40+ Brilliant Housekeeping Tips from Grandma

Housekeeping tips from Grandma

My gran loves her tea – specifically 5 Roses black tea bags. And when I say loves her tea, I mean 3 cups within the first hour of waking loves. (Yes, she happens to be British, which you might have guessed.) The copious cups of tea would leave her cups stained. Pro cleaning tip from …

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Cleaning Motivation: Why You Don’t Need It

Motivation is a fickle friend. If you’re relying on motivation to accomplish any task that is important to you, I have bad news for you. You are doomed to fail. Because motivation, by definition, comes and goes. You don’t need motivation. Consider motivation a nice little bonus where you might get even more done than …

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1950’s Cleaning Schedule: This Seems Extreme

I’m going to be honest, a black man writing about a 1950’s Cleaning Schedule seems… well… Different. Yeah, let’s go with different. So what brought me to this place? Because I work from home, I try to stay on my feet as much as my feet and legs allow because for the past 15 years …

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Oh, Gross! 37 Things You Forgot to Clean

There are some places in your home that you forgot to clean. Or you remembered to clean them, but who has time for that, really? I’ve got a list for you that you can go through and tick off and feel so much better about having a really clean home. Don’t feel like you have …

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Mr. Clean Eraser Uses You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

The Mr. Clean Eraser is one of my all time favorite cleaning tools. I mean, it’s not like I have a huge list of favorite cleaning tools, but I really do love the Magic Eraser because it is kind of, well, magical. It can totally take on the stuff that your normal sponge just can’t …

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Magic Eraser Hacks (I tested 7 of them!)

Magic Eraser Hack experiments

You know I love the Magic Eraser for cleaning lots of things. It works REALLY, REALLY well on loads of things that you would expect it to work on. Like crayon off of walls, the inside of the microwave, plastic stuff. It’s awesome. But I found a bunch of Mr. Clean Eraser hacks that looked …

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Super Simple Cleaning Tips by Room

When you are in the mood to clean or even if you’re not in the mood to clean but you HAVE to clean because it’s going to be Thanksgiving soon and you HAVE to clean, it’s nice to have a method to the cleaning madness. I like cleaning tips that take me room by room …

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9 Dawn Soap Hacks For Your Home

We all know Dawn soap is for two things. Cleaning up your dishes and cleaning adorable ducklings that have had the misfortune of an oil spill in their habitat. But you might not know all of the other Dawn soap hacks you can try around your house. I think once people saw the work it …

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7 Simple DIY Cleaning Recipes with Dish Soap

Did you like Chemistry class? Not the memorizing of the Periodic Table, but the mixing up of stuff in beakers? Me, too! I love that stuff. The adult equivalent of Chemistry lab is making DIY cleaning recipes. Side note, I have had so many college Chemistry class related stress dreams that I’m no longer certain …

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13 Deep Cleaning Hacks for the Least Fun Cleaning Jobs

Deep Cleaning Hacks for Your Whole House

If the words “deep cleaning” make you want to run in horror, then does “deep cleaning hacks” make you feel any better at all? Anytime I see the word “hacks” I get a little intrigued. My attentions been got and I’m curious to see if these so called “hacks” actually work. When I’m curious, I’m …

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