18 Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Decorating a teenager girl’s bedroom can seem like an impossible task. Then, add the fact that her room is small and you have a recipe for frustration and stress! They’re so picky; am I right?!

But, I still remember what it was like for me when I wanted to go from a little girls room my mom designed (everything in pinks, pastels, unicorns, and princesses) to a “normal” teenager’s room.  

You just want your room to show off your personality, interests, and how cool you are. Haha!  And, I had a small bedroom- so I know the struggle is real.  So, check out these teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms for inspiration! 

Clever Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

1. Vertical Storage

teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms, shelves in corner of teen's room holding books, vinyl records, trinkets, and photos

Maximize the space with vertical storage – use wall-mounted shelves, pegboards, and hooks to store all her favorite items while freeing up floor space.  

2. Tall Dressers

Instead of a regular wide dresser, opt for a tall dresser.  It takes up less space.  I had to switch out to a taller, more slender, dresser in my daughter’s bedroom because her room is so small. I need every inch of floor space I can get.

3. Multipurpose Furniture

Look for multi-purpose furniture.  Double-duty pieces such as a bed frame with built-in drawers, a headboard with shelves, or an ottoman with a lid that doubles as extra storage are great ways to make the most of a small space. 

Full Length Mirror

I have been planning to buy this for myself for so long that I just need to rip the band aid off because I want it so bad. It’s a full length mirror but has tons of extra storage space for jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, etc.

Table Lamp With Charging Station

We all know teen girls need to keep their phones charged. Might as well let this lamp work double duty!

4. Glam Room

Here is another piece of multi-functional furniture.  This vanity table looks like it belongs in a celebrity’s glam room.  More importantly, it has a ton of storage for makeup, tools, nail polish, hair products, and any many more accessories! 

5. Super Long Drapes

teen girl's bedroom with floor to ceiling pink curtains, Pink pillow on grey armchair near bed in girl's bedroom interior with green cactus pillow and lights on table

Hanging long drapes from the ceiling.  Floor-length curtains can give the illusion of higher ceilings and more space.

6. Loft Beds

Loft beds are another great solution to open up some floor space.  I actually did this for both of my kids’ rooms so they could have extra storage space underneath. My daughter used the extra space as a reading nook. If you’re ok with a really tall loft bed, you can fit a whole study area under it!

7. Wallpaper Trend

giant floral bloom wallpaper in greys and blush and lavenders

Brighten up the walls with wallpapers – choose bold patterns or playful prints to add interest and texture.  Floral wallpaper is actually so cool for a teenage girl’s room.  Not what you would see in your grandma’s house growing up.  I’m talking about the giant blooms that come in all colors from girly to gothic aesthetics.  

8. Light Wall Colors

Brown blanket on bed in spacious hygge bedroom interior with bright carpet and posters on white wall

If you are going to paint and it’s a small room, most interior designers have a preference for lighter shades.  Light neutrals reflect more light, making any room appear bigger than it is.

9. Dark and Bold accessories

black and white modern bedroom

If you are painting the walls white (or other very light colors) to give the illusion of a bigger room, then use rugs, throw pillows, blankets, and wall art as ways to bring bolder or darker colors into a small space.  

10. Bedside Tables

ikea spice rack made into a floating nightstand next to a bed

If you have room for a bedside table, opt for one has drawers so you get more storage. If you have no  room, don’t worry. Check out this IKEA Spice rack hack where you use a spice rack as a wall mounted bedside table. This is obviously helpful if you went with the loft bed as mentioned before.

11. Hang Plants

Plants complete me. I mean, plants complete a room. And, the best part is, you can hang them from the ceiling. You don’t even have to give up precious wall space, let alone square footage! I bought these exact ones for my teen nieces and they loved them.

12. Use Mirrors

Illusions 101: Use mirrors to make the room look bigger. Strategically placed mirrors help by bouncing light off the walls and making the room brighter.  Fake it till you make it!

13. Fairy Lights

star shaped string of fairy lights, teenage girl bedroom decor ideas

Light up dark corners or wrap fairy lights around bedposts for a bit of whimsy. I see this in all the boho decor ideas that teens love.  There are so many unique options so tailor them to her passions or tastes.  

14. Wall Mounted Desks

Ok, wall-mounted desks are the coolest things I’ve ever seen for small rooms.  Just because your teen’s room is small doesn’t mean they get to use that an excuse to not do their homework.  

15. Maximize Closet Space

teen girl standing at her open closet grabbing a shirt

If your teenager’s room has a walk-in closet, be grateful.  That’s valuable real estate and there are so many ways to organize it to create new storage.  If you just have a regular closet, that’s ok too.  I see a lot of teenage girl’s rooms nowadays where they take the doors off of their closets.  It makes the room feel bigger and also doubles as room decor.  

16. Open Frames

Same concept as the open closet.  Choose furniture with open frames. Open and airy-looking furniture helps create the illusion of more space.  Canopy beds are all the rage. However, they can look bulky and heavy, like they take up too much space. Small rooms can still get the look by using an open thin-framed four poster bed with a couple sheer panels.  Get a shabby chic or boho vibe by adding some lights and vines!

17. Natural Light

beautiful bedroom with lots of natural light shining in

Use light fabrics for window treatments – sheer curtains, blinds or shades that let light through will let in natural light always make a room feel larger.  If they need blackout curtains, at least keep them all the way open during the day! Or, buy white ones! 

18. Wall Decor Creativity

wall decor on teen girl's bedroom wall, photographs, dartboard, posters, teen girl sitting on her bed playing a guitar

For a teen’s bedroom, adding personal touches is a must– photographs, their artwork, or mementos will remind her of happy memories and make her room feel more personalized.  And these things tend to add a pop of color in bedroom decor.  It brings comfort to anyone when they can look around and see all the things they’re grateful for.  

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