18 Ikea Farmhouse Furniture Finds for Your Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse decor, known for its comfort and simplicity, has captured the hearts of homeowners worldwide. This charming blend of rustic and modern design elements has become a favorite, especially when introducing a touch of country-style flair during home makeovers. IKEA, a renowned name in home decor, offers a fantastic array of IKEA farmhouse furniture finds that are primed to transform your living spaces. Whether you’re looking for smart storage solutions or family room furniture, IKEA has a multitude of options. So, prepare to embark on a virtual journey through our top IKEA farmhouse furniture finds, tailor-made for a variety of spaces, homes, and room sizes!

Ikea Farmhouse Kitchen and Dining Furniture

TORNVIKEN Rural Butcher Block Island

ikea butcher block island, ikea farmhouse furniture

I don’t think you can get much more farmhouse than a handsome IKEA TORNVIKEN butcher block island. It’s simple and clean and perfect for chopping the vegetables you picked from your kitchen garden. Or even if you bought the veggies from the farmer’s market. Or the grocery store. It’s fine. You don’t have to have a farm to have Farmhouse style.

HEMNES Farmhouse Style Cabinet

Something about this says Pie Cupboard to me.

Either way, this is a definitely farmhouse, country style. Mostly white with some wood tones to keep it from being too modern or traditional.

The RASKOG Utility Farm Cart

The Raskog utility cart doesn’t really have a particular style all on it’s own. I guess you could call it utilitarian.

But once you start filling it up with stuff, it starts to have some personality.

Here it’s filled abundantly with canned items you’d usually find in the pantry. Canning definitely says farmhouse to me.

Handsome IKEA SKOGSTA Farmhouse Table

This IKEA SKOGSTA dining room table could cross over to almost any style of home, but it would easily work in a farmhouse home. I remember falling in love with this farmhouse piece the second I laid eyes on it.

The black base makes it a little more special and totally worthy of the dining room. I’m a big fan of those chairs, too. I see many holiday ham dinners eaten off that table.

IKEA INGOLF Farmhouse-Style Bar Stools

If you’ve got the farmhouse style island, you’re going to want some stools to sit at.

The Ikea Ingolf Counter stools are perfect. Pretty crisp white and that X in the back is distinctly farmhouse. Throw a cushion on the seat and you are good to go.

Rustic IKEA INGO Table

The INGO dining table is a raw, untreated pine table that’s just waiting for a farmhouse makeover. Its simplistic design provides the perfect canvas for your creativity. For a traditional farmhouse look, you could paint the top a soft, chalky white while leaving the legs in their original, pine finish. This would give it a lovely two-toned look.

With its solid pine construction, the INGO table is sturdy and perfect for family meals, kids’ arts and crafts, or even as a makeshift workspace. Plus, its compact size makes it ideal for smaller spaces, so even if you’re short on space, you don’t have to compromise on style.

Ikea Furniture for Your Farmhouse Living Areas

Quaint Crisp White Sofa

If you want to stick with the crisp white Farmhouse feel, then this is the sofa that you want to get. Yes, there is the Ektorp which is also super Farmhouse-y. But Farlov to me screams Farmhouse while being just a teeny tiny bit more modern than Ektorp.

Ektorp is your grandmother’s farmhouse sofa. Farlov is yours. (Spoken by someone who has an Ektorp in her own home and isn’t a grandmother, so take that for what it is worth).

Rustic Chicken Wire Console Table

Ok, it’s not chicken wire, but it kind of looks like it a little, doesn’t it?

I love the industrial look of this IKEA FJALLBO console table and I really love it up against that gorgeous white brick wall. Some farmhouse decor would make this even more suitable for your Farmhouse.

Modern Farmhouse Touches with IKEA’s NEREBY Rail

Keep your kitchen or bathroom organized with IKEA’s NEREBY rail system. Its sleek design and functionality are a match made in heaven for farmhouse-style homes.

HEMNES Entryway and Hallway Unit

ikea farmhouse furniture

Start your farmhouse makeover at the front door. The HEMNES series is a staple in IKEA furniture, and this entryway piece offers both style and storage. With its simple white finish and traditional design, it can effortlessly hold shoes, umbrellas, and outdoor accessories while adding that quaint country charm to your foyer.

LIATORP Coffee Table with Storage

ikea farmhouse furniture

This elegant, white coffee table provides both a farmhouse feel and extra storage. With a glass top and bottom shelf for displaying items, it also has drawers to store away items that you want to keep handy but out of sight.

Ikea Farmhouse Furniture for the Bedroom

White and Brass Farmer’s Bed

To me the IKEA SAGSTUA is a classic farmhouse piece that’s ripped right off the screen of a movie about farms. Or a Hallmark tv show set on a farm.

I have always wanted a brass bed, but I have also always been worried about children smashing their heads against the metal in a freak bed jumping accident. They are nearly grown now though, so maybe it’s time for a brass bed for me.

GJÖRA Natural Bed Frame

The GJÖRA bed frame, with its natural birch wood and simple design, is perfect for creating a cozy farmhouse bedroom. Drape some white or neutral-toned fabric over the top bar which transforms it by adding a little modern farmhouse whimsy.

Charming IKEA Hemnes Dresser

You can’t mess up if you go with this white Hemnes dresser with black knobs. It’s a classic and will fit almost any style, but it’s most definitely leaning toward farmhouse or traditional. You get bonus farmhouse points if you use that wrought iron-like Ikea mirror on top of it, too. That’s definitely farmhouse.

TARVA Chest of Drawers: I’ll DIY If I Want To

This raw pine chest is a wonderful piece of furniture that’s ready for diy farmhouse ikea hacks. Or not, because you can leave it as is for a beautiful rustic look, or give it a quick coat of white or grey paint for a more sophisticated touch. The drawers offer excellent storage, perfect for clothing, kids’ toys, or even craft supplies.

A Cozy Chaise for Reading

I have to have a cozy spot to curl up with a book in my bedroom.

Somewhere other than the bed. This chaise is perfect for that and it is definitely perfect for a farmhouse home. Those curved arms and the slip covered look are perfect.

So whether you’re giving your entire home a farmhouse makeover or just adding a few pieces, the range of IKEA farmhouse furniture is an affordable, versatile solution. If you add some second-hand finds or vintage gems you already have on hand, you get a curated modern farmhouse style cottage vibe.  Remember, the beauty of farmhouse decor lies in its gorgeous texture and homeliness. So, get creative, and don’t be afraid of a little rust and sawdust on your farm-style home decor, and make each piece your own!

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