Best Anthropologie Dupes: Bedroom Furniture & Home Decor

Do you yearn for the eclectic and boho-chic aesthetic of Anthropologie (or Anthro for short), but your wallet urges you to keep things a little more grounded? Well, we uncovered the best Anthropologie dupes for bedroom furniture and home decor, letting you achieve that sought-after, uniquely ‘Anthro’ vibe without breaking the bank.

We’ve scoured the market to compile a list of high-quality, affordable alternatives that capture Anthropologie’s signature blend of global influence, vintage charm, and modern design. You get to revel in the world of dreamy aesthetics with budget-friendly price tags.

The Anthro Style Bedroom

Here’s what I did. I found an image from Anthropologie of a pretty bedroom and checked out what it all would cost to bring home.

Pretty right? Ok, so. Guess how much all of that costs? $3,464

Told you it was expensive. Would I spend that much money at Anthropologie on a bedroom makeover if I had it to throw around? Absolutely. You’re going to get really good quality linens from Anthropologie. And you’re going to get Anthro style.

The collage shows where your money went. But, I was able to find modern decor that could pass for Anthropologie any day of the week and save you tons of money!

Hemming Bed: $998 for a Queen. This isn’t really a crazy price for a bed. It’s more than the most expensive Ikea king bedframe, but not really the hefty price tag I imagined. Which makes me feel like I’d be just as happy with something similar from Ikea.

Gleaming Primrose Mirrors: $548 each. So that’s almost $1200 dollars for two mirrors. See why I feel like the bed isn’t a crazy price? This is not where I want to spend my money if I am on a budget. That’s the price for the smallest 3′ size too!

Umie Table Lamps: $198 each. That’s $400 dollars for two lamps, which is a pretty steep price tag. If you can afford it, sure, I can understand that. For someone on a budget, um, nope.

Betania Side Table – $328 each. These side tables are beautiful. The shape is unique and the wood is pretty. However, there is not much function happening here. If there’s no storage, it better be way cheaper.

Hand Tufted Caro Rug – $798 for 8X10. Like the bed, I thought this price was not crazy high for something that has as much impact on a room as a rug does. I mean, rugs are crazy expensive no matter where you look. I was expecting it to be much worse. I found an alternative for way less.

Adelina Velvet Pillow – $58. This is something I can’t see myself ever splurging on. Because I know what happens to throw pillows. They get dirty and drooled on during naps. I’d rather buy velvet pillow cases that are identical and throw them over my pillows. These champagne velvet covers are 2 for $14.99 on Amazon.

Best Anthropologie Furniture Dupes

Hemming Boucle Headboard Cushion

Oh my!  I love this and I love the dupe from Amazon I found.  This is one of Anthro’s most favored pieces and even though it may not seem that expensive, it kinda is because it’s just for the cushion!  You don’t get the headboard or anything.  With the Amazon dupe, it would give you an instant headboard and the chic cozy boucle cushion.  

Textured Trellis Dresser

Anthro’s dressers are gorge.  You can definitely find a lot of similar options out there at a smaller price point.  World Market has a lot of bohemian options that would work perfectly fine in their place.  I found a textured front dresser with similar brass knobs that was half the price and just as unique though! This one isn’t the most identical of the lookalikes, but it’s the same concept!

White Wood Coffee Table

This is one where I think I actually like the dupe better than the expensive piece!  I like the drum shape of the coffee table dupe and the real deal table looks a little too fake for me.  At first, I thought the Anthropologie table was going for a fake marble look. The Anthro Dupe would look amazing in your living room!

Anthropologie Home Decor Dupes

Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror Dupe

These mirrors are cool, but I bet you could even find an antique version at a garage sale.  I have gotten lucky finding affordable Anthropologie mirror dupes while treasure hunting.  But, if you tried and had no such luck, I found a dupe for a fraction of the cost and still has all of the ornate detail. Yes, please! 

Betania Side Table Dupe

Ok, this is a no-brainer! I’d definitely go for the Anthro Dupe side table on this one. It’s a great alternative and no one would even notice.


Obviously, I am not going to find an exact replica of their rugs. But, there are TONS on Amazon that are basically the same and they cost way less. I was always skeptical buying rugs from there since their cheap, but I have been so happy with every single one throughout the years.

Who makes Anthropologie furniture? 

Anthropologie sources its furniture from a variety of designers, manufacturers, and artisans around the world. The brand is known for its eclectic and artistic style. They don’t manufacture the furniture. Instead, they work with various suppliers who produce the items to their specifications. The company is committed to high-quality, unique designs, so they often collaborate with independent artists and designers.

If you’re in to the dreamy, boho look for your home, Anthropologie is a great place to shop. But we all know we need extra cash to burn because Anthro is Expensivo. It’s the more distinguished sibling compared to its sister store, Urban Outfitters. I think the Anthropologie look is perfect for the bedroom. It’s comfy, cozy, warm, and has that effortless style that makes you feel like the person just collected random things over the years and they just happen to all look perfect together. Unfortunately, I don’t have that Anthro cheddar. But, luckily, I can afford these killer Anthropologie bedroom dupes.

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