11 Genius Ikea Kitchen Hacks For Your Unique Home

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Kitchens work hard. I mean. They work HARD. You cook there, you eat there, your kids do homework there. You wash the baby in the sink. You spend countless minutes staring into the refrigerator. Waiting for a snack to materialize.

But when it comes down to it, kitchens are kind of a bore. Let’s break it down. Cabinets (boring rectangles usually brown or white) and flat surfaces for working on. And those are made of rock or plastic.

And don’t get me started on stainless steel. We actually want stainless steel in the heart of the home?

The best way to add some personality and warmth to the kitchen is to do something unique. A crafty Ikea kitchen hack is the perfect way to do unique. Ikea’s minimalist style is the perfect blank slate for adding your own personal style.

11 Ikea Kitchen Hacks to Give Your Kitchen Personality

ikea kitchen hacks for your unique home

I’m not saying that these Ikea kitchen hacks are going to change your life. But I am going to tell you that when your kitchen feels comfortable and like “you”, you want to enjoy it more.

You want to have people over. You want to cook. (Maybe. At least get some really good takeout). You want to sit at the counter and sip coffee while your daughter tells you about play practice.

You actually want to clean it up at the end of the night because you want to wake up again to your cozy, unique kitchen.

So take a look through. Think about what would work for your kitchen. Then think about how you can make it your own.

#1 Funky Shelving from a Serving Tray from Bidouilles Ikea

My coffee stuff just sits on the counter. It’s completely messy and not exciting in any way.

If I had the wall space for this tray turned Espresso organizer from Bidouilles Ikea, I would run myself to Ikea right now and make it.

I love the idea of a circular shelf. It’s unexpected, especially in the kitchen where everything is usually a rectangle.

This one has had the bottom painted white, but if you’re into color, you could paint it any color you like. Or maybe even do a decoupage project with it. Or maybe you could think of something even more awesome than paint or mod podge.

#2 Bed Slats to Organizational Wall Hanging from Ich Designer

What you’re looking at right here is kind of genius.

Just imagine for a second you’re in Ikea and you see bed slats, except your brain doesn’t go, Bed slats, cool, move on. Your brain goes, I can hang that on the wall and then hang things from it thereby freeing up valuable counter space.

You recognize the genius in that, right?

This Wall Organizer from Ich Designer looks simple, clean and beautiful. It’s useful. And it’s inexpensive.

That’s a homerun Ikea Hack for your kitchen.

#3 Grain Sack Organizer from Home Road

If farm house style is what you’re looking for, then this grain sack organizer from Home Road is the perfect Ikea Kitchen Hack for you.

I can totally see Joann Gaines dragging Chip through some dusty, musty antique store with creepy dolls and picking this out while Chip tries on a full suit of armor.

But you don’t have to go to an antique store where you may or may not have an allergic attack from the nasty dust mites. You get to go to clean, neat, organized Ikea.

#4 Coppery-Glam Kitchen Stools from Krysmelo

You didn’t know that Ikea could go glam like this, did you?

That’s what is great about Ikea kitchen hacks. Everyone in your neighborhood might have these stools.

But if you put in a little extra effort like Krysmelo did with the copper paint, then yours are going to stand out.

Just be careful with the copper paint. This obviously belongs to a person with a unique style. If this isn’t “you” or it doesn’t go with your kitchen, skip the copper and maybe try some chalk paint instead.

#5 Herb Garden From The Kitchen

When I saw the Raskog cart transformed into an indoor Herb Garden from The Kithn, I got all excited and wanted to run out and buy one and get a ton of herbs and snip them for every meal that I cook!

Then I remembered that I’m a reformed plant murderer and I don’t allow myself within 50 yards of house plants.

And I also remembered that I am a terrible cook and even if the herbs did miraculously survive in my home, they would just die in vain for the pot roast I burned.

If you have a green thumb, however, this is a really lovely way to transform this cart!

