13 Ikea Bathroom Hacks for When You Need All The Storage

I spent my morning in the bathroom at Ikea. Sounds fun, right?

Don’t worry, it wasn’t the Swedish meatballs, I just was scoping out some Ikea bathroom storage hacks to share with you.

I live 13 minutes from Ikea, which means that I can scoot over there anytime to check out little things like storage ideas on a random Tuesday morning when I basically have the place to myself.

I’m not going to lie, I felt a little weird taking pictures of all of the bathrooms in Ikea and I was pretty sure I was being followed at one point, but no one asked me to leave.

And I wasn’t being followed I was just in the mattress area. Apparently even at Ikea mattress salesmen are hounds.

Ikea Bathroom Storage Hacks Straight From the Store

If you’ve never been to a Ikea, then you might not know that Ikea is more than just a store. It’s an experience. It’s quite remarkable, actually.

There are tiny homes and room vignettes set up all through out the store for you to explore. I used to come here when my kids were little and let them play house while I browsed.

The tiny homes and room vignettes are chock full of ideas for how to use the space you have best. And Ikea does not ignore the bathroom. There are several faux bathrooms that I visited and snapped some pics of some great ideas for making the most of the space in your bathroom.

#1 Slim Cabinet Storage

Ikea Storage hack - Tall storage

If you have an awkward skinny spot in your bathroom then the Godmorgon high cabinet might be just what you need.

I love this version with a glass door on top and a solid door on the bottom so that you can keep prettier, decorative stuff displayed and boring stuff behind closed doors.

Having a cabinet like this right next to the sink means all of your junk stays off the counter top. There is little in life that is more chaotic than cluttered countertops. Ok, that’s not true, there are a million things more chaotic than cluttered countertops, but this particular type of chaos is easy to get around when you have a cabinet to shove your crap into.

There’s plenty of room for towels, soap and the bathroom essential, wooden Kiwi birds.

You gotta love the styling at Ikea. That plant on top of the cabinet is great, too. Fake, but great.

#2 Multipurpose Furniture For Your Bathroom

Towel Storage from Ikea for the Bathroom

This is the Ragrund chair. It’s a genius piece of furniture that is going to be a fantastic addition to your bathroom.

First of all, you can sit on it. The only other place you can sit in the bathroom is the toilet and sometimes you just want to sit down and take your socks off, you know?

So, sitting is purpose one.

That ladder back, that’s amazing use of vertical space. It’s the perfect spot for storing bath towels. And it’s also great design to look at when the towels are all in the wash. Unlike and empty towel rod which just screams at you “DO THE LAUNDRY WOMAN!”.

And it’s 3rd feature is the little shelf on the bottom where you can keep your pitcher of milk. Or bath salts. Or whatever.

#3 Towels IN the Shower?

Towels IN the Shower

Every nice hotel I’ve ever been to has had a towel rack inside the shower with the towels in the shower. I don’t know why I never considered doing this in my own home.

I think if you have a tub sized shower the towels should easily stay dry at the opposite end of the shower.

And this is a small thing, I know, but there is something luxurious about not having to stick your arm outside of the warmth of the shower on a freezing winter morning to grab your towel.

Right? Let’s do this. Let’s put towel racks in the shower.

#4 Go High

Store Things Up High in the Bathroom

If you have a teeny tiny bathroom, just look up. There’s space up there that needs using.

This metal rack (Brogrund) is perfect for extra towels and other stuff you might not need on a daily basis. Get some clean, white plastic bins to store stuff in so that shelf doesn’t turn to chaos.

If you’re height challenged like me, don’t use the toilet as a step stool. Just get a regular step stool. Or wear your heels in the bathroom.

#5 Smart Water Trap

Ikea Smart Water Trap

Ok, this is boring pipe stuff, but if you’re in a position to change up the under the sink plumbing then you should think about doing that.

Ikea uses this Smart Water Trap plumbing technology (I don’t know if it counts as technology, just work with me) that frees up space so that you can have NORMAL drawers under your bathroom sink

Why is this not how every bathroom sink designed? Full size drawers under the sink are going to solve so many small bathroom problems.

#6 Drawer Organizers

Ikea Bathroom Drawer organizers

Without drawer organizers, every room in your house can become a junk drawer.

