Magic Eraser Hacks (I tested 8 of them!)

The Magic Eraser, a humble sponge, has proven itself as an excellent tool for combating various stains and scuffs. We often associate it with removing crayon marks from walls or making the interiors of microwaves sparkle. However, many Magic Eraser hacks are not commonly known. After experimenting with numerous unconventional uses of the Magic Eraser, I’m thrilled to share these findings with you. This is your guide to revolutionizing your cleaning routine with these Magic Eraser hacks.

Magic Eraser Hacks: Selection of Test Subjects

While it’s widely accepted that Magic Erasers can remove pen marks, I wanted to take a step further in this Magic Eraser hacks experiment. I compiled a list of items with varying types of residue, including rust and tarnish. Here are the subjects I chose to test:

  • Glass stove top
  • Oven door
  • Silverware
  • Rusted cutlery
  • Sneakers
  • Leather bag
  • Toilet ring
  • Baseboards

Let’s examine the results of these Magic Eraser cleaning hacks.

Magic Eraser Cleaning Hacks: The Experiments

#1: Magic Eraser vs. Glass Stove Top

dirty glass top stove, magic eraser hacks

After a messy pasta night, I decided to use the Magic Eraser on my stained glass stove top. I wet the Magic Eraser, wrung it out, and gave it a good scrub. Although some of the scuffs remained, the results were noticeably cleaner. This method is an effective solution for glass stove tops with burnt-on residue and scuff marks.

glass stove after being wiped down with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Ok, is it better? Yeah, it’s a lot better. I may have to seek out more alternatives for cleaning the stove top and see if anything else REALLY works. For now, I’m happy that the Magic Eraser at least made it a LOT better.

#2: Magic Eraser vs. Oven Door

My next test was on the soot-covered oven door. Using the same technique as before, I scrubbed the Magic Eraser across the surface. The results? The Magic Eraser did wipe away a considerable amount of soot and grime, leaving the oven door looking much cleaner.

Here’s the before picture:

oven door that is dirty

Pretty, pretty gross. I think the black stuff must be soot from the fire? Right? I don’t really know. It’s dirt, whatever it is.

Here’s an in process photo:

oven door after being cleaned with a magic eraser

That’s the soot or whatever on the Magic Eraser.

Here’s what I ended up with after 2 Magic Erasers and a lot of scrubbing:

oven door after being cleaned with magic eraser

So much better, right? Now I just have to tackle the INSIDE of the oven and I can cook in there again.

#3: Magic Eraser vs. Tarnished Silver Utensils

Next up was a pair of tarnished silver salad tongs. Despite my efforts, the Magic Eraser only seemed to polish the tarnish rather than remove it (I guess this means you can cross silver jewelry off the list too).  

tarnished silver tongs

See, it’s like, shinier, but still black-ish with tarnish. So, it looked like the end for the salad tongs, right?

However, I discovered an alternative hack for cleaning silver involving boiling water, baking powder, and tin foil, which proved more effective. 

My tongs were too big for the pot, but check out how the end of the tongs came out:

shiny silver tongs using a cleaning hack

Kind of good enough to eat salad from, right? They probably need a few more dunks in that boiling concoction, but I’m glad to know that it actually works.

#4: Magic Eraser vs. Rusted Cutlery

My rust-stained steak knives were the next test subjects. We cook steak a lot. But I made the mistake of buying steak knives that you aren’t supposed to put in the dishwasher and I always put them in the dishwasher.

So they end up with these rust stains:

farberware knives with rust on them

I read that the Magic Eraser works on rust, so I gave it a try. A quick scrub removed the rust stains effortlessly, proving it’s an excellent hack for rusted cutlery. It’s kind of embarrassing how really quick and easy it was. Barely any scrubbing.

clean farberware knives using magic eraser

#5: Magic Eraser vs. Scuffed Sneakers

The Magic Eraser successfully cleaned the plastic parts of my sneakers but struggled to remove the dirt and dust from the cloth sections.

dirty nike shoe

Nevertheless, the Magic Eraser can effectively clean the plastic parts of shoes, giving them a much-needed refresh.

used nike shoe cleaned with magic eraser

#6: Magic Eraser vs. Leather Bag

used leather coach bag

I approached this task with caution, testing on a high-quality leather Coach bag. Initially, it appeared to damage the leather, but once dried, the area was cleaner and looked better than I thought it would. However, due to the risk of color removal, I recommend using the Magic Eraser sparingly and testing on an inconspicuous area first when dealing with leather couches, bags, or luggage.

I was a little scared of using the Magic Eraser on the bag. I really was.

And then I used it and I was terrified. It looked like I had destroyed the bag. I set it aside and decided to just move on and do something else while it dried and said little Hail Marys in the back of my mind that it would be fine.

dirty brown coach bag

It kind of wasn’t.

brown coach brand purse

I think I probably just rubbed a little too hard and took some of the color out of that spot. It’s not terrible. It is cleaner and part of the charm of a leather bag is that it gets a worn look. That’s what I keep telling myself.

