Top 10 Best Small Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

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If you have a small closet, you’re well aware of the struggles that accompany this limited space. Even after you donate all of your clothes that don’t fit, a small closet can still feel like it’s bursting at the seams.

Luckily, there are numerous brilliant organization ideas for your bedroom with a small closet. So, if you’re ready to transform your tiny closet into an impressively organized space, stick around. We’ve curated the top 10 best organization ideas for small bedroom-closets, ready to be implemented in your own home.

Organization Ideas For Bedrooms With Small Closets

Add drawer space to your bedroom closet

The typical small closet looks something like this picture (Is that a hall closet?). You’ve got hanging space, a shelf at the top, and a small space at the bottom (where this person has built in drawers). Not a lot of closet storage space!

We all need extra drawer space. But you don’t have to build built-in drawers like in the image. You could add something similar to the bottom of your closet and just use storage bins.

fabric drawers at the bottom of a closet

That little drawer unit from Amazon gives you tons of extra drawer space, plus you have another horizontal surface to store things on!

Organize All Your Shoes

I wrote about this before, but both of my kids are asking for shoe organizers for Christmas. Not because they are trying to organize tiny bedroom closets, they want to display their Nike Air Jordans. Oh jeez!

However, if the floor space of your small closet is a mess and full of shoes, this would definitely be a great organization tool. And no need to find the nearest The Container Store, a good place to buy it is on Amazon.

Double Your Bedroom Closet’s Hanging Space

shirts hanging

If you’re more into getting additional hanging space in the closet, then you can try something like this double closet rod contraption from Amazon.

Personally I like to keep the closet for hanging storage, so I would go with this option, but it’s a personal decision, really. You can do either the drawers or double tension rods to ensure you’re getting use out of all of that closet real estate (or lack of).

Velvet Hangers

I give velvet hangers a 10/10 rating for closet organization ideas. This is one thing I actually implemented about 5 years with my small walk-in closet. And I’ll never go back to regular hangers. Their claim to fame is that not only do your clothes not fall off the hanger, but they actually give you more space to hang lots of clothes!! They are magic. They are always a good idea.

Top Shelf Storage

Next, take advantage of that super awkward shelf at the tippity top of the closet.

How To Reach Top Shelf Storage in Bedroom Closet

First step, get yourself a step stool (pun intended). I always have to use a stool to get to that shelf.

And don’t go dragging a chair over to stand on, ok? It’s not safe and every time you use your step stool you’re going to feel like you really have your life together.

You and your step stool. So prepared.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to fold up, like this one (Obviously! We’ve only been preaching tidy bedroom ideas).

step stool

Purse Organization In Your Closet

Ok, now that you can reach it, what are you putting up there on that shelf? Maybe all your gorge handbags? Yassssss!

Use these shelf dividers for handbag storage in a smaller space:

purse organizer

Items You Need…Just Not At The Moment

Or the best way to utilize that space on that high shelf, in my opinion, is a great set of boxes like these. They work for off-season clothes and seldom used stuff. Like your fur coat or your sun hat. If you have those things.

under bed storage holders for clothes

Here’s why I love these storage containers so much.

  1. They look great. Nice and neat and tidy.
  2. They have a window. So you know what’s in there! Brilliant.

Over The Closet Door Hanging Storage

over the door shoe organizer

Ok, so that covers the “inside” of the closet. But, there’s one more place for you to add some storage. If you have closet doors that open out into the room, then you can take advantage of the vertical wall space on the inside of your closet door with something like this:

It’s easy to forget about the space on the door, but it’s a great place to store all of the smaller items that seem to collect in the bedroom.

You could put scarves, socks, leggings, shoes, lotion, umm, whatever else you can think of really! The important thing is that you have more SPACE in your small bedroom than you realize.

Use An App For Small Closet Organization

an ipad hanging outside of a closet, used to pick outfits

Yes, there’s an app for that! I’ve seen people stick an iPad outside their closet and use the Stylebook App to help organize.

The best thing: You get to feel like one of those super rich people you see in the movies that use cool tech to help pick their outfit for the day! I always wanted to do that!!

Is your entire bedroom small too? There is never enough space! So you probably need to check out our article on how to organize a small bedroom with tight spaces. It’s a great way to help you not feel like you live in a dorm room! Check out other ideas below too!

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