10 Lovely Farmhouse Bedroom Examples To Inspire You

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If you’re considering a Farmhouse Bedroom but you’re worried that the fad is going to die now that Fixer Upper is over, let me reassure you.

It’s not a fad. Joanna didn’t invent Farmhouse style. She might have perfected it, but it’s been around since, well, Farms.

So don’t worry about it going out of style any time soon. Take a look at all of the different ways you can do a Farmhouse Bedroom and then decide if it’s right for you.

What is Farmhouse Style?

pictures of modern and bright farmhouse bedroom examples

Farmhouse style is comfortable and relaxed, but also a little bit ultilitarian. There’s a feeling of everything in a room having a purpose while still adding to the decor.

So a throw pillow is going to be beautiful, but you’re also going to be able to take a nap on it because that’s what a pillow is for, right?

There’s a lot of white linens, usually, but we’ve got some color in this list of Farmhouse Bedrooms, too. Let’s look and see.

10 Farmhouse Bedroom Examples You Will Love

#1 Calm & Sunny

farmhouse bedroom decor using an animal skin rug

I love a naked window. If you’re living on a farm, you probably need to be up with the sun and you probably don’t have a lot of neighbors, so these naked windows might make sense.

That might not be realistic for your real life, but the idea of sun streaming in the windows onto those beautiful wide plank forms is very appealing, isn’t it?

You can see the details of this room on Houzz.

#2 Color, Color Color

cottage style farmhouse with wallpaper and  matching quilt on bed

I know I said before there’s a lot of white linens in the farmhouse look, but these bright sunny colors are screaming farmhouse to me.

The quilt partnered with that wallpaper says this house is loved and cared for. That years ago, someone made decisions that were carefully thought out to last for generations.

(Ok, that’s probably new wallpaper, but that’s what the wallpaper says, ok?)

You can find the details of this room on Houzz.

#3 Black & White

black and white modern farmhouse bedroom with wood beams

Did you think you couldn’t do Modern Farmhouse? Well, you can. This room is a stunner.

That black paneling is bold and still Farmhouse. The patterns on the pillows, definitely farmhouse. But there’s nothing about this room that makes you think of your old Aunties farmhouse, is there?

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#4 Do a Canopy If You Can

farmhouse bedroom with white wood exposed beams and white paneling

A simple canopy in a farmhouse bedroom is stunning, if you have the ceiling height for it. I love the black iron here.

While there might not be an actual use of this style of bed, it still has a purposeful feel. That this room is built for sleeping and the canopy is doing it’s job.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#5 Masculine Farmhouse

masculine farmhouse bedroom with navy blue wall and rustic decor

Here’s another Modern Farmhouse Bedroom, this one with a very masculine feel to it.

This room is sort of borderline farmhouse/traditonal/modern, but to me the natural wood and the natural blinds keep it Farmhouse.

Plus that little alarm clock is Farmhouse all day.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#6 – Feminine Farmhouse

feminine farmhouse bedroom with pink and white shabby chic decor

Of course if there’s Masculine farmhouse, there’s gotta be feminine Farmhouse, right? The pretty pink touches of color in this room are just the right amount of delicate.

Anything more and this room would head toward glam.

Also, it’s not necessarily feminine, but the iron bed in here is worth noting. It’s black so it grounds the whole room and would work with any farmhouse decor.

You can find the details for this room at My Lifestyle Memoir.

#7 – Neutral Farmhouse

close up of bedroom with neutral cream linens, neutral farmhouse bedroom

Here’s a tip for any style of room you decide to create. If you’re going with all neutral colors, you gotta layer in TONS of texture.

Tufting, fur, linen, crochet… That’s all just on the bed. It will keep the room interesting and warm.

And you can’t see a ton of it, but there’s a beautiful accent wall with chipped paint behind the bed. That’s farmhouse.

You can find the details for this room on She Gave It a Go.

#8 Romantic Farmhouse

Farmhouse bedrooms can definitely be romantic. This one achieves romance with those gauzy curtains and ruffled bed linens.

There’s something cozy and romantic about sleeping a nook like that, too, isn’t there?

You can find the details for this room on Love Grows Wild.

#9 Blue & White Farmhouse Bedroom

Blue and white is a quintessential farmhouse color scheme. This room does it perfectly with soft blues.

You can do it with navy blue, too, but you’re going to get a completely different look. This is more vintage charm farmhouse. Navy will take you to more crisp, modern farmhouse.

Note the beautiful shiplap behind the bed.

You can find the details for this room on Savvy Southern Style.

#10 Traditional Farmhouse

This room could easily be categorized as Traditional, but I say it’s still Farmhouse because of that wood plank ceiling and barn door.

It is a little fussy for farmhouse, but I suppose there some fussy farmers that want a fussy room like this one. It certainly is pretty.

You can find the details for this room on Remington Ranch Farmhouse.

Is a Farmhouse Bedroom For You?

Farmhouse style is a favorite because it’s comfortable and cozy. It’s a welcoming look that invites you to kick your feet up.

Perfect for the bedroom

Did those gorgeous farmhouse bedroom examples convince you that Farmhouse style is what you want in the bedroom? If you need more inspiration check out this Ikea farmhouse post.

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