11 Easy Sewing Projects You Can Make and Sell

Being able to sew things is definitely becoming a lost art and that’s a shame. It’s such a helpful skill that it would benefit everybody if they learned how to do it.

The problem is, where do you start?

Sure you could pick up a sewing kit from Amazon but what do you do with all of that string and those needles.

The obvious answer is that you make cool things but cool things can seem hard to do. However, with a sewing machine it’s really easy and a lot faster!  

What Can I Sew That Will Sell Well?

We’ve found 11 easy sewing projects that people actually will want or need. Even better, this can become a great hobby or side hustle for you and allow you to sell things at craft fairs, Etsy, or Ebay.

Who doesn’t want to make extra money or save money by making Christmas presents?

Take the time to learn something and end up making some money sewing. Not a bad small business.

11 Sewing Projects To Make And Sell

1. 10 Minute Computer Case

DIY laptop sleeve, a very easy sewing project to make and sell, sewing projects you can make and sell

Nobody likes to walk with their laptop out in the open so one of the best things that you can do is buy a nice sleeve for it. What’s a sleeve?

It’s simply a container for laptops that they easily slide into. That means you don’t have to carry a bulky bag for your 2 lb. laptop.  Instead, you’ll have something cute to stash it in. This is a great one for beginners.

More details can be found at Crazy Little Projects

2. City Backpack Diaper Bag

City bag diaper bag, sewing projects to make and sell

Being a mom sometimes means carrying out things that are necessary but not cool. With this diaper bag you can carry around diapers without looking like you went shopping at a consignment store from the 70s.

And there are endless possibilities of patterns and fabric!

If you don’t want to sell it, you’ll always have baby shower gifts for new moms!

More details can be found at Craftster

3. Heart Backpack

DIY Heart backpack #DIY #Sewing #Crafts

Another awesome bag. 

What I love about this one is that you can run with so many different patterns. That’s one of the cool things about learning how to sew, you get to pick and choose your style.

I know the backpack is pictured on kids but don’t think adults can’t run wild with their own heart-shaped backpacks. There is a whole backpack culture happening and you know it’s in our best interest to infiltrate it and make it our own.

This would definitely be a best-seller!

More details and sewing patterns can be found at Sew Much Ado

4. DIY Zipper Pouch

DIY zipper pouch #DIY #Sewing #Crafts

These are both adorable and super handy. It sucks having to dig deep in your purse for change or find those random frequent buyer cards that you have to pull out.

Never want to scramble for makeup again? Put it in your zipper pouch and you’ll have nothing to worry about. This is another one of those cool things that allow to pick whatever patterns you want and go crazy with your imagination.

More details can be found at Lil’ Luna

5. Earbud Pouch

DIY earbud pouch. #DIY #Sewing #Crafts

Do you like listening to music but don’t like having your earbuds get tangled in magical knots when you decide to put them into your pocket?

Then it might be time for an earbud pouch although it’s possible earbuds are beings of higher intelligence and can figure out how to get twisted into knots no matter how small the space.

Even though we’ve moved on to wireless headphones that doesn’t mean we don’t need a place for them. We still do and these earbud pouches are perfect for the job.

More details can be found at Dog Under My Desk

6. Home and Away Cable Cozy

DIY Home and Away Cable Cozy. #DIY #Sewing #Crafts

If you asked me what my mortal enemy was I would definitely say cables and chargers. I hate exposed cables and have made it my mission in life to ensure they don’t get seen.

This cable cozy is a great way to keep the cables organized and out of sight.

It’s not fun having to buy another USB cable when you go on a trip so I actually have one of these solely for my travel cables.

More details can be found at Live It. Love It. Make It.

7. DIY Dinner Napkins

DIY Napkins #DIY #Sewing #Crafts

Having people over and want to look fancy? Then you need dinner napkins!

Having people over and want to look festive? Then you need dinner napkins!

Having people over…you get the idea.

Dinner napkins can be made for any occasion and now that you’re the world’s greatest seamstress you set yourself apart and create a set of dinner napkins for every single occasion.

More details can be found at Craftsy

8. DIY Drawstring Tote Bags

DIY Drawstring Travel Bag #DIY #Sewing #Crafts

Having a mini tote bag is such a great thing. I mean look at this! You can pack whatever you want in there and it’s so cute.

The drawstring is the big seller for me because it allows me to simply attach this to my wrist and then I’m good to go.

More details can be found at Sew DIY

9. Flat-Bottom Zipper Pouch

hand sewn zipper pouch

I can’t lie I wasn’t sure what a flat bottomed zipper pouch was before I came across this tutorial but I’m glad I did.

When you create one of these you’ll want to create a billion of them to store everywhere!

10. Easy Sewn Coasters

YouTube video

Coasters are a great sewing project because you can use scraps of leftover fabrics. This video tutorial shows you just how easy it can be! 

11. DIY Scrunchies

YouTube video

Everyone loves hair accessories, especially scrunchies.  My daughter has them in every single color!  And, even I am constantly going to her room to grab one because I want to put my hair up.  

Sewing Is Awesome…and Profitable

Seriously, if you think sewing crafts are only for people filled with creativity and the steady fingers to put a thread through a needle then you are completely wrong.

Sewing is a skill for everybody and these sewing projects to make and sell show the kinds of things that you can make even when you are just starting off. 

I’ve been so happy to share all of these sewing tutorials to my kids too. Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are obviously an endless flow of patterns, toys, and sewn decor ideas you all will love trying!  They can even create their own Etsy shop.  Who knows?! 

Need More DIY Projects To Sell?

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