Can You Get an Anthro Style Bedroom at Ikea Prices?

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If you’re in to sort of a dreamy, boho look for your home and if you also like to spend a lot of money, Anthropologie (or Anthro for short) is a great place to shop. But you do need to have some extra cash to burn because Anthro is Expensivo. I think the Anthropologie look is perfect for the bedroom. It’s comfy, cozy, warm and has that effortless style that makes you feel like the person just collected random things over the years and they just happen to all look perfect together. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Anthro budget. I have an Ikea budget. So I wondered? Can you get an Anthro look on an Ikea budget? (Spoiler Alert, you can).

The Anthro Style Bedroom

Here’s what I did. I found an image from Anthropologie of a pretty bedroom and checked out what it all would cost to bring home.

Pretty right? I like the wood tones and that the room is feminine, but not girly. My husband wouldn’t object to anything in here. Neither would I as I’m not a fan of girly, either.

The bed is probably my favorite part but the rug is really what pulls everything together. I think without it, the room would be a bit bland for my taste. I do love a pop of color.

Ok, so. Guess how much all of that costs?


Told you it was expensive.

Would I spend that much money at Anthropologie on a bedroom makeover if I had it to throw around? Absolutely. You’re going to get really good quality linens from Anthropologie. And you’re going to get Anthro style.

Let’s take a look at where you’re spending your money in this room and see which items might be worth the splurge.

Hemming Bed: $998 for a Queen. This isn’t really a crazy price for a bed. It’s more than the most expensive Ikea king bedframe, but not really an astronomical amount. Which makes me feel like I’d be just as happy with something similar from Ikea.

Oscar Oval Mirrors: $298 each. So that’s almost $600 dollars for just the mirrors. See why I feel like the bed isn’t a crazy price? This is not where I want to spend my money if I am on a budget. There’s no chance I’d splurge on these.

Echevaria Table Lamps: $228 each. A little over $500 dollars for two lamps. If budget is not an issue, sure, I can understand that. For someone on a budget, um, nope.

It is a pretty lamp, though. Those rosettes.

Winter Floral Bouquet Diffuser – $28. Now we’re talking. If you’re on a super tight budget, but you want just a little something that is special, then this is what you want to buy. When I saw this, I loved it immediately. It’s beautiful and functional (it makes the room smell good). This is a great way to spend $28. This would also be an amazing gift.

Betania Side Table – $328 each. These side tables are beautiful. The shape is unique and the wood is pretty. However, there is not much function happening here. As a little accent table in the living room, I can understand this, but for a bedside table, I want a little storage. So there’s no chance this is what I’d splurge on.

Vista Juice Glass – $12. Yes, I went as deep as the juice glass on the bed side table. This actually isn’t exactly what is on the table. I couldn’t find a match for that, but it’s close. It’s pretty and everything, but it’s not got enough impact for me to spend $12 on it.

Hand Tufted Elvira Rug – $398 for 5×8. Like the bed, I thought this price was not crazy high for something that has as much impact on a room as a rug does. If I were absolutely in love with this rug (I’m not), I’d consider splurging on it.

Woven Waffle Throw Blanket – $78. This is a pretty throw blanket and it comes in a bunch of colors, but I don’t think it’s special enough to splurge on it. I’d rather buy the Ikea version you’ll see below and save the left over for something else.

Adelina Slub Velvet Pillow – $58. This is something I can’t see myself ever splurging on. Because I know what happens to throw pillows. They get dirty and drooled on during naps and if I spend too much money on a throw pillow, I would probably not let myself lie on it and then, what good is the pillow? Really?

Organic Spa Sateen Duvet Set – $298. This is a tough one. If I only chose one place to splurge, it would probably be on the linens. It is after all what you sleep under and is covering your whole body all night and possibly during naps.

I didn’t include a sheet set in this list, but if you’re going to buy the fancy duvet set you probably want some good sheets, too. You can get away with a just fitted sheet when you have a duvet, though.

Can Ikea Come Through With Some Budget Options?

Yes, Ikea can come through with some great budget friendly options to get a very similar look to the high Anthro bedroom.

The total for the Anthro Knock Off Bedroom with Ikea elements:


Far more reasonable, right? It makes you feel not so bad if you decide to splurge on the fancy duvet at Anthropologie.

Ikea Budget Bedroom

Bjorsknas Bed Frame – $389 for a Queen. Bjorksnas is one of the higher end style families at Ikea, but even still, this is a great price. And if I’m being honest, I like this bed better than the Anthropologie one.

Stockholm Mirror – $60 each. I can live with the fact that these aren’t oval like the inspiration room because they are still a beautiful wood tone and a unique look in their own right.

Lampan Lamp + Hostmys Decoration Ball – $14 each lamp. There’s nothing that quite compares to the pretty lamps at Anthro at Ikea, but the basic Lampan lamp paired with Hostmys decoration ball has the same feel. Leave them side by side to get the texture of the expensive lamp, or get out the glue gun ladies and see if you can’t DIY this, ok?

Tidvatten Vase + Njutning Scented Stick + Smycka Fake Eucalyptus + Smycka Pink Peony – $17. You’re more than halfway to the price of the Floral Bouquet Diffuser from Anthro. Just go ahead and splurge on it, ok? It will look and probably smell better than what you can put together at Ikea.

Bjorksnas Side Table – $70 each. I know these aren’t quite as “special” as those side tables from Anthro. But these are beautiful in their own right and I love the leather pull. And, these actually give you some storage which is really important for a bedside table. I think this table wins regardless of the fact that it is $258 less expensive.

Pokal Glass – $1.50. Buy a whole set, why don’t you? This is why I love Ikea. They could have been like, be happy happy with your clear glass drinkware for a $1.50 each. But they go the extra mile and offer pink. You can’t pass that up.

Tarbak Rug – $229. This is where it gets tricky deciding whether to splurge or not. If you LOVE the rug from Anthro, it’s only another $160. It might be worth that little bit of a splurge to you. Personally, I like the colors in this Ikea rug better, so I would go with it or possibly something completely different like Lakolk which is only $129.

Vareld Waffle Bedspread – $35. This is actually kind of a splurge in itself as you could grab a way cheaper throw blanket Ikea, but I love this one and it is a pretty close match to the one from Anthro.

If you’re wondering why you should bother with layering a white throw or bedspread on top of a white duvet set it’s for texture and the luxury of layers.

Sanela Cushion Cover + Fjadrar Cushion – $14 for each pillow. These are great big 20×20 pillows and the covers zip right off for washing. I have these in my house and I love them. I would not ever splurge for throw pillows that are expensive that I had to worry about keeping “nice”

Ofelia Vass Duvet Set – $40. It’s hard to pass up the savings you would get with buying the Ikea duvet set as opposed to the Anthro set. But, do keep in mind this is something you’re sleeping in. You want to be sure you love the way that feels.

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