10 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You

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When I think of a Boho bedroom, I imagine a carefully curated mix of textures, colors and unique decor.

It’s the bedroom of someone with varied interests; traveling, reading, collecting. And all of those interests are usually reflected in the boho bedroom.

Bohemian bedroom decor is an easy melding of different styles where nothing matches, but everything goes together harmoniously. And we’ve got all the boho bedroom inspiration you need.

How Can I Make My Bedroom Boho?

A Bohemian bedroom, like every bedroom, is made of 5 elements. In this post, we will provide boho decor examples in each category. Your room is going to look so bohemian.

  1. Bedding
  2. Furniture
  3. Lighting
  4. Accent Pieces
  5. Color

Boho Bedding and Linens

Boho Bedroom Duvet Set

Fabrics and bedding are textured, patterned, and usually colorful in a boho bedroom. You’ll find tapestries as wall art and jewel toned blankets and throw pillows just strewn across the bed.

You can also do white or cream bed linens, but you might want something with some tassels or pom poms or some other type of texture to keep the Boho vibe strong.

This cream colored boho duvet and sham set from Amazon is perfect!

Boho Furniture

Boho Dresser For Your Bedroom

The furniture in a boho bedroom looks like a gem that was salvaged from the flea market and lovingly restored or shipped home from an overseas trip. Dressers and nightstands are easy to do on a budget because it doesn’t all have to match (garage sales? Yes, please!).

This dresser is an amazing example of the Boho-chic look. It looks like someone scored a gorgeous second hand dresser and then made it even more beautiful. Luckily you don’t have to have any skills for this, just a credit card because you can buy that from Etsy!

Of course, if you are doing the ivories and whites boho motif, a dresser like the one below also works with its Chevron pattern and is eclectic enough.

Don’t forget a cool boho rattan headboard like the one pictured below! That bed frame really is the finishing touch with your new boho bedding. Natural materials are always key for achieving a boho look.

Boho Lighting

Boho Lighting with pink Tassels

Don’t forget to decorate the ceiling. Boho lighting is soft and bright lights are dampened with dark shades (very vintage). It’s a great place to recover from a hangover! Tassels are always a great little touch and really help to create some softness in the room.

Ceiling lights and lamps that are made with wood beads and wicker are also very boho and is a great choice for added bohemian texture.

Boho Accessories For Your Bedroom

Boho Macrame shelf

The boho bedroom accent pieces tell the story (and there are so many choices). They are collected, gifted or passed down. Every item is special in some way. And there are always plants and greenery that give life to the room.

This handmade macrame hanging shelf from Amazon is great example of an accessory you’d find in a Boho bedroom. It might not have been made by your hands, but it is handmade.

Colors For A Boho Bedroom

Boho Jewel Tone Accessory

Jewel tones are beautiful in a Boho bedroom. They are my favorite and add warmth (especially if you have white walls). Like its name implies, vivid colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, and deep purples all remind me of exquisite jewels that royalty would have.

You can do jewel tones on the walls (with paint or boho wallpaper) or you can add touches of them in your wall decor like this beautiful wall hanging.

You can also do layers of creams, whites, and ivories with a bit of glinting gold. Or, mix it all. Pampas grass is a great accessory with these colors.

10 Boho Bedroom Ideas For Inspiration

It’s a lot easier to see Boho in action, right?

Muted Boho

boho bedroom ideas, picture of a boho bedroom with rose pillow covers and burnt orange clay pots and accessories, lots of plants

This is a beautiful example of Boho style from Etsy with a muted color palette. There’s color here, but it’s soft, earthy tones that are so relaxing.

All of the other Boho elements are here. Natural wood is something you’ll see often and it’s here in that great leaning bookcase.

The image really captures that sort of hazy feeling of a Boho room, too. This is a great example of what to expect when someone says they are going for “Boho”.

Farmhouse-y Boho

farmhouse and boho bedroom

If you’re kind of on the fence between Farmhouse style and Boho, don’t worry, you can have both.

This room from Wayfair’s Pinterest leans into Boho with all of those lush green plants above the headboard and the natural rattan basket and hanging light.

Black & White Boho

black and white boho bedroom with a jute rug

You love black and white, but also want a boho vibe. Well, this Boho bedroom from Hunker pulls it off perfectly because it’s mixing in so many natural elements like wood, plants, and a jute rug.

See that patterned pillow on the bed? Very Boho. And the chunky tassels on the blanket? You guessed it, Boho.

Modern Boho

modern and boho bedroom

This room from Bethany Carmichael is crossing between Modern and Boho, but the mix of textiles keeps it Boho. (The clean lines and black accent wall keep it also Modern).

You’ve got a little leather in that pillow, super shaggy cozy rug and a throw blanket that is probably chenille but looks very luxurious in that deep tan color.

You’ve also got those light, gauzy sheers as window coverings giving the room that muted sunlit feel.

Quintessential Boho

a very boho bedroom example with rattan screens used as a headboard

This is really Boho. If you really want a Boho bedroom, this room from Justina Blakeney of the Jungalow is what you want to emulate.

Wicker chair + Wicker headboard could go disastrously wrong if you don’t go all in on the Boho feel here.

Luckily, this is all in. Shaggy rug, jewel toned bed linens and that bedside table? If that doesn’t say “collected”, I don’t know what does.

Big Boho

very large boho bedroom with a large area rug and a wood bead lighting fixture

It can be difficult to pull off Boho in a big room like this. Boho is layers and well, it can be a little cluttery, in a good way. And this giant room from Hunter Premo is spread out.

But, that big beautiful faded out rug, right next to the woven straw rug helps to pull the room together.

Not to mention the black accent wall behind the bed. That kind of draws you right into the room and forget the expanse of the whole thing.

Tapestry for Instant Boho

boho bedroom with a wall tapestry being used as a headboard, dim light, lots of candles lit

You can’t just grab any tapestry and expect the room to suddenly be Boho. But if you pick the right tapestry, you’ll be close. On your way, at least.

This room obviously has lots of other Boho elements like the DIY pallet bed, the macrame wall hanging and the beautiful mix of colors.

It definitely has the “collected” vibe going.

Plants Are a Must

boho bedroom with lots of plants and greenery and vines over the bed

Did we talk about plants and vines over the bed yet? If you scroll back, I’m pretty sure there have been at least SOME plants in every Boho bedroom we’ve looked at.

This room from Domino is a plant menagerie. I’ll warn you, this is going to be a room that requires some work, because those are some serious plants.

But if you’re going for Boho, you’re probably going to want some plants and if you can get big, wonky looking overgrown plants, all the better.

Dark & Moody Boho

boho bedroom with macrame wall tapestry and a charcoal colored accent wall

Handmade elements stand out in a Boho room. Like this macrame wall hanging.

I love the painted wood floors in this room. There’s a lot of texture for what is really a pretty minimal room and that is what makes this Boho.

Bright & Fun Boho

boho bedroom, boho jewel tones and browns
Brown blanket on bed in spacious hygge bedroom interior with bright carpet and posters on white wall

Here’s a great example of a Boho bedroom that has that collected feeling.

There’s a lot going on here, old things, hand made things, soft things and plants, but the color palette keeps everything cohesive.

There’s a bit of those warm orange colors and then the blonde wood and white. So even though there is a lot happening in here, it doesn’t feel cluttered or overly busy.

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