#7: Magic Eraser vs. Toilet Ring

Despite popular hacks circulating online, the Magic Eraser failed to remove the persistent ring around my toilet. It only happens in our downstairs bathroom that we don’t use that much. So my theory is that it is because the water is just standing for too long.

Anyway, I tried the Magic Eraser trick. Which is basically just throwing the Magic Eraser in the toilet and letting it dissolve and allegedly the ring goes away.

Sadly this hack did not work. At all. Not even after vigorously scrubbing with the toilet brush. Clearly the only viable option now is to buy a new toilet. Weekly.

#8: Magic Eraser vs. Baseboards

I tested Magic Erasers on my baseboards and it definitely works for almost all scuff marks and dirt! I love using them on my door trim and windowsills as well.  It makes everything look so much crisper and cleaner, especially if I have guests coming over.  

The Verdict on Magic Eraser Hacks

In conclusion, the Magic Eraser is a versatile tool that can effectively clean a variety of surfaces. While not every hack works perfectly, the overall results demonstrate the Magic Eraser’s impressive potential. It’s an essential part of any cleaning kit, capable of tackling scuffs, grime, and stains. But remember, always test on a small, inconspicuous area first when trying out new cleaning hacks.

FAQ: Common Questions About Magic Eraser Hacks

In this section, we answer some frequently asked questions about Magic Eraser hacks. From what a Magic Eraser is, to its capabilities, to how it removes stains, we’ve got you covered.

Q1: What exactly is a Magic Eraser?

The Magic Eraser is a brand of cleaning pads created by Mr. Clean. Its main ingredient is a material called melamine foam, a soft material that’s abrasive, like fine sandpaper, making it an effective cleaner.

Q2: What can I use a Magic Eraser on?

Magic Erasers are versatile, and they can be used on a plethora of surfaces like walls, countertops, sinks, and even some types of appliances. However, you should always test it on an inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the material.

Q3: Can I use a Magic Eraser on glass or mirror surfaces?

Yes, Magic Erasers can effectively clean glass and mirror surfaces. They are particularly effective at removing stubborn soap scum and streaks that standard cleaning methods may miss.

Q4: Is a Magic Eraser safe for leather surfaces?

Use caution when applying a Magic Eraser to leather. It can sometimes cause discoloration or remove the finish, especially on darker-colored items. Always test on an inconspicuous spot first.

Q5: How do Magic Erasers remove stains?

Magic Erasers work like super-fine sandpaper, getting into tiny grooves and pits in the material being cleaned. As a result, it effectively lifts away ground-in dirt and stains.

Q6: Are Magic Erasers reusable?

Yes, they are. But remember, like a sponge, they wear down and disintegrate as you use them. When your Magic Eraser is falling apart or is little more than a sliver, it’s time to replace it.

Q7: How can I make my Magic Eraser work better?

To make your Magic Eraser work better, you should wet it with water and squeeze out the excess water before using it. This will activate the micro-scrubbers in the sponge, making it more effective at removing dirt and grime. You can also try using a non-abrasive soap with the Magic Eraser for tougher cleaning jobs.

Q8: Is there anything you shouldn’t use Magic Eraser on?

Yes, there are some things you should avoid when using a Magic Eraser. Magic Erasers are abrasive, so you should avoid using them on delicate surfaces such as marble and granite countertops. You should also avoid using them on stainless steel appliances, as scrubbing too hard can make the surface look dull. Additionally, you should not use them to clean wood paneling or other finished wood surfaces, as the abrasiveness can strip away the finish. 

Q9: What are some surprising cleaning hacks I can use Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser for?

Magic Eraser in Swimming Pools

I use a Magic Eraser to clean the scum line on the sides of my fiberglass pool. I did look up to see if it’s ok for vinyl liners and it appears you can use it to clean that as well. However, it is always recommended to test the surface in an inconspicuous spot first to ensure it is safe and can withstand the cleaning agent.

Magic Eraser on Permanent Marker

A damp magic eraser will remove permanent markers, like Sharpies, from a wide variety of surfaces. So, don’t worry if a kid or someone else makes a mess in your house!

Magic Eraser on Tile Grout

Tiled surfaces, especially the grout, can be a hassle to clean. Grime and dirt can accumulate over time, making the grout look discolored. A Magic Eraser, with its abrasive surface, can be a useful tool for scrubbing the grout clean with the help of some elbow grease!

Magic Eraser on Car Interiors

Car interiors can accumulate a surprising amount of dirt and grime, especially on the steering wheel and dashboard. You could use it to clean the windshield as well, but I would do that first so you don’t use a dusty sponge to clean your window. A Magic Eraser can be a handy tool to scrub away this buildup and restore your car interior’s shine. But remember, always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Magic Eraser on Patio Furniture

Plastic patio furniture can get dirty quickly due to weather, bugs, and outdoor elements. Wiping them down with a Magic Eraser can quickly remove this buildup of dirt, making your outdoor furniture look as good as new.

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