  • The bench is the last piece in this pretty bedroom. I like this blue bench as a match to the inspiration room.
  • I found similar pretty pillows from Amazon that would work. But if you find a more plain pair like the one’s in the inspo room, that would be even more mid-century modern like she’s going for.
navy blue headboard
mcm nightstand, mcm end table, mid century modern end table
mcm globe lamp, midcentury modern lamp
vintage teal radio
cat on a navy blue sherpa blanket on a bed, bedroom ideas with blue painted walls
navy blue rug from amazon
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