10 Sophisticated Traditional Bedroom Ideas

There is something to be said for the sophisticated formality that a traditional bedroom style offers.

A traditional bedroom feels very grown up and secure. The person who rests their head on that stately bed has got their life together.

It has an “heirloom” quality that might feel as if the room has been carefully handed down or someday will be.

What Makes a Traditional Bedroom?

A traditional bedroom is formal or at least a sort of laced up form of comfortable. Dark wood tones are common and floral patterns are, too.

The more laid back traditional bedroom will have overstuffed soft furniture but you’ll still see formal lines like wing back chairs by the bed or a tufted upholstered headboard.

There are lots of warm colors, although blues are popular in a traditional room, too and the metals tend toward warmer tones like gold or brass.

10 Traditional Bedrooms to Inspire You

Orderly Abundance

The bed here is Traditional, all the way. The dark wood and pineapple end pieces are exactly what I mean by “heirloom” quality. It looks like something that will be passed down.

The linens here, like that cream quilt/coverlet and all of those many pillows are also Traditional.

There’s an orderly abundance that happens with Traditional and this bed is a perfect example. You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

Cozy Traditional

I have to be honest with you. I’m not really a fan of Traditional style. But this bedroom is Traditional that I could 100% get on board with. It feels lived in and loved and cozy.

The furniture is representative of Traditional style, as well as all of those light fixtures, but this is mostly a room that to me offers that true feeling of security that Traditional style has.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

Pretty Patterned Traditional

This pretty bedroom with the matching patterns is a lovely bit of Traditional style.

Matching linens (see the drapes and the pillows) is a staple in a traditional bedroom. It gives the room a comfortable cohesiveness.

You can find all of the details for this room on Houzz.

Serene Traditional

This room is a Traditional oasis. It’s not very easy to make a traditional room look this calm but those soft neutral colors and the luxe fabrics are doing the trick here.

Those pretty floral panels behind the bedside lamps are the perfect touch in this room. If you took those out, you would not have the same look here. They are the superhero of this room.

You can find all of the details for this room on Houzz.

Expensive Traditional

I’ve been beating around the bush a little bit, I confess. But Traditional should look Expensive. And this room looks expensive.

That unbelievable light fixture is your first “expensive” clue. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s stunning.

The gold accents in that mirror and the small coffee table are working toward that expensive look, too.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

Matchy Matchy Traditional

Matchy Matchy is usually said in sort of a condescending way. But this room is totally pulling off the matchy-ness.

And it’s because none of the different elements match (the matching nightstands don’t match the bed, the matching nesting tables don’t match the nightstands), but the like elements do match (the lamps, the nightstands, the chairs and the nesting tables).

All of this non-matching matching works because it’s all in the traditional style.

You can find the details for this room on Post Box Designs.

Four Poster Traditional

That big beautiful four poster bed is the epitome of traditional. You can’t really have that bed and not have a traditional bedroom.

The room has all of the other right pieces for traditional style, but the bed really says it all here.

You can find the details for this room on Housepitality Designs.

Tucked In Traditional

I love the look of a tucked in bed.

I could never have a tucked in bed because it seems like a lot of work to do all of that tucking, but, I’ve said Traditional is “grown up” and tucking in your sheets and quilts is definitely grown up.

You can find the details for this room on Kelly Nan.

Laid Back Traditional

These other rooms we’ve looked at are, well, some people might say they are a little stuffy.

But this traditional bedroom is just a little laid back. Those tassels on the duvet? Only ONE throw pillow?

But the bed? And the wall treatment? Still traditional.

You can find the details for this room on Crazy Wonderful.

Blue & White Traditional

Don’t tell all of the other rooms but this is my favorite of the traditional rooms. I love it because it is unapologetically Traditional.

There’s no nods to any other style. It’s buttoned up Traditional and it’s not afraid to show it.

And blue is my favorite color, so it had me at Hello regardless.

You can find all of the details for this room on Deeply Southern Home.

Are You a Traditional Bedroom Type?

Just because Traditional isn’t my cup of tea, doesn’t mean it isn’t an awesome choice for your bedroom decor.


Did one of the traditional bedrooms in this list speak to you? Are you ready to get a “grown up” bedroom?

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