13 DIY Laundry Hacks to Save You Time and Stress

Laundry. Laundry. Lau…sorry I fell into a trance because that’s what happens when I think about laundry and that’s exactly why I needed to go on the hunt for some laundry hacks.

Let’s face it, laundry sucks.

Nobody likes to do laundry and the people that do are the ones you don’t invite to brunch.

However, laundry doesn’t have to seem like a chore. Instead, you can implement some of these hacks to make your life easier instead of worrying about how to get that stain out of Tommy’s shirt.

Laundry Hacks You Must Try

There is nothing fancy about the hacks. We are just talking laundry here so don’t expect to read these hacks and have your eyes opened for the first time.

Who are we kidding? Any hacks that you didn’t know about before are awesome!

Let’s bring them out!

1. Remove Grease With Chalk

Every time I think about chalk I’m reminded of those crappy chalkboards in elementary school that I hated writing on because I’m left-handed.

Seriously, left-handed people can’t write on boards. It’s one of our greatest flaws. It might be our only flaw.

Anyways, grease on clothes sucks. You’d think that pre-treating the stain with detergent would be your best route but that isn’t true. Chalk is the way to go.

Just rub the chalk onto the grease stain and then wash the clothing. Some type of magic happens with the chalk dust that makes the stain disappear.

use chalk to remove grease stains

I like to use good ol’ Crayola chalk to take care of the job.

Credit for this hack goes to Apartment Therapy.

2. Making Your Own Reusable Dryer Sheets

Is there anything worse than getting ready to throw some wet clothes into the dryer only to realize you don’t have any dryer sheets?

Well, yes. There are a ton of worse things in life but running out of dryer sheets can be pretty annoying.

Did you know you can make your own and it only requires about $5 worth of materials?

homemade dryer sheets

Check out how this awesome mama makes reusable dryer sheets.

3. Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

What if I told you that you could make your own laundry detergent? I know this sounds like some Little House on the Prairie nonsense but it’s true.

homemade laundry soap

How Does She shows you how they were able to make a cheaper and better DIY laundry detergent.

4. Drawer Stickers So the Kids Know Where Clothes Go

Asking your kids or even your spouse to put their clothes away sometimes seems like an exercise in futility.

How do they not remember where things go?!

Well, we all need a bit of hand-holding from time to time so I found these awesome drawer stickers that show you where things should go.

drawer organizing stickers

Now they should have no excuses for clothes going into the wrong drawers and if they are still doing that then you know they are truly trying to ruin you.

5. Pre-Sort Bins

presort your laundry bins

You’re probably used to having one large bin where all of your clothes go. There is nothing wrong with that but it means that when laundry time comes around you need to separate your clothes.

Why not set up a three bin system where you have light, darks, and denim? If you rarely wash your jeans then you can knock this down to a two bin system.

You’ll save so much hassle if you can just separate your clothes right when you take them off.

6. Use the Quick Wash Option

use quick wash option

This hack is dependent on your washer but some washers actually have a quick wash option.

What’s so special about the Quick Wash option? It cuts down wash time in half. You might think that this is ridiculous because you need the full hour to wash.

The reality of it is it’s pretty ridiculous for a machine to take a full hour to wash clothes. Why waste electricity and water?

Give the Quick Wash option a shot and you’ll see that your clothes come out just as clean and smell just as fresh as the normal cycle time.

7. Ironing With Your Dryer

Most people know this one but ironing clothes is tedious and terrible.

If you like to play games then play the game of trying to get your clothes out of the dryer right when they are done. This way you can lay them flat on a surface and hang them up to avoid wrinkles.

If you miss your small window of opportunity that is okay because you can always put a moist cloth in the dryer along with whatever wrinkly outfit you want to wear and watch how the dryer magically takes the wrinkles away.

8. Ironing Entertainment

If you really do need to iron then you might as well knock a couple things out at once.

If TV is your thing then set the ironing board up in front of the TV and go to work.

Maybe you like audiobooks. You can listen to them while you iron.

Ironing doesn’t require much mental strength so you can do a lot of other things while you move a hot appliance over fabric.

The last 4 tips come from the awesome Thrifty Little Mom.

9. Aluminum Foil as a Dryer Sheet

This one completely defies all logic but yes you can use aluminum foil as a dryer sheet.

I believe it because Budget Savvy Diva says so.

It’s even reusable!

10. Vinegar Laundry Hacks

Vinegar is one of those miracle liquids. It seems like it can do almost anything so I wasn’t surprised to see that some people use it for their laundry hacks.

There are just too many to list here so check out what Ask Anna has to say about the miracle that is vinegar.

using vinegar in washing machine

11. The No-Sort Technique

If you really don’t want to sort your laundry before washing then you can use vinegar to ensure that your colors don’t run.

I tried to tell you that vinegar is a small miracle. All you need to do is add half a cup of vinegar to each load and your clothes will be safe.

Org Junkie explains her experience.

12. Establishing Laundry Routines

If you want to be more productive with your life then you need to establish routines. Establishing routines helps you figure out when you can do the fun stuff and when the non-fun stuff needs to get done.

Maybe you set a day of the week when all of the laundry gets done or maybe you decide that you’re going to try and do one load a day.

Whatever you do, try to establish a routine that will allow you to knock that laundry out so you can get back to Netflix and wine.

How Does She has a great post on how to build a laundry system.

13. Add Lavender Oil to Linens

The House of Smiths comes through with this awesome tip.

I promise you that you can use essential oils for damn near everything.


add lavender oil to laundry

Laundry Doesn’t Have to Suck

Laundry isn’t the most fun thing in the world but that also doesn’t mean it has to suck.

With these hacks, you’ll be gliding through your laundry days like the superwoman that you are.

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