21 Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor DIYs with Serious Style

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Here’s a pretty accurate description of a conversation that I love having about my diy projects.

Nosy neighbor: Oh, I love that cute little farmhouse wreath!

Me: Oh this old thing? I made it!

Nosy neighbor: Shut up!

Me: Yup. And it’s all from the dollar store

Nosy neighbor: SHUT UP!

I know you want to have conversations like that, too. So I have 21 seriously, ridiculously awesome diy farmhouse decor ideas that you can make in no time. Chic on the cheap dollar tree supplies! Yes, please!

21 Dollar Tree DIY Ideas: Farmhouse Edition

We’re going to be all over the house with these Dollar Tree farmhouse DIYs. Kitchen, living room, bedroom. Pretty much everywhere.

What you will love about a lot of this stuff is that it is cute AND functional. Not all of it. But a lot of it. Oh how I love a dollar tree house!

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Enamel Mug Organizer

I’m moderately obsessed with this enamel mug organizer from Home Road.

That’s a lie. I am fully obsessed. I love the colors, I love that it is functional.

I don’t love that it requires some farmhouse DIY skills, but that’s me being lazy. You’re not lazy, so go make this!

If you can’t get to the out for the mugs, these from Amazon are cute!

Wood Block Calendar

Wood Block Calendar

This Wood Block Calendar from Little House of Four is the thing on this list that made me go, “Oh, my God, that is too cute!”.

And, it is also FUNCTIONAL! It’s a calendar and it’s flipping adorable.

And the DIY skills here are minimal. You can totally do this on a lazy Sunday afternoon with some white paint (or any color acrylic paint).

Don’t feel like DIY’ing it? Amazon has some cute options to buy!

Farmhouse Style Wall Decor

Salvage Dior has done some serious work with some shelf paper liner and small silver platters from the Dollar Tree.

Those are Dollar Tree farmhouse and shabby chic all day.

That’s the type of project that a crafty genius comes up with and then is kind enough to share with the world.

Amazon has lace-like shelf liner paper, too.

Decorative Lanterns from Picture Frames

HGTV has a really adorable take on the whole dollar store picture frames to lanterns phenomenon.

Oh, you didn’t know that was a phenomenon? It is. Search it up on Pinterest. It’s huge.

These are the cutest ones I’ve seen by far.

DIY Jewelry Storage

Bring the farmhouse style into your bedroom or closet with this DIY Jewelry Storage from Confessions of a DIYer.

I’m a big fan of anything blue, especially when it comes to farmhouse style which tends to be very white and off white.

Blue and white together are amazing.

If you’re not into miter saws, grab this farmhouse jewelry stand from Amazon.

DIY Succulent Planter

You love succulents. I know you do because I do, too. Who doesn’t? I go for fake succulents though because I’m a plant murderer.

This DIY Succulent Planter from Craftberry Bush could be for either faux or the real thing.

No one is going to believe that the materials for this came mostly from the dollar store.

I believe that.

DIY Galvanized Wall Planter

These Galvanized Wall Planters from The Hip Homestead are very diy modern farmhouse decor.

Hip & homestead, most definitely.

These are really something that could cross into almost any style of decor, really.

If you can’t find them in stock, you can get a great dupe at Amazon.

Farmhouse Style Basket

North Country Nest looks like they plucked this diy from Dollar Tree industrial wire basket straight from the barn.

Wait. That sounds kind of gross.

You picked it up out of the barn and washed it off and ran it through the dishwasher.

I don’t know I might not ever put anything on the counter that came out of a barn.

Not up for a DIY? These are a great match from Amazon.

Sisal Rope Basket

Here’s another cute little basket from White Cottage Home & Living.

It’s just a plain old plastic bin wrapped in some twine with a cute little chalk paint label. Oh man, I love when people use nautical rope to wrap it too! Either is to die for!

You do not have to be rich to have a cute house. You just need an imagination and a hot glue gun. Or Pinterest. And a little elbow grease.

Orrrrr…just Amazon, because you need a giant one!

Pebble & Succulent Wreath

This Pebble & Succulent Wreath from the Shabby Creek Cottage wins the prize for most unique.

This reminds me of a French diy country decor.

I don’t know why I equate pebbles with the French countryside, but I do. So this is now a French Country Wreath.

Farmhouse Kitchen Canister

Oh, maybe it was just this kitchen canister from House Full of Handmade that was in my mind when I was thinking about that pebble wreath and imagining it was French Farmhouse.