#6 Kallax Kitchen Island from Jen Lou Meredith

I would not have guessed that it was possible to make a kitchen island for about a hundred bucks that looks as cute and functional as this one from Jen Lou Meredith.

Not only do you get additional workspace with that handsome butcher block surface, you also get a ton of good storage.

And, if that is not enough to convince you that this is an amazing Ikea kitchen hack, it also MOVES!

So if you need it over here by the sink, drag it over. If you’re about to have a dance party in the kitchen, shove it out of the way. It’s on wheels!

#7 Breakfast Bar from Club Crafted

I’m calling this a breakfast bar from Club Crafted. It’s fun to think about the kids eating breakfast in the morning on those cheery yellow stools, isn’t it?

You know what’s funner? Rolling it into the living room on Saturday night, making a signature cocktail and serving your friends from your “bar”.

And I know funner isn’t a word, you don’t have to email me.

#8 Cutting Board to Clock from Ich Designer

We’re back at Ich Designer again with this cutting board turned clock ikea kitchen hack.

Someone should study this womans brain. Stick those electrodes on her as she walks through an Ikea and see what kind of neurons are firing as she thinks of these projects.

This little clock is so plainly perfect, I think Ikea should actually just consider manufacturing them and paying Ich Designer whatever she wants for the idea.

#9 Tier Stand from Curbly

One of the best ways to save space in your kitchen is to use some vertical space. This 3 Tier Stand from Curbly does just that with it’s three separate surfaces for stacking up your fruits.

Or whatever other things that need a home in your kitchen.

Like spices. Or snacks. Or the mail. Or any of the myriad of odds and ends that end up on your counters.

Throw that junk on one of these little shelves and you instantly look a little more organized.

I could totally see this as an Ikea Bathroom Hack, too. To store my makeup and hair stuff without cluttering the counters.

#10 Cookbook Display from The 2 Seasons

I know you don’t have a lot of cookbooks anymore, but you might have a couple of special ones that you actually use from time to time.

You should keep those ones in a handy display like this one from The 2 Seasons.

I could put the cookbook in it that I bought and hauled home from Spain 20 something years ago and also the old school Betty Crocker one I bought at a yard sale a while back because my mother has the same one.

I would display them more as conversation pieces than for actually using them because, you know, I’m not really about following recipes.

#11 The Shoe Cabinet as Kitchen Storage from Polished Habitat

This shoe cabinet thing from Ikea is the Clown Car of organization cabinets. It doesn’t look wide enough to hold anything.

But it holds a ton of shoes.

And if you are a genius like Melissa from Polished Habitat, you can fill it with all sorts of other things.

Like water bottles. Or random pet stuff. Or your kids junk that they leave all over the kitchen counters.

If there are four people in your family, you can each take a drawer and fill it with whatever your heart’s desire.

#12 Open Shelving

small modern kitchen with a silver range hood

If you have a small kitchen, one way to make things feel a little more open and airy is to go with open shelving instead of cabinets on the walls.

It helps if you do a really good declutter if with open shelving. The shelves become part storage, part decor, so you’re going to want them to be minimal, tidy and pretty.

#13 Use All of The Space

open shelving in the kitchen holding dinnerware that is blue, turquoise, and white

Don’t forget to think about unique ways to utilize the space under your cabinets. Or in this case under the open shelving.

This is a great way to store extra coffee mugs, wine in that Ikea wine holder and if you put your pretty mugs out, then you add a pop of color under the cabinets, too.

Plus, keeping all of that stuff off of your surfaces means more space for prep!

Which Ikea Kitchen Hack Are You Picking?

I’m still drooling over those copper stools.

The only bad part about finding all of these amazing Ikea kitchen hacks is that they make me want a farmhouse kitchen. And a modern kitchen. And a colorful kitchen. And to grow herbs even though all I do is kill herbs.

Those copper stools though…

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