42 Gross Things You Forget to Clean in Your Home!

There are just some things you forget to clean.  Even though everyone loves a clean, fresh-smelling home. But even with a strict cleaning schedule, there are often overlooked places that harbor dirt, bacteria, and debris. Well, I’ve got a list for you that you can go through and tick off and feel so much better about having a really clean home. You’ll find valuable insights on cleaning appliances, tips on how to clean them, and advice on maintaining less obvious areas. Don’t feel like you have to clean all of them today. You can tackle a couple a day and by the time you’re through the list, you’ll probably be ready to start at the beginning again.

42 Things You Forget To Clean Around The House

1. The Sink

It makes sense you would forget to clean the sink because it’s where you do a lot of cleaning. Why isn’t it just clean on its own? Well, I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s not as clean as you think. Especially the drain area. So get in there.

2. The Washer and Dryer – A Hidden Trap for Dust and Debris

The dryer and washing machine may seem clean, but they are often full of lint, dust, and soap residue. The dryer’s lint trap, especially, is a place that gets easily forgotten. Regular cleaning ensures efficient operation and reduces fire risks.

3. The Top of the Microwave

If you’ve forgotten to clean this area, you are going to be totally grossed out. Especially if your microwave is above your stove. It’s grease city up there. You’ll never forget to clean it again.

4. Underneath the Refrigerator

I know this sounds like a pain in the butt, but you should be cleaning under the fridge. Tons of dust and yucky stuff get under there. And all that dust and yuck can actually make your fridge run poorly. So give this major appliance a good vacuum every now and then.

5. The Computer Keyboard – A Germ Hotspot

Research has shown that computer keyboards can harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat. Regularly cleaning your keyboard with a soft, damp cloth and disinfectant spray can help keep germs at bay.

6. The Doorknobs

Things You Forgot to Clean: Doorknobs

All.The.Germs on the doorknobs. You can really avoid touching them and whatever grossness is on your hands is getting on the doorknobs. It will take you 10 minutes to run through the house with some Clorox wipes and knock this job out.

7. The Top of Your Picture Frames

There’s dust above your picture frames. Think about it. You put this stuff on the walls for people to look at. And then you don’t dust it. So they go to look at the picture of your cute kid and are immediately drawn to the inch of dust up there. No bueno.

8. Your Baseboards

This is the worst job ever. That’s a lie, cleaning the shower is the worst, but the baseboards are a close second. However, it will go a long way to making your house look clean if you do this regularly.

9. The Door Frames

While you’re doing your baseboards, don’t forget to clean the door frames! Having all of these cleaned gives you the biggest bang for your buck in my expert opinion! I use Mr.Clean Magic Erasers to clean all the smudges, dirty fingerprints and scuffs off the door frames.  It makes them white again!

10. Your Dining Room Chair Seats

My cat loves to sit on the dining room chairs when they are tucked under the table. Then suddenly it’s Thanksgiving and the chair seats look like they are fur lined. But it’s just the cat hair. Maybe yours are covered with food smears from little hands. Either way, give them a cleaning.

11. The Chandelier

things you forget to clean: chandelier

You have that beautiful chandelier, but it is a HUGE pain to clean, isn’t it? Grab a Swiffer and give it a dusting every now and then.

12. The Window Crevices

I’m talking about whatever the weird space is between the glass window and the screen. Why is it so complicated in there? There’s ridges and wells… I don’t get it. But I know it needs to be cleaned.

13. The Curtains

You won’t notice that your curtains need to be cleaned until it’s too late. I mean, it will be Christmas Eve and you’ll be getting the dining room ready and you’ll go OH MY GOD what is that on the curtains?? Work these into the cleaning routine and that shouldn’t happen.

14. The Blinds

Things You Forgot To Clean - The Blinds

Coming in third place on the “worst thing to clean” list is the blinds. It’s not fun. I’ve seen tons of hacks on how to clean these, but no matter what, it’s not fun. So dust them and spot-clean them regularly and hopefully, it never becomes a huge job.

15. The Inside of the Light Fixtures

You know what I’m talking about, right? The bug graveyard? Probably in your hall and bathroom light fixtures. Give them a little cleaning. You and your guests will be happy.

16. The Mattress

Would you rather just buy a new mattress than clean your old one? Then you aren’t cleaning in the right way. Luckily we have a whole tutorial on how to clean your mattress the right way.

17. The Coffee Maker

Your Keurig needs to be cleaned! Did you know it gets something called “scale”? Sounds gross, right? It also prevents the machine from working properly. It needs a vinegar shower. You can find instructions here.

18. The Light Switches

Much like the doorknobs, you’re touching light switches constantly. With all your germs. You can do these while you’re running through the house cleaning the doorknobs.

19. The Walls

UGH. Right? No one wants to clean walls. But a Magic Eraser is a GREAT tool for cleaning the walls. (Check an inconspicuous spot first because you can’t use it on all paint types). It gets all the muck and grime and fingerprints.

20. Underneath The Counters

You would never think to clean UNDER the counter, like where it hangs over at your island. I mean, how dirty could that get? Well, one day I found my son rubbing his hands on the underside of the counter while eating BBQ ribs. So, it can get pretty dirty. And, if your little kids like to color, don’t be surprised if they have colored this spot too.

21. Underneath the Toilet Seat

You probably didn’t forget this, especially if you have little boys in your house. Because they never put the seat down, so it’s in your face all the time. But just in case you have a house of girls or well-trained boys, clean the underside of the toilet seat.

