11 Genius DIY Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Moving into a new home is always nice because you can organize it exactly how you want.

When you get to your kitchen cabinets, you know that your sweet spices will go on one side and the spicy stuff on the other.

After a couple of months, you go into your cabinet, and things aren’t how they started.

Your spices are mixed up. Plates are where the bowls used to be.

It’s complete chaos.

The question then becomes do you move into another place to start over again or try to get a hold of this chaos?

While I’m all for moving to a new place, the best way to get your storage space together is to reorganize.

You don’t need a professional organizer (yes, that’s a profession) to come in and organize your cabinets because you can do everything yourself, as you’ll see with this list. I created a list of organization tips that will save kitchen cabinet space and put everything in its proper place.

These solutions are great because they all use easily attainable items to help you organize your kitchen items and make it seem like you have more space than before.

Seriously, it’s like magic.

Check out these kitchen storage ideas that will clear the chaos and save you so much time while trying to find specific items.

11 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

1. Hang Oven Mitts and Hot Pads with Adhesive Hooks

ways to organize your kitchen cabinets, red oven mitts hanging on command hooks inside cabinet
Image courtesy of The Krazy Coupon Lady.

It doesn’t matter what you call command hooks or adhesive hooks because they are awesome, and you need them.

Seriously, you can probably find a way to use these in every single room in your home. That’s how effective they are.

While most people like to put their oven mitts and hot pads in drawers, you might find a better use for those spaces. Why not hang them up inside a cabinet where they take up minimal space? This is the perfect solution for a small kitchen.

2. Store Items Based on Usage

organized kitchen cabinets with neatly stacked white plates
Image courtesy of Julie Blanner.

This one seems like common sense but something I never considered. The idea here is to store your items based on how often you use them.

So that fancy China that you only bring out when the in-laws are in town shouldn’t be on the bottom shelf. It might not be in the kitchen at all, but if it must, then put it on the top shelf. Keep those lower cabinets open to items you use regularly.

When you organize things this way, it saves you more time than you realize. The only problem is understanding how often you use things, so it might be something that you have to revisit every couple of months.

3. Use Sink Caddies for Storage

sink caddies hanging inside pantry on wall, used to hold Kool-Aid packets, etc
Image courtesy of Make Bake Celebrate.

Sink caddies can store smaller goods within your pantry or cabinets.

This works especially well for those random seasoning packets that always seem to end up in drawers. You will no longer have to find the chili seasoning because it’s hanging up nicely in the sink caddy that isn’t on the sink. This also clears up kitchen counter space if you often toss things onto them.

4. Use Stackable Mesh Shelves

stackable mesh shelves in cabinet, holding white and green dishes

The better you utilize vertical space, the better you will get at organizing.

Utilizing stackable mesh shelves really helps to keep the kitchen organized. You can find them in all sizes and colors.

We really love these ones from Amazon because they look slick, are lightweight, and are just the right size for stacking the smaller items in our kitchen.

This is a great way to store things in corner cabinets or taller spaces. Consider using them when organizing kitchen cabinets in your home.

5. Hang Up Trash Rolls

storage trash bags, under sink
Image Courtesy of Simply Organized

Trash bag rolls are always in a weird place. They might be in the corner of your pantry. They might be under the sink.

Everybody has their own unique place for storing them, and they are always kept in the box they are packaged in.

But what if you could change all of that?

This pic shows you an awesome technique for storing your trash bags under your sink and making them easily accessible – like a roll of toilet paper!

However, do not use them like a roll of toilet paper; that is not their purpose.

6. Vertical Baking Pan Storage

cookie sheet storage using metal file holder
Image courtesy of The Organized Wife.

While baking pans are usually thin, they take up much surface area when laid flat.

This means they take up much space no matter where you put them.

However, what if you were to stack them vertically? Then they wouldn’t take up as much surface area, and you could probably fit more in a smaller space!

You need to get metal file holders and place the sheets in them. This works just as well for a cookie sheet or similar items, leaving you with a more organized kitchen.

7. Mount File Holders Inside Your Cabinet

magazine holder being used for storage inside kitchen cabinet

Back-to-back file holder tips. You can use these file holders or magazine holders to store those pesky aluminum foil and saran wrap boxes.

We really love these Ikea Document holders not only because we love Ikea but also because we love their color and feel. Keep items like this within easy reach and out of kitchen drawers, where spoons and utensils need to go.

8. Use a Lazy Susan

using a lazy susan to organize cabinets
Image courtesy of I Heart Organizing.

I always feel bad for Susan. She gets a bad rap all because of this awesome piece of awesomeness.

What’s the point of taking things out of your cabinet so you can reach the back of it?

Put those items on spin cycle (get it?) so you can access whatever you want.

In this awesome tutorial, you can learn how to build your own lazy Susan to easily access several things in your cabinet. Or, you can just grab this guys (I guess I should say gals – ha!) from Amazon.

9. Use a Chalkboard for Measuring Hints

chalkboard paper lined on inside door of kitchen cabinet with measuring equivalents written on it
Image courtesy of Tidbits from the Tremaynes.

Easily my favorite tip on this list. Did you know they make chalkboard contact paper! Are you for reals right now?!

I mean, look at this thing of beauty.

While having a smartphone is great because it provides easy access to measuring equivalents, what if you didn’t need to try or wipe your hands every time to check them?

Just open up your cabinet, and voila! All the measuring equivalents you need are right there in front of you. Pretty brilliant.

10. Use Stackable Clear Containers for Bulk Food

store bulk food
Image courtesy of The Social Home.

Do you like to buy your food in bulk? Then you need to get in on this tip!

There is no reason why you need to take up a ton of horizontal space to store your bulk food items.

Utilize all of your cabinet space with some stackable clear containers. We used to use Sterlite’s 6-quart clear containers for the big bulk food items we purchase, but we like these from Amazon better. It’s a great idea for creating a new system of organization that will keep you sane.

11. Install a Pull Spice Rack

pull spice rack

You don’t need to push all of your good spices to the back of the cabinet. Instead, get a pull spice rack that will allow you to easily slide your spices in and out of place. If you are doing a kitchen remodel, this is a must! It’s perfect for optimal kitchen organization and saves so much space. The pull-out drawers are convenient, simple to set up, and one of the easiest ways to store your spices.

Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized

As you can see, with a couple of simple items, you can easily get a hold of your kitchen cabinets. Many items can be found at the Container Store or your local supercenter. The Dollar Store is surprisingly a good place to start as well. Hopefully, these kitchen cabinet organization ideas will help you organize in different ways and provide a simple solution to your chaos. There is no reason why they should get the best of you.

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