24 Deep Cleaning Hacks: Take Your Home From Gross To Glossy

If the words “deep cleaning” make you want to run, then does “deep cleaning hacks” make you feel any better? Anytime I see the word “hacks”– those clever shortcuts that make life more manageable –  I get a little intrigued. My attention has been got and I’m curious to see if these so-called “hacks” actually work. When I’m curious, I’m motivated. That pretty much is my main cleaning motivation. Trying out new cleaning hacks. 

But let’s clarify: we’re talking specifically about “deep cleaning hacks” here. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill daily cleaning chores but targeted strategies designed to tackle those once-in-a-while deep cleaning jobs. So let’s dive into these revolutionary hacks that will transform your deep cleaning routine. Buckle up for a journey to a cleaner, more sparkling environment – all thanks to the power of smart, efficient, and effective deep cleaning hacks. 

1. Deep Clean Your Cabinets

Sometimes messes defy the laws of gravity. Why are the cabinets so greasy? Is it from the food? But even the cabinets that are on the opposite side of the kitchen from the stove seem greasy!

I think it’s from our grubby little hands. We cook, get dirty hands, and then we touch the cabinets and suddenly it’s grease city in the kitchen.  Hunker has all the deep cleaning hacks for greasy cabinets, including how to use plain old dish soap.

2. Revive Stainless Steel 

deep cleaning hack for stainless steel fridge  in the picture

To remove stubborn smudges on stainless steel appliances, rub a dryer sheet on the surface. The sheet will lift grime and leave behind a protective layer that repels future dirt.

3. Magic Degreaser for Tiles and Grout

Check out this degreaser on Amazon that has rave reviews. Greasy pans and pots are a cook’s nightmare. This degreaser will dissolve it, and you can easily scrub away the residue with a sponge. People also use it for the cast iron grates on their stove tops and even for oil and food residues on their clothes before washing laundry.  I’ve seen people use it to clean your tile floors and grout too!   

4. Toilet Brush Deep Cleaning with Baking Soda

Use a blend of baking soda and white vinegar to clean the crevices of your toilet brush and its holder. Rinse thoroughly, then place the brush between the seat and bowl to drip dry. Your toilet brush and holder will be as clean as they make your toilet.

5. Breathe Easier with Clean Fans 

YouTube video

Wipe ceiling fan blades with an old pillowcase.  One at a time put the entire blade into the pillow case and then wipe it down to the end. The pillowcase traps the dust and keeps it from scattering.

6. A Shower Curtain Refresh

Shower curtains often suffer from mold and mildew. Instead of buying a new one, throw it in the washing machine with some towels, and add your regular detergent plus 1/2 cup of baking soda. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle, then let it hang dry. It’ll be good as new!

7. Unseen and Vacuum Clean: Behind the Refrigerator

close up shot of fridge in kitchen

Use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean the coils behind your refrigerator. A build-up of dust can make your fridge work harder and run less efficiently.

8. Garbage Disposal Deep Clean

Your garbage disposal can get smelly and clogged over time if you don’t clean it regularly. To deep clean your garbage disposal and make it smell fresh, you need to use ice cubes and lemon peels. Ice cubes can help sharpen the blades and dislodge any stuck food particles while lemon peels can help deodorize and sanitize it. Just fill the disposal with ice cubes and add some lemon peels on top. Then turn on the disposal and let it run until all the ice is crushed. Flush with cold water and enjoy your clean and fresh garbage disposal.

9. Pet Hair Removal Hack

adult woman laying on a navy blue couch with her dog

Pet hair can be hard to remove from furniture, especially if you have a furry friend that likes to lounge on your couch or bed. A simple way to get rid of pet hair from furniture is to use rubber bands. Wrap a rubber band around your hand so that it covers your palm and fingers. Then run your hand over the furniture, using the rubber band to pick up the pet hair. You can also use rubber gloves or a squeegee for this purpose.

10. No-Scrub Shower Head Cleaner

An effective hack for your shower head involves the old reliable duo – white vinegar and some baking soda (or, you really can just use the vinegar by itself). Fill the bag with at least white vinegar, immerse the shower head in it, and secure it with a rubber band. After an hour or leaving it overnight, remove the bag and wipe away the loosened grime. This natural method effectively deals with hard water stains and mineral buildups.

11. Cleverly Clean Makeup Brushes

a wet make up brush that a woman is holding in front of camera, how to deep clean your makeup brushes

Your makeup brushes can harbor dirt, oil, bacteria, and makeup residue that can affect your skin and makeup application. To deep clean your makeup brushes and make them last longer, you need to use soap and olive oil. Soap can help cleanse the brushes while olive oil can help condition the bristles and prevent them from drying out. Just mix some soap and olive oil in a small bowl or plate and swirl your brushes in the mixture until they are clean. Rinse off with warm water and squeeze out the excess water. Lay them flat on a paper towel or cloth to dry.

12. Shaving Cream on Stainless Steel Cleaning Hack

A new trend suggests using shaving cream to shine your stainless steel faucets and fixtures. Simply apply the cream, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it clean for a sparkling finish.