22. The Toothbrush Holder

Things You Forget to Clean - a Toothbrush Holder

This thing gets disgusting which is not fun to think about when you realize it’s holding the thing you put in your mouth to clean your teeth. Give it a cleaning, ok?

23. Your Hairbrush

Could you make one of those Barbie hair mannequin things our of the hair in your hairbrush? You should probably clean it then.

24. The Shower Curtain and Liner

The shower curtain and liner should get tossed in the laundry every now and then. Or simply replace the liner if you buy a cheap one. Because they are breeding grounds for mold and mildew, so keep them both clean!

25. The Corners of the Floors

Do you ever sit in a room and look at the corners? Probably not, but try it. You’ll see there is a build-up of dirt in the corners and it kind of looks like mud because you DO wash your floors, but it’s hard to get the corners and so the muck builds up there.

26. The Exhaust Fan in The Bathroom

What is all the STUFF that gets in the fan in the bathroom? Dust, I guess. Whatever, it’s gross and it accumulates like it’s a dust blizzard, so you’re going to have to do this more often than you think.

27. The Headboard

Look at your headboard real quick. I’ll wait. If it’s fabric (even if it’s wood, possibly), can you see the outline of your head on it? Gross, right? Give it a clean.

28. The Pillows

Things we forget to Clean - white bed Pillows

Pillows are easier to clean than you think. So, clean your bed pillows and your throw pillows. And they most definitely all NEED to be cleaned. Here’s an easy tutorial.

29. The Closet Floor

Do you kick your shoes off into the closet? Do you also walk on the dirty ground outside? Then you get where I’m coming from. Give the closet floor a vacuum and cleaning.

30. The Trash Cans

Garbage cans are hotspots for bacteria and bad smells. No matter how meticulous you are about never letting gross stuff get outside the trash bag, it’s inevitable. A regular rinse-out with warm water and dish soap, followed by a spray of disinfectant, can keep odors and bacteria at bay.

31. Your Plants

Decorative green Hosta houseplant with stone pot

Your plants are dusty! They don’t like it. Give them a dusting and make sure they’re free of pests.

32. The Sponge

I clean the kitchen sponge every time I do the dishes. I throw it in the dishwasher right along with the dishes. You can also toss it in the microwave as long as there’s no metal in it. I toss it after a few uses.

33. The Garbage Disposal – Cleaning Beyond Sight

Garbage disposal blades do a lot of dirty work, and just like any, they need regular care. Food debris can cling to the blades and cause unpleasant odors and clogs. A safe and effective way to clean them involves a combination of ice and baking soda.

Firstly, run a handful of ice cubes through the disposal. The ice will help to dislodge any stuck-on debris. After that, pour half a cup of baking soda into the disposal and follow with warm water. The baking soda acts as a cleaning agent and deodorizer, leaving your garbage disposal blades cleaner and fresher.

34. The Rubber Thing Around Your Dishwasher and Fridge

I don’t know what they are called, but I know they get gross with food particles. And they are a pain to clean. But give it a try. You’ll love to see all the gunk that comes out of there.

35. Ceiling Fan

LOTS and lots of dust up there, pal. Like, tons of it. It’s not fun to clean, but you need to.

36. The Remote Control

remote control

Another thing you are touching constantly and never cleaning. You can add this to the Doorknobs, and light switches routine, ok?

37. Under the Couch Cushion

You will find mysterious treasures under your couch cushions. I’ve considered writing a post about the crap under my couch cushions. But it would be utterly embarrassing. Vacuum these, ok?

38. The Vacuum Cleaner

Your vacuum cleaner needs its bits and pieces cleaned. How you do this will depend on your vacuum. So look for the manual. Or Google it.

39. Your Phone and Other Electronics

Your phone needs to be cleaned, and your laptop keyboard. YOUR MOUSE NEEDS to be cleaned. For real. All of it.

40. The Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Clean this, please. Don’t you hate seeing all the lint built up from soft toilet paper?

41. The Paper Towels Holder

Clean this too because it probably looks worse than your toilet paper holder!

42. The Pets’ Stuff

pet food and water bowls

Clean your dog’s bowls and don’t forget their toys! The plastic stuff you can stick in the dishwasher. 

How Many Did You Miss?

Were there things on the list that you DID remember to clean? GOOD FOR YOU! If you missed some or all of these, you know your mission. Get your Clorox Wipes and Magic Eraser and get to cleaning.


Why is it important to have a cleaning schedule?

Having a cleaning schedule helps ensure that nothing gets overlooked, from the appliances to the living room baseboards. It also breaks up tasks to make cleaning seem less daunting.

How often should I clean these often-forgotten areas?

The frequency depends on the item and its use, but a good rule of thumb is at least once a month for most areas.

What are some natural cleaning products that I can use?

Some natural cleaning products that you can use are vinegar, baking soda,

Can regular cleaning reduce bacteria in my home?

Yes, regular cleaning reduces bacteria on surfaces and can help prevent the spread of diseases.

Conclusion: Clean Beyond The Obvious

Cleaning goes beyond the visible surface. By remembering to clean the often-forgotten items, you can create a healthier, fresher environment at home. Remember, effective cleaning is not just about the right supplies—it’s about the routine, the diligence, and the awareness of what needs to be cleaned. It’s time to take your cleaning to the next level!

Let us know what we missed in the comments below! And follow us on Pinterest for more cleaning tips!

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