How to Save Money Decorating Your Home Without Resorting to Cheap Decor


My number one biggest objection to every single thing pretty much in any category of life is,

“But it’s so expensive…”

I’m not really cheap, I just have a hard time spending money on what feels like non-essentials. So buying cheap home decor seems like a good compromise.

But you know what happens when you go for “cheap”. 99% of the time, you get what you pay for.

The “cheap” decor is flimsy, poor quality, falls apart, itches like crazy…

You get my meaning. You’ve been there.

So Can I Still Save Money Without Going for the Cheap Home Decor?

Yes, you absolutely can. There are lots of ways to make sure you’re getting the best that you can afford.

That’s my mantra when it comes to buying home decor (and pretty much anything else). Have a budget in mind and spend as much as is necessary to get the best that falls within that budget.

Here’s how I do that.

Shop Stores You Trust

If I shopped the entire Internet for my home decor, I would never buy anything because I would never stop shopping.

Instead, online and in person, I have just a small handful of stores that I know I’ve had good luck with and I go back to those over and over again.

Most often my process for picking out decor starts online and I’ll go through each of those first four sites first for whatever I am looking for.

I like each for different reasons.

Overstock has fantastic search and filter capabilities. Wayfair has a ridiculous amount of options (and also good search and filter capabilities). World Market is relatively inexpensive with quirky items you don’t see everywhere. And Amazon, because, well it’s Amazon. They have everything. It’s usually cheap. You do have to be very careful and read the reviews, especially the bad ones.

If I come across something I want on Amazon, I first read the worst reviews. If there’s something in the bad reviews that I just can’t live with, then I skip the product.

For in person shopping, I love my Ikea, although I will often start my search online there, too. I live very close by to an Ikea though, so I won’t buy online, I’ll go to the store. I think just because I love the Ikea experience

And Home Goods kind of doesn’t really need any explanation from me, does it? It’s so fun to walk through and browse. The quality is always solid and the prices are great.

My one complaint about Home Goods is that if I’m looking for something in particular, I don’t ever seem to find it. But I can’t think of a single visit where something random didn’t find it’s way into my cart.

You don’t always know what you need until you see it. That’s the joy of Home Goods.

That being said, however…

Plan What You Need To Buy

One easy way to overspend and wastefully buy is to not have a plan for what you need for every room in your house.

Sometimes those impulsive Home Goods purchases come home with you and you realize that you don’t actually have a home for this lovely vase you just bought.

There are two problems with that. It’s wasteful. You spent money on something you didn’t really need when you could have looked at your list of things you do need and made a more thoughtful purchse.

The other problem is now you have this thing you bought and you can either return it (pain in the neck) or figure out a place to put it even though it doesn’t really fit in anywhere.

You’ll look at that thing sideways for the rest of eternity or until you finally give in to the fact it just doesn’t “go” and you give it to Good Will.

Coupon Codes & Cash Back with Rakuten

Rakuten is not a scam in case you haven’t signed up yet for that reason. It’s so simple and helpful.

You create an account and Rakuten alerts you if you navigate to an online store that is offering cash back. One click and you’ll earn the cash back if you make a purchase.

It’s actually fun to use and applies to all sorts of things, not just Home Decor.

Overstock often has cash back available through Rakuten.

And, it’s not just cash back. When you check out, Rakuten automatically looks for coupon codes for you, too. It always feels a little like pulling the slot machine lever when I see Rakuten searching for coupon codes.

Maybe that’s just me though.

Second Hand It

When I can’t find exactly what I want in traditional stores, I’ll scour second hand stores.

Good Will, ReStore, consignment stores, flea markets.

These are so much fun to go to and sometimes you can get something really special at a really special price.

Often you’ll find good brand names that might not be in the budget otherwise. That and if you can find some really good old stuff, you know you’re getting quality at a major discount.

Ready To Save Money on Decorating Your Home With the Cheap Home Decor?

You are ready. Use one of these ideas for avoiding cheap home decor, or use all of them.

You’ll have a home you love without spending a ton of money!

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