30-Day Cleaning Challenge

I really, really hate cleaning but I love a clean home. Go figure, right?

I think one of my biggest issues with cleaning is that I let things get so bad that it often seems overwhelming to even try to start somewhere.

So, as my Mom always said, just focus on one small thing and go from there.

I figured that can apply to cleaning as well so why not just break down a whole house-cleaning into smaller tasks? Even better, why don’t I break those tasks down into days and make it a cool challenge that all my friends will want to do?

The 30-Day Cleaning Challenge

Of course, depending on the size of your home, you might not need 30 days. You might just need 30 minutes.

The goal of this challenge isn’t to spread out your cleaning chores throughout so many days that you end up with messy home all over again by the end of the month.

The goal is to help you not feel overwhelmed with having to do 100 different cleaning tasks.

So I’ve broken things down into different sections of the home. If you want to speed up or start elsewhere then, by all means, go for it!


  • Day 1: Clean microwave and oven.
  • Day 2: Clean dishwasher and appliances. Here’s how to clean your toaster.
  • Day 3: Wipe down pantry.
  • Day 4: Scrub down fridge.
  • Day 5: Organize and toss expired foods.
  • Day 6: Clean kitchen sink and under the sink.
  • Day 7: Wipe down walls, and wash garbage cans.
  • Day 8: Clean stove top, kitchen surface areas, and floor.


  • Day 9: Clean medicine cabinet and storage.
  • Day 10: Trash expired items, and declutter.
  • Day 11: Clean shower, tub, shower curtains, and walls.
  • Day 12: Clean toilet, bathroom surface areas, mirror, and floor.


  • Day 13: Clean mirrors, windows, blinds, and curtains.
  • Day 14: Organize closet and drawers, and declutter.
  • Day 15: Deep-clean mattress, and wash pillows, linens, and comforter.
  • Day 16: Vacuum, mop, or sweep floor; clean under furniture.
  • Day 17: Clean furniture, walls, and fixtures.
30 day cleaning challenge

Living room

  • Day 18: Wash cushions, seat, and sofa covers.
  • Day 19: Clean throws, rugs, chairs, and tables.
  • Day 20: Clean TV and electronics
  • Day 21: Declutter, and toss unwanted items.
  • Day 22: Vacuum, mop, or sweep floor; clean under furniture.
  • Day 23: Clean walls and fixtures.
  • Day 24: Clean windows, blinds, and curtains.


  • Day 25: Clean desk, chair, and walls, and declutter.
  • Day 26: Wipe down bookshelves, and toss unwanted books.


  • Day 27: Clean washing machine and dryer.
  • Day 28: Clean patio and outdoor equipment.
  • Day 29: Clean car and car seat.
  • Day 30: Clean vacuum and cleaning supplies.