Ask me how I know.

Ikea has these clear-ish plastic ones called Godmorgon that are great for makeup and hair supplies. Lots of spots for little things that normally get lost in the chaos.

That one with the makeup brushes is great because it’s on a slant which means the brushes aren’t getting smooshed on one side. So smart.

#7 Baskets And Bins Are Your Friend

Baskets & Bins for storage

If you can take advantage of the full size drawers under sink because you’ve got with the fancy plumbing I talked about earlier, then you will be happy to know that Ikea’s has baskets and bins that will fit inside those drawers to keep things organized.

Baskets and bins are great for some of the bigger bathroom items like blow dryers and toilet paper rolls.

Even if you can’t do the full size drawers because you don’t feel like dealing with a plumber, baskets and bins are still a great organizing tool for the bathroom. If you’ve got a linen closet or even a shelf, keep it tidy with some pretty baskets.

#8 Use The Small Spaces

Use small spaces for bathroom storage

I think we all have a skinny little bit of wall space in our bathrooms. Here it’s between the vanity and the shower.

Use those tiny bits of real estate to your advantage.

On it’s side, the Ikea Raskog cart that you see is just 13″ wide. It’s got three good sized shelves for you to store things.

Just above that is the Forfina toiletry bag, conveniently hanging below a wall mounted mirror.

There’s no reason with this amount of storage that you should have anything out on your counters besides exactly what you want out on the counter. Like pretty soap.

#9 Double Duty Mirror

Double duty storage with this mirror with a shelf. Ikea Bathroom Hacks

You need a mirror in the bathroom. Might as well put that mirror to use right? No, I don’t mean watching yourself sing into the blow dryer which you’ve turned into a wind machine. Although that’s some fantastic multitasking.

The Silveran mirror is also a multitasking wonder.

It’s got a great slim shelf for storing your things like that pretty water cup, your toothbrush holder. I’d probably stick all of my Ordinary face serums. They are pretty little bottles and always in the way.

Notice in this picture, the bonus organization hack, a little crochet bag hanging on that wall hook. These are the types of ideas you get when you walk through Ikea.

#10 Funky Wall Storage For The Kids Bathroom

Fun and bright wall storage

Ikea in the last season or so has gone BIG on the pegboard.

I’ve got a more grown version for you in a bit, but the Laddan unit is awesome for a kids bathroom

It’s got bright poppy colors and lots of little bins and things to store toothbrushes, small towels and retainers. Gross.

I love that there’s a timer. I looked at it at first and though, a timer? In the bathroom?

It’s for brushing your teeth. 🙂

#11 More Ladder Like Vertical Storage

Vertical towel storage

If you don’t have enough room in your bathroom for the Ragrund ladder back chair from above, don’t despair.

The Vilto leaning towel hanger has got your back. It’s a slimmer profile and will take up less space. If you’ve got an empty wall, this might be the perfect solution for you.

You can even add the little Vilto stool underneath if you really want to have that place to take your socks off. That isn’t the toilet.

There’s a great example of this towel hanger as an Ikea Kitchen Hack in this post.

#12 When You Think You Have No Wall Space

Over the toilet shelves

In general, bathrooms have toilets. That means that you do indeed have some vertical space that can be used as storage no matter HOW small your bathroom is.

The Dynan shelf unit is perfect for that spot.

I’ll be honest. I am not a huge fan of shelves over the toilet. If you’re going to do this, keep neat and as sparse as possible.

Baskets will help a ton to keep this from becoming a cluttered disaster area with a high potential for stuff falling on your head when you are in a, umm, vulnerable position.

#13 Your Bathroom Is NOT Too Small For Counter Space

Small sink for more counter space.  An easy Ikea Bathroom hack

It’s just that your sink is too big.

I’m not about to tell you that having a sink this small is ideal.


If you are extremely limited on space, this teeny tiny sink from Ikea will give you a bit of valuable counter space.

A traditional size sink in a spot this small would usually mean you’re going to have to do some type of fancy balancing act with your flat iron while it’s heating up.

Which Bathroom Storage Hack Is For You?

So that’s my Ikea Bathroom Storage Hack tour. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found some clever ways to maximize the space in your tiny bathroom.

Or in your gigantic bathroom. Either way we all need to make good use of space, right?