My Honest Ruggable Review: 7 Reasons You Should Definitely Get One and 1 Reason You Shouldn’t


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After seeing ad after ad after ad in my Pinterest feed for Ruggable rugs and after browsing the beautiful designs and debating whether or not to take the plunge, I finally bought a Ruggable.

It arrived this weekend and if you are a TL;DR kind of person, my two-word Ruggable review is:

I’m thrilled.

I was a little worried about buying a rug online because I couldn’t be sure that the colors I saw on my screen would translate to what I would see when it finally arrived.

Spoiler Alert:

I had nothing to worry about.

As soon as I got the box open, I knew I’d made the right choice. The colors were just what I was hoping they would be and very true to what I had seen on the screen when I chose the rug.

The rug I chose, Watercolor Paintwork Multicolor Rug is a beautiful contemporary mash up of lots of beautiful colors. It’s 100% me.

But Ruggable covers come in every style and color palette. You should not have any trouble finding something to match your unique style.

I went with Ruggable because at the time I had a cat (who sadly passed away before we ever got the rug :-() and cats and rugs don’t always mix. So I’d NEVER had a rug in my house. Ever.

Even though we are a cat-free home now, we still have a dog and kids and well, we’re messy, so, the idea of being able to chuck the WHOLE 6×9 rug into the washing machine was quite appealing.

That’s the rug cover as soon as we unrolled out. It’s a little unruly when it’s not on the pad that it comes with.

The first thing you do after unrolling the pretty cover though is roll it back up, pretty side in and fold it in half.

Then you unroll the rug pad and then finally unroll the cover over the rug pad.

I’m not going to lie. This part wasn’t super fun. You need to roll the cover evenly or else it will not unroll again evenly.

If you mess up you can just try again, or, lucky for me the one corner that was a teeny tiny bit off was going under the couch anyway, so no one will ever be the wiser.

When I do wash it for the first time, I’ll pay more careful attention to how I roll it up and if you don’t have the luxury of being able to hide a slightly off corner under a sofa (or if you chose a pattern that needs to be lined up perfectly), then you might even want to ask for help from someone in your home who has patience and is a perfectionist.

I don’t have any of those people in my house, so I was left to my own impatient/non-perfectionist devices.

All in all it took me maybe 15 minutes to get the whole thing out of the box and in place on the floor.

This room that it’s in, the family room, was sorely in need of something to pull the place together. It’s where we spend a lot of time together watching movies and playing trivia and taking naps and sometimes even eating dinner.

And, you can see those floors. They aren’t that pretty. Sure they are hard wood. But they are basically orange. No one wants that. So the fact that this rug not only nearly completely covers them, but also kind of complements them is a big plus.

But what the rug really does is make this space feel a little more inviting and comfortable and cozy. And right now, in the middle of a turned upside down world, that is really important to me.

It’s always important to me, but even more so right now.

So, I bought the Ruggable. I’m thrilled that I did and I promised you 7 reasons you should buy one, too. (And the one reason you should NOT buy one).

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My Honest Ruggable Rug Review: 7 Reasons To Get a Ruggable

#1 You like the idea of being able to wash a giant carpet.

If you’re a clean freak you might not have any rugs. Because here are some facts about other rugs that I found on Ruggable:

Rugs can hold up to 4 times their weight in dirt and dust.

Um. What? 4 times it’s WEIGHT? That’s just unacceptable. Right? That just is not normal.

The average amount of bacteria per square inch of your rug: 200k

I don’t know what to say about that. I’m just blinking my eyes at it. I’m not a math person. But 200k sounds like a lot. Never mind 200k PER SQUARE INCH!

With all the germs in your rug, it’s 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet.

Now do you really want a regular old rug in your house??

Or do you want a beautiful rug you can throw in the washing machine every now and then so that it’s actually clean?

Even in between washes, the Ruggable rug is such a low pile, that it holds less gunk than your average plush rug anyway.

You might be wondering though, “Can I vacuum a Ruggable?”

Of course you can! I pretty much vacuum mine daily because we’re messy.

#2 You want to choose from a selection, but not a MASSIVE selection.

If you’ve ever shopped online for a rug before, then you know that there are almost as many rug options as there are bacteria per square foot of your old rug.


It can be completely overwhelming and it might make you not able to make a decision.

Just stuck. Frozen. And rug-less.

One of the things I loved about shopping at Ruggable is that first of all, this is a highly curated group of designs. There are a lot of different styles, but each design is clearly very carefully chosen. You can’t pick an ugly rug because they are all beautiful.

You can start your search by rug size, color or style. Style is broken down by Moroccan, Modern Tribal, Traditional, Geometric, Floral, Bohemian, Contemporary, Persian, Solid & Ombre and Transitional.

