How to Get Dried Paint Out of Carpet and Other Crazy Stains


Nobody wants to get paint on their carpets but if you do then you need to learn how to get dried paint out of a carpet.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can’t panic. You can do this.

You can be the paint removal superhero that you always imagined that you’d be.

Just keep that in mind.

Cleaning Old Carpets

If you own a home with carpet then you know how dirty they can get. Even if you walked on a cloud full of feathers, something would still stain the carpet.

I’m not sure if they are meant to be comfortable and keep your feet warm or if they are meant to attract stains.

I’ve lived in places where I tried to keep the carpet looking immaculate but it was always a futile struggle. The best that I could do was always just the best that I could.

Along the way, I learned a few tricks in getting those tricky stains out of a carpet.

Ready to learn some tricks?

Let’s go!

How to Get Dried Paint Out of Carpet

First things first you’re going to want to grab some Goo Gone. I know it’s a terrible name but this stuff is magic.

Goo Gone for getting paint out of a carpet.

If you don’t feel like using the full blown liquid that might get messy then you should check out the spray version.

After spraying it (or applying it) to the stain, you’ll want to use a putty knife to lift up as much of the dried paint as you can.

Once you’ve removed the dried paint then you need to focus on the fibers of the carpet as there is still going to be stuff there.

You don’t need anything fancy for this. You can just mix some Dawn Original with some hot water and spray on the carpet.

Be careful of overspraying since you can soak the carpet pad which can end up causing mildew that you can’t see.

Once you spray you’re going to need a couple of white cloths to dab the stains. The goal here is to transfer the stain from the carpet to the cloth.

Can you use a different color than white?

You really don’t want to because dyes from colored cloths can transfer back to your carpet and you don’t want that to happen.

How to Get Cat Vomit Out of Carpet

Having pets means that you’ll randomly come across stains that you didn’t even know were possible.

In fact, you won’t even know their origin!

One of these stains is cat vomit and you might think that it’s the most resilient stain on the planet.

Dawn and hot water isn’t going to work on this bad boy. You need to go heavy duty which means whipping out the ammonia.

Now, ammonia isn’t something that you want to sling around your house often. Use only in extreme circumstances.

Before opening a bottle of ammonia make sure there is plenty of ventilation in your room. That means open up all of the windows.

It smells terrible and odor has no problem sticking around.

Once you have good ventilation going then you want to mix two tablespoons of ammonia in one cup of hot water. Make the water as hot as possible.

Then you spray this new and magical solution on those weird stains.

Don’t drench the area because you don’t want to soak the pad but you don’t want to make sure that the ammonia is getting into the carpet fibers.

To scrub the stain you’re going to want to use a stiff-bristled scrub brush.

After that you’ll want to blot the ammonia away with one of your wonderful white cloths. Then go over it with a lightly dampened cloth to neutralize what’s left and hopefully kill the smell.

Get Mystery Stains Out of Carpet

If there are some other mystery stains left in your carpet and you have no idea how to get rid of them, then there is a good chance that you can iron them out.

This sounds crazy and before you grab your iron and go to town it’s important to understand that I mean you can steam the stains out.

Make sure your iron is filled with water and set it to steam.

Place a clean white cloth (you should have 100s of these by now) over the stain and iron it making sure you’re keeping the iron in a constant motion.

You don’t want to burn your carpet.

Rotate the cloth as the stain will transfer to one spot and saturate that spot.

Shampoo Your Carpet

Once you are happy with the stains being gone it’s time to shampoo your carpet. I’m not talking about getting a rag and a spray bottle.

I’m talking about using a dedicated carpet cleaner to get stains out.

You can rent these from Home Depot or Lowes, but since you can find them under $100 why not grab one of your own and keep it around the house?

Stains can be tricky so even though they don’t seem to be around the first pass through wait a couple of house to see if they return. If they do then just do another pass with the carpet cleaner.

If you want to make sure you kill any odors then you’ll want to add some vinegar to your cleaning solution.

Trust me.

If You’re Just DONE With Dirty Rugs…

Ready to toss your rugs out the window? There’s another option.

You can hide them.

I know, gross. But if you’ve done your best to get rid of the stain and there are still remnants of it there, making you crazy, then how about putting another rug on top of the carpet?

The layered rug look makes for a super cozy room.

But wait…

Aren’t we just putting a rug that will get dirty on top of a carpet that’s already dirty?

Nope! Ruggable rugs are full size rugs that you can put in your washing machine. And they are beautiful.

And they are not as expensive as you are probably guessing. My 6×9 Ruggable was $299.

I love mine and wrote a full Ruggable review for you! You can be messy AND have rugs!

No one will ever know that the carpet underneath has that one horrific red wine stain.

Carpet Stains Aren’t Terrible

Where there’s a will, there’s a way when it comes to cleaning.

Sometimes it takes a bit more legwork and ingenuity to tackle stains but it’s well worth it, in the end, to come home to a happy place.

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