This is definitely French Farmhouse.

I can tell because that label is in French.

If you’re scared to write in cursive with paint sticks, I love this set of thrift store farmhouse canisters on Amazon:

Pantry Organization Labels

There’s something very crisp and inviting about these labels from The Country Chic Cottage.

I would feel very in charge of my farmhouse if my pantry had serious little labels like that.

Like I really have it all together and I run a tight ship.

Know what I’m definitely not in charge of? My dollar tree farmhouse decor spending addiction!

Tin Farmhouse Planters

These tin planters from Holly Grace win the award for the easiest DIY in the bunch.

You basically buy the planters, buy the greenery and voila!

Farmhouse-y style in a flash. Worst case scenario you have to buy some bronze spray paint!

Dollar Store Cotton Wreath

Who knew you could make something so pretty out of cotton balls. And, I actually come across window frames with that distressed look quite a bit (I love me some garage sales and antique stores!).

And a brown willow wreath goes with everything.

Thank you Crazy Craft Lady for this pictured example of cotton ball wreaths!

This is a great option if you’d rather grab your wreath from Amazon. The best part: this is the first thing people see as they’re walking by and they’ll just know you have a beautiful home inside!

DIY Tea Towel Pillows

These DIY Tea Towel Pillows from The Woodgrain Cottage are my favorite farmhouse dollar store item of the bunch.

I don’t know if I already said one of the dollar tree crafts was my favorite, but if I did, I lied.

This is my favorite. They look like the real thing.

Farmhouse Style Topiary Trees

What’s great about this Farmhouse Style Moss Topiary from The Happy Housie?

Um, it’s an instant Christmas decoration, that’s what.

Also it’s cute and cheap and easy. And I LOVE easy ideas! If your local dollar store is out of sheet moss, you can always find it at Hobby Lobby or Amazon!

DIY Vintage Sign

Little House of Four has all the crafty skills. I love this little DIY Vintage Sign.

A wonderful example of a generous crafter sharing a video tutorial so you can learn how to be crafty too.

If you don’t want to bust out the black vinyl for your Cricut, you can actually buy pre-made letters! Or just the whole sign!

DIY Farmhouse Table Setting for Fall

Thanksgiving Day place setting with white plates, mini white pumpkins, Pheasant feathers and napkin over grey table runner.

Pretty up inexpensive dollar store plates with a couple of feathers and some adorable cheap pumpkins.

You can try some dish towels for napkins, too! Definitely go for the neutral colors.

DIY Rustic Succulent Pots

I don’t know that succulents are actually really farmhouse. I mean, they are dessert plants, right? So I assume not a lot of farms around.

But whatever, they look adorable in these little rustic pots from Pink When. And, yes, bright colors can still equate to cozy farmhouse charm.

Fake Cotton Stems

Gotta watch this video tutorial, from YouTube’s Grace Monroe Home, on how to make faux cotton dollar tree wood stems . These diy farmhouse decor dollar tree stems are remarkably realistic.

Just stick them in a vase and yes, you have farmhouse style. Although, this is a also a little modern and minimal looking.

That’s the kind of farmhouse I would want to live in.

Farmhouse Candle Holder

Our Southern Home SC
has made a really lovely little cake pan candle holder from dollar store items.

This would be lovely as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Once your kids get all their homework and sports crap off of it. And your partner’s laptop bag. And your laptop. And various coffee cups.

Farmhouse Style Wall Sconces

I saved these farmhouse style wall sconces from My Love 2 Create for last because I really wanted to wow you with what can be accomplished with a few bucks and whole lot of ingenuity.

I mean, those are some pretty awesome Farmhouse wall sconces, right?

Who thinks of these things??

If you’re a little more Modern farmhouse, check out these sconces from Amazon.

What DIY Farmhouse Crafts Are You Going To Do Now?

Well, if I were you, I’d get myself to the dollar store and make some farm house crafts before your nosy neighbor finds this post on Pinterest and SHE gets all of the compliments on her style first.

I’ll go find your keys. Let’s go.

Want something other than farmhouse style decor? Check out this article with more dollar store home decor ideas that don’t cost a lot of money. Yay!

Farmhouse Decor Dollar Tree Pro Tip!

Order all of your diy Dollar Tree items online in bulk and you can have them shipped to your home or to the store. It makes crafting so much easier when you already have what you need on hand!

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