If those styles don’t mean a whole to you, just start by searching for colors you think you want.

You can also look through some of their featured rugs and if you only search the brand new Cynthia Rowley rugs, you won’t be disappointed.

#3 You want beautiful, vibrant, bold colors.

You can see the beautiful colors in the rug I got. I love big bold colors.

And I had plenty to choose from at Ruggable.

Those were both in my cart before I made my final choice.

If you want color but something more traditional, you can have that too:

#4 You have pets.

The Ruggable was created out of the frustration of having to throw away a rug because a pet had ruined it.

Literally. That’s how the company started.

Ruggable review - dog and ruggable

Dogs are not a great mix with carpet, but cats are the worst. There is nothing like the smell of cat pee and if your cat pees on a normal carpet you have two choices.

  1. Throw the rug away.
  2. Resign yourself to being the cat lady with the smelly house.

There is no in-between. Unless!

Unless you have a Ruggable. Because you can wash that cat pee right out. And because the cover is waterproof, the pee doesn’t sink into the rug pad so you don’t have to worry about that either.

#5 You have kids.

Kids are less disgusting than pets but they are no less messy. Mine are 13 and 15 and they are still messy.

To be fair, I’m 45 and my husband is 46 and we’re still messy, too.

But little kids spill and they wipe their hands on whatever is available to them and they have no regard for a beautiful home.

Or maybe they think the messes they make are artsy. I don’t really know. I just know they leave a trail of muck behind them. Often.

And as much as the Ruggable is awesome because you get a beautiful rug back after you’ve let the washer get rid of the muck, the real win of having the Ruggable + kids combo is that you don’t have to care so much when they do make a mess.

I am going to dare to say that a Ruggable rug is going to make a better relationship between you and your kids.

I said it. And I stand by it.

When you start to realize that you can be an amazing mother who doesn’t yell when pizza gets dropped sauce side down AND you can have a beautiful home, you’re kids are going to notice.

You know those “Pardon the Mess But We Live Here” signs are cute. But seriously, you want to live in a cozy comfortable house, right? A mess is fine, but old BBQ sauce stains in the rug is not fine.

#6 You don’t want to spend thousands on a pretty rug.

When I first started looking at Ruggables, I found myself looking for the “catch”.

How could this 6×9 rug that I wanted be $299? And it’s machine washable? And beautiful?

I kept putting a rug in my cart and looking for something that was going to tell me that the rug pad was extra.

It’s not.

The whole system, the rug, and the rug pad are one price. The largest size is the most expensive, an 8×10 is $399. And that’s for any of the rugs. Except the two shag rugs which have their own special pricing.

6×9 was exactly the right size for my room and $299 is not expensive for any rug. You can find less expensive, but I haven’t found a less expensive rug that goes in the washing machine.

#7 You want a white rug but your mother says you’re crazy.

I have a white duvet cover. My mother says I’m crazy. It will be filthy.

I put light, sort of sand-colored tile in my kitchen and my mother said I was crazy. They will show all the dirt.

To that I say, don’t you kind of want to know when something is dirty? I mean, if I got a dark, busy floral duvet I might not be able to SEE the dirt, but it’s still there, right??

If something is dirty, I want to know about it. I don’t want to guess. Should I wash this?

The floors look clean, but they are the color of mud so you can’t see the mud on them. Do I not still need to wash them?

That light and bright boho look is super popular right now and while it is admittedly not my cup of tea, I can certainly appreciate the vibe.

And it will be hard to get “light and bright” with a mud-colored rug that doesn’t show the dirt. You’re going to need a light carpet and if you get a light carpet you probably want to be able to chuck it in the washing machine fairly often.

The One Reason to NOT Get a Ruggable

There is one thing that the Ruggable is not.

It is not a dig your toes in kind of rug. It is very thin. If my math is right (it’s probably not) it’s like a 1/4 of an inch thick and there is no real “pile” like you get with a traditional rug.

If that is what you love about rugs, then Ruggable is probably not for you.

They do have the shag options and that might be an option for you. They are still washable but the biggest size is 5×7.

If you love a rug for the color and style and coziness (minus the plushness) that it adds to your decor, then Ruggable will work for you.

But if you are dreaming of like, lying on the rug and feeling like you are on a cloud of soft carpet, you aren’t going to get that with Ruggable.

Of course, after you read above how filthy a regular rug is, you probably will never lie on one again.

But, full disclosure, that is the one reason I would give for not going with a Ruggable rug.

Ready to Get Your Own Ruggable?

I’m already picking out my next Ruggable that I’ll use under the dining room table. Imagine all the food that gets dropped on the rug under the dining room table? And maybe a runner for the hall.

If you’re ready to buy yours, don’t forget to use the my Ruggable coupon code AFF10 and get 10% off!