13 Deep Cleaning Hacks for the Least Fun Cleaning Jobs

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If the words “deep cleaning” make you want to run in horror, then does “deep cleaning hacks” make you feel any better at all? Anytime I see the word “hacks” I get a little intrigued. My attentions been got and I’m curious to see if these so called “hacks” actually work. When I’m curious, I’m motivated. That pretty much is my main cleaning motivation. Trying out new hacks.

Now that you’re motivated by the idea of being a little scientist testing hacks, I want to tell you that these hacks are specifically “deep cleaning”. You do not need to do these things on a weekly basis. I’ve got a routine for deep cleaning that I follow so that I don’t get overwhelmed by these things. Ok, now for the deep cleaning hacks.

Clean the Whole House with These Deep Cleaning Hacks

Window Cleaning Tutorial

Rainboots and Apron Strings has a very comprehensive breakdown on properly cleaning your windows.

There’s more to deep cleaning windows than just the glass, like the crevices and tracks and all of those spots are covered here.

When you have clean windows, you just feel better about the whole house. You can ignore the clutter in front of you and gaze out into the yard, beyond the leaves that are everywhere and into your neighbors window.

That’s relaxing, right?

How to Deep Clean the Fridge

Deep cleaning the fridge is one of my least favorite jobs. Centsable Momma has a method to this not so fun job.

A great tip for keeping things clean in between deep cleanings is to line the surfaces with Press N Seal. It’s a lot easier to remove the Press N Seal wrap, chuck it and put a new one down when there’s a spill in the fridge.

Another great tip is to put a lock on the fridge so that Mr. Clumsy I Never Pick Up After Myself can’t get into it and knock stuff over and not clean it.

That tips effective will vary from home to home.

How to Deep Clean the Oven

One Crazy house a comprehensive tutorial for deep cleaning the inside of the oven, including the window!

A clean oven is important for many reasons. It’s gross when it’s dirty and the burning stuff is probably making your food taste less good. Also, at some point someone is going to be at your house and you’re going to have to open the oven door.

Do you want them to see your clean oven or your nasty burnt spilled on oven?

I didn’t think so. You want to open the oven and then your nosy neighbor thinks to herself,

This woman is on the ball!

-nosy neighbor

How to Deep Clean the Microwave

The microwave is not an easy appliance to get to. It’s usually up above the stove (which is high if you’re short like me) or it’s shoved way back in a corner on the counter.

That means scrubbing it isn’t easy.

Pastels and Macarons has an easy way to get the microwave squeaky clean. You know it isn’t squeaky clean right now because you reheated your pasta in it last night and it looks like a Dexter episode.

Tomato sauce splatter EVERYWHERE!

How To Deep Clean Your Cabinets

If you have wood cabinets, they kind of are like grease camouflage. There’s so many nooks and crannies and lines that the grease just becomes part of the character of the wood. Right?

NO! Grease is never character.

But, it takes a lot of grease build up to really start to notice that it’s time to clean those suckers.

Wrapped in Rust has you covered with a great tutorial for getting those cabinets to shine.

How to Deep Clean Your Baseboards

Someone should start a thing where baseboards are just gray. So that you don’t have to pretend that they used to be white anymore. Because unless you are superwoman, your baseboards are probably not pristinely white anymore.


Maybe you came across this simple method for deep cleaning baseboards already from Country Chronicles. Now that you know that method for baseboard cleaning, there are no excuses for dingy gray baseboards.

Well, other than the 50 million other tasks you’re responsible for. I know baseboard cleaning isn’t at the top of the list.

How to Deep Clean Your Floors

This is tricky because there are lots of different floors. We’re going to cover the two big ones and also grout.

The two big ones are Wood Floors and Tile floors. The grout information you can use on floor grout or any grout you have in your house. In the kitchen backsplash, the bathroom shower stall. Wherever you like. And have grout.

Wood Floors

This tutorial for deep cleaning wood floors from Morning Chores is great for when you really need to do a deep clean on your wood floors. Which if you live in a cold climate is every morning and night in the winter because of the nasty gross weather.

No, that’s an exaggeration, you might have to give them a quick cleaning daily with a microfiber mop, but a deep cleaning STILL shouldn’t happen more than once a month.

Tile Floors

Better Homes & Garden (of course) has all the best how tos when it comes to cleaning your tile floors the right way.

Take a careful look. Depending on what type of tile you have, you’ll want to clean them the right way. Now I just need to remember what type of tile I have in my kitchen.

Ceramic? Pretty sure it’s ceramic.

How to Deep Clean Grout

If you’re grout is dirty, your floor won’t look clean. It will like dingy. No one wants a dingy floor.

Sasha at Life’s Carousel has you covered with her method for cleaning grout. It’s quick and easy and CHEAP!

How to Deep Clean the Light Fixtures and Lamps

Clean your light bulbs while the light is OFF and COOL with a damp cloth.

To clean your lampshades, try this hack from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry:

I love finding double duty for things like a lint roller.

How to Deep the Shower & Tub

There’s a secret weapon to getting your tub and shower clean without breaking your back.

It’s your broom!

Check out the details from Eve Lifestyle. This method will make you not hate cleaning the bathroom so much, I promise!

How to Deep Clean the Mattress

This is a must and we’ve got a tried and true method for cleaning your mattress already for you.

How to Deep Clean a Mattress

You’ll sleep better on a clean mattress. Make sure to try this one. It’s especially smart if you or someone you love has allergies. Or is just super grossed out by a dirty mattress.

Which should cover everyone on the planet.

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