Living Your Best Life

Because being organized gives you the freedom to live your best life.

Hi there!

I’m Elle, and I’m a HUGE organization nerd.

I LOVE organizing all aspects of my life.

And not just because of the satisfaction that a neatly labelled spice rack, or well organised underwear drawer, brings.

Being organised helps me actually enjoy my life more.

It means that I get to spend quality time in the evenings with my husband instead of figuring out what to eat – and still cooking it – because I planned and prepped everything on the weekend.

It means that instead of rushing around in the morning looking for my keys so I can go to my dance fitness class, I can calmly finish my coffee, grab my things, and arrive with a few minutes to spare.

When I was still studying, it meant that instead of working through the night trying to finish a project (with copious amounts of coffee) like my classmates were, I could instead wake up on the day it was due, go to a yoga class, then make my way to class, project in hand.

Don’t get me wrong – I still have those frazzled days when I am rushing to meet a deadline because I didn’t plan my time properly. Or I am frantically making my way through the house looking for my front door keys.

Because, life.

But it doesn’t happen often. 

And if you think that this is not possible for you – I want to share a little secret with you. Really organized people are not simply born that way. Sure, they often share specific traits, but they also have to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organized. 

My goal is to share advice and tips on how to be more organized – so you can spend more time and energy on things that are actually important to you!

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