16 Amazing Ikea Farmhouse Decor Pieces To Try the Farmhouse Look

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If you just want to test out the whole idea of going with Farmhouse style in your home, then you might want to start by just updating some of your decor. Ikea has some great Farmhouse Decor that won’t cost you a fortune.

It’s a great way to slowly transition to a whole new look for your home. If you decide the Farmhouse vibe is going to be right for you and your home, then you can look at some Ikea Farmhouse Furniture, too.

But for now, we’ll just get a taste for whether or not this whole Farmer thing might work, ok?

Cozy Ikea Farmhouse Decor Pieces for Your Home

It’s a tough decision to start transitioning to a whole new style in your house. My house, for example, is traditional. If I wanted to suddenly go all Joanna Gaines Farmhouse, I would have a lot to do.

New Furniture, new color palette… I mean basically new everything. But that can get realllly expensive. And what if I buy all that and I hate it??

That’s why we start with just a few decor changes. You can totally give Farmhouse style a test drive with these Ikea Farmhouse decor finds without making a huge commitment.

Kitchen Towels

A good way to add a little color to an otherwise very white farmhouse kitchen is with your dishtowels.

They are useful and this green is a great natural color in the kitchen.

An Improvised Herb Drying Rack

I had to include this set of hooks that Ikea is using as a spice drying rack.

First of all the hooks are great for any house, but definitely a farmhouse. This great for by the door to catch your coat (obviously), but if you think outside the box a little, it’s a great place for drying the spices you clipped from your herb garden.

What else would you hang from here?

Plaid Pillow

You could chuck this plaid pillow on your favorite chair and it’s instantly farmhouse.

Or maybe it’s just country. It reminds me of Vermont is what it reminds me of.

There’s tons of farms in Vermont. At least I think there are.

Standing Lamp

I love the pale blond wood of this lamp and there’s something about the utilitarian look of this that makes me feel like it would fit right in with Farmhouse style.

It’s like if a farmer were going to make a lamp, it would look like this one. Nothing too fancy, just useful and understated elegance.

I just love how it has a little spool for the extra cord. That’s what I love about this lamp.

Floral Duvet Set

This pretty and simple duvet set is lovely and cozy looking. I think this sort of semi-Toile pattern is perfect for farmhouse style.

I can definitely see this in my day-dreamy Ikea Bedroom.

I think my favorite part of this set though is those gray ruffled pillowcases in the back. Those are definitely dreamy.

Rattan Basket

If you don’t have a basket like this in almost every room of your house, then you are probably working too hard to keep your house tidy. I have this one and keep my dog’s toys in it. It’s so cute that he goes and gets them out himself! I wish he would put them away himself!!

Yes, this rattan basket is great for a farmhouse home.

But, universally, baskets are the messy homes best friend. All the crap that doesn’t have a home can just go in the basket! That’s how organizing works, right?

Black Candlesticks

These handsome black candlesticks are perfect for your Farmhouse dining room table.

They are a simple design, but still totally functional.

Just think of all of the candlelit dinners you’ll have in front of these candlesticks.

Just kidding, no one really does candlelit dinners at their own house, do they?

Pretty Prints

These pretty prints are probably the most impactful way to add some farmhouse style to your decor.

Grab some simple frames while you’re at Ikea and you can instantly farm-ify a wall in your home.

Lace-y Candle Holder

This pretty little lace-y candle holder isn’t just classic Ikea, it’s classic farmhouse.

You know every real farmhouse has a bit of a lace doily somewhere on a table, right?

This is a nod to that lace doily.

Wood “Bird” Sculptures

These “bird” sculptures are definitely more modern farmhouse style.

They may not really be farmhouse out at all. I don’t care. They work in any style, if you ask me.

They are too adorable and I have to have them.

Wooden Tray

Trays are one of those things that you don’t really think about buying ever, but they come in SO handy. I have one because in one of my living spaces I have a big couch with no table!!

This pretty wood one with the black handles is perfect for your farmhouse kitchen.

Or stick it on a dresser to collect your random bedroom items that need a home.

White Pitcher

A pitcher is a hard working little piece of decor.

This little white pitcher has lovely farmhouse style and you can totally use it as a pitcher on your table. Maybe not every day, but on special occassions it’s kind of nice to fill your water glass from a pitcher, right?

Then you can also use it as a pretty little vase. Stick a few wildflowers in it or just some greenery to bring a little of the outdoors in.

Blue & White Vase

At first glance this blue & white vase may not seem as versatile as the pitcher we just looked at. It’s just a vase, right?

But what if you put it in your kitchen and filled it with some cooking utensils?

Or, it would be a fabulous change jar. My dad loves a good change jar.

Farmhouse Clock

Clocks have kind of gone by the wayside since we all have smart phones glued to our hands all the time and therefore never have to wonder what time it is.

But a clock is really lovely in a kitchen.

This one has some farmhouse appeal and I love the graphic look of black and white.

Glass Cake Stand

Will you want to bake more cakes if you have a beautiful glass cake stand like this one?

I would. I would want to. I probably wouldn’t, but maybe I would stick a store bought cake in there and pretend I baked it.

No one needs to know. That’s our secret.

Galvanized Plant Pot

This galvanized pot is so great. Fill it with some mums for the front porch.

Or maybe you want to keep it by the front door for catching mittens or something on your way in from the blustery winter?

There’s a million ways to use this and it’s got lots of farmhouse character.

Where Will You Start Your Farmhouse?

Interior of IKEA store staged with a farmhouse dining room table, ikea farmhouse decor ideas

So what do you think? Do you want to give some Ikea farmhouse decor a try? I’m thinking about grabbing those candlesticks and that pretty white pitcher. They are a great place to start.

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