13. Iron The Carpet Stains Hack

TikTokers swear by this trick for stubborn carpet stains. Spray a mix of one part vinegar and two parts water onto the stain. Place a damp cloth over it and run a hot iron over the cloth. The heat lifts the stain into the cloth, leaving your carpet as good as new! Just be careful not to burn your carpet fibers!

14. Deep Cleaning Sock Mop for Blinds

Struggling to clean blinds or underneath your furniture? TikTok users recommend using an old tall sock as a makeshift mop. Simply wet the sock, wear it like a glove, and run your hand over blinds or under furniture. The sock’s material picks up dust effectively, and it’s machine washable for reuse!

15. Thoroughly Clean Bathroom Shower Doors

Many house cleaners tout the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in combating mold and mildew. This works great for glass shower doors! Spray it on the affected area, let it sit for 10 minutes, then scrub away the mold with an old toothbrush.

16. Magic Erasers: A Sponge for Everything

Magic Erasers have a cult following for a reason. They can clean everything from kitchen sinks to stained mugs and dirty oven glass. I personally use them to clean the door trim, light switches, and fingerprints off the wall by doorways to make a huge impact fast!  You don’t realize what a difference it makes and how much cleaner everything looks just from doing that! Always have these handy for a quick and effective cleanup.

17. Lamp Shades Dusting Hack

To clean your lampshades, try this hack from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry. I love finding double duty for things like a lint roller.

18. Dishwasher Deep Cleaning Hack

Your dishwasher may look clean on the outside but it can harbor dirt and bacteria on the inside. To deep clean your dishwasher and make it run more efficiently, you need to use vinegar and baking soda. First, remove any food debris from the filter and run a hot water cycle with a cup of white vinegar on the top rack. This will help loosen any grease and grime. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and run another cycle with hot water. This will help deodorize and sanitize your dishwasher.

19. Lemon Scrub For Cookware

If your pans and pots have stubborn burnt-on food or rust spots, you can use lemon to restore their shine. Lemon has natural acidic properties that can help dissolve dirt and polish the metal. Just cut a lemon in half and rub it over the pan until it is clean. Rinse off with water and dry well. However, you can NOT use this on cast iron pans!  

20. Dust Your Electronics with Coffee Filters

Dusting your electronics can be tricky because you don’t want to scratch them or leave any lint behind. That’s why coffee filters are perfect for this job. They are soft, lint-free, and can easily fit into tight spaces. Use a dry coffee filter to wipe down your TV screen, computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, remote control, phone, tablet, and any other electronic device you have. You’ll be amazed at how much dust and dirt they can pick up.

Lightly dampen a coffee filter with a bit of water and wipe down your screens to keep them dust and fingerprint-free.

21. Hot Spray Hack For The Fridge

Your refrigerator can get dirty and smelly over time if you don’t clean it regularly. To deep clean your refrigerator and make it smell fresh, you need to use baking soda and hot water. Baking soda can help deodorize and sanitize your fridge while hot water can help loosen any sticky spills or stains. Just empty your fridge and remove all the shelves and drawers. Then mix some baking soda and hot water in a spray bottle or bucket and spray or wipe down every surface of your fridge. Rinse off with a damp cloth or sponge and dry well. Put back your shelves, drawers, and food items after checking their expiration dates.

Pro Tip: Use liners for the fridge shelving so it’s more protected from spills and stains in between deep cleans.  

22. Denture Tablets as Toilet Cleaners

If your toilet is stained, dirty, or smelly, you can use denture tablets and toothpaste to make it sparkle. Denture tablets can help dissolve mineral deposits, stains, and bacteria while toothpaste can help polish and freshen your toilet. Just drop three denture tablets into the toilet bowl and let them fizz for a few minutes. Then scrub the inside of the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and some toothpaste. Flush and admire your shiny toilet.

23. Wipe Your Baseboards Cleaning Hack

Isn’t it time we all accepted that baseboards don’t stay pristine white forever? In fact, they tend to adopt a grayish hue over time, especially without regular deep cleaning. Yet, maintaining clean, white baseboards doesn’t require a superhuman effort.

Let’s talk about an exceptional deep-cleaning hack for baseboards, as recommended by Country Chronicles. This simple yet effective method will transform your baseboards from dingy gray back to brilliant white.

Of course, we’re all busy with countless tasks. Deep cleaning baseboards might not be at the top of your to-do list. But armed with this efficient baseboard cleaning hack, achieving a cleaner, brighter home just became a little easier. Now, let’s banish those gray baseboards once and for all!

24. Spruce Up Your Wooden Furniture 

Brew two tea bags in boiling water, let them cool, and then use them to clean and shine your wood furniture. The tannic acid in the tea will enhance the wood’s natural color and leave a beautiful sheen.

Embrace the power of these deep cleaning hacks and say goodbye to persistent dust bunnies and stubborn soap scum on your shower doors. With these smart strategies, you’ll remember to clean often-overlooked areas like the garbage disposal and the toilet brush holder. The deep cleaning doesn’t stop there; throw your shower curtain and blankets in the washer. By using these deep cleaning hacks, you’ll have a home that feels cleaner, fresher, and more welcoming than ever. Remember, a sparkling clean environment is now within reach, thanks to these effective and efficient deep cleaning hacks.

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