17 Unexpected IKEA Spice Rack Hacks: Go Beyond Seasonings

IKEA items, especially the Bekvam spice racks, are remarkably versatile – they’re like the Legos of home decor. With the right imagination, they can be assembled and reimagined in endless ingenious ways, resulting in some of the best IKEA spice rack hacks you’ll find on the internet. This is the essence of a true ‘hack’, isn’t it? Turning something ordinary into something extraordinary. IKEA spice rack hacks are a perfect demonstration of this concept. Scouring the internet for creative reinterpretations of these items, I’ve gathered the most impressive IKEA spice rack hacks right here for you.

Are you ready to hack? This article will give you a great starting point! And, if you don’t live near an IKEA, you can get them asap from Amazon.

17 Unique Ikea Spice Rack Hacks

Add S Hooks to Hang Stuff

Here is one of the best ways to hack the IKEA Bekvam Spice Rack. Flip these upside down and you’ve suddenly got plant holders with a bar to hang stuff off of. Add some “S” hooks like we see in this Instagram post and suddenly a whole bunch of stuff that used to be tossed wherever, willy nilly, is neatly organized.

Linen Closet Organization

The back of the door, or the inside of the door, whatever this spot is called, is a great use of vertical storage as Hello Central Ave has done. Because the IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack is such a slim profile, it works perfectly in a small space like the bathroom linen closet. You know you store all that stuff in your “linen” closet, too, don’t you?

Book Shelf for the Playroom

There’s two things I love here. I love that the Ikea spice rack hack involves storing books in a kids room from Her Happy Home (or displaying your favorite books in your home office). I also love the pretty pastel chalkboard paint she used. Wait! There’s three things I love! Instead of books, these can also be used for picture ledges!

Toilet Paper Holder & Shelf

So this is an amazing hack from Ikea Hackers.

First of all, there’s space for two rolls of toilet paper. How brilliant is that?

Then there’s also a shelf for stuff that, you know, smells good. Just in case. And if you don’t want the wooden pallet look, wrap it in endless varieties of washi tape to make it pop!

Industrial Spice Rack

The Inspired Hive has made the simple Bekvam spice rack hack into a whole new hardcore version any serious chef would appreciate. A little paint and some wire mesh and there’s suddenly a whole industrial vibe going on. I love how this is the first time in the post we’ve actually seen the spice holder used as an actual spice holder. Crafty people are the best.

IKEA Salon Hacks: Nail Polish Rack Organizer

I’m pretty sure my I went to used this same method as This Mom’s Gonna Snap.

I say went to because I’ve given up on doing nails. I gotta save money!. And when my nails are done I feel this pressure to wear something other than yoga pants.

But if your nails are DIY and you have a million bottles of polish, this is the best diy ikea spice rack idea!

Cutting Board Storage Ikea Rack

The ends of the cabinets are always kind of a waste of space. Depending on how much room you have, the super slim spice rack ikea makes might serve you well.

In this post on Ikea Hackers it’s being used as a cutting board organizer.

My only worry with putting something on the end of my cabinet is how many weeks would it take me to stop walking into it? You know for the muscle memory to kick in that there’s a thing there that didn’t used to be?

Tiny Person Wardrobe

Piper and Poppies have got the right idea with this adorable little valet/wardrobe for their tiny human.

Flip the spice rack upside down again so you’ve got a shelf for tiny shoes and some decor.

And on the hanging bar is a few days worth of outfits for baby.

Or one day’s worth of outfits if you’re babies really messy. As babies are.

Ikea Bekvam Spice Rack, Birch
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Jewelry Display

This time at Cupcait, the spice rack is used right side up, just as Ikea intended it.

The hack is that it’s been decked out with some hooks to hang your super pretty necklaces.

Now the necklaces have become part of your decor in your bedroom or closet. Pretty awesome, right?

Decoupaged Spice Rack

I like the pale wood of the ikea rack, but if you want to try something a little different without dragging out the paint and paint brushes, why not decoupage it?

That’s what Very Legendaryee has done to their Bekvam spice racks.

You can take that minimal looking shelf and turn it shabby chic with some mod podge and the right paper napkin.

Key Rack w/ Additional Shelf

I love this idea from Ikea Hackers for turning the spice rack into a key rack.

It’s a great idea for a tiny entry. You do need a place to put your keys, no matter how small your entry is. This is essential for a happy organized home.

Because you can’t have a happy home when you’re screaming at everyone to help find your cars at 7:30am.

Hair Product Storage

I like to think I’m pretty minimal with my hair product needs, but even the few things I do use end up cluttering up the bathroom counter really, really fast.

And I don’t have to wait for the blow dryer and flat iron to cool off before I can shove them back in a drawer safely. This solves that problem.

Tiny Nightstand

No space next to your bed? Then this “night stand” is the perfect size.

I used these as floating night stands for both of my kids’ loft beds. It was perfect as they needed a place for their books and the “one more drink of water” before bed every night! This is especially good if your decorating on a budget too!

ikea spice rack hacks, floating night stand

Pantry Storage

If you have a pantry then you know it is a god send.

But you also know that things tend to lurk for years in the way back of the pantry.

This Ikea hack spice rack helps solve that problem by creating stepped storage for your canned goods. You get to actually see all of your stuff.

Makeup Storage

Not unlike my hair product problem, I swear I don’t have a ton of makeup, but what I do have always ends up all over the countertop.

Sometimes I just take it all with me into the car and do my makeup there, but this is a much better solution. Everything is close by and easy to see so you can quickly pick through and put your face on.

Pick Your Shoes Up

This is a pretty brilliant hack of the humble spice holder ikea sells.

Getting your shoes off the floor is immediately going to make your home look tidier and more organized.

You do want that, don’t you?

Display Your Cute Things

ikea spice rack shelf, painted and displays little wooden houses

Here’s the spice rack flipped upside down and backwards again to be used as an adorable little shelf.

If you’ve got some cute little things scattered around the house like these pretty painted wood houses, then this is a perfect way to display them.

How Will You Hack Your Ikea Bekvam Rack?

I’ve given you 16 ideas for organizing your home a little bit with the versatile spice storage Ikea blesses us with. They are made out of solid wood so they can be sanded, painted or stained!

How will you hack the ikea spice drawer next time? Save our list using the pin below!

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