10 Lovely Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas That Are Still In Style

Farmhouse style isn’t a passing trend, it’s an enduring statement of comfort and charm. Despite the end of the television series ‘Fixer Upper,’ the love for farmhouse decor is still thriving. With its inherent comfort and utilitarian aesthetic, it’s time to explore a plethora of farmhouse bedroom ideas and determine if this timeless style aligns with your personal taste.

The Everlasting Appeal of Farmhouse Style

pictures of modern and bright farmhouse bedroom ideas

Often characterized by its relaxed and cozy vibe, farmhouse-style interiors exude a sense of purpose, every object contributing to both functionality and aesthetics. Think soft white linens combined with bold splashes of color, tasteful antiques, and carefully selected modern accents. The main element of farmhouse bedroom design is its livability, reflecting the true essence of a home. Now, let’s delve into some captivating farmhouse bedroom ideas.

10 Engaging Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas to Love

1. Calm & Sunny Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom decor using an animal skin rug

Embrace the allure of naked windows, a charming feature in farmhouse design. That might not be realistic for your real life, but the idea of sun streaming in the windows onto those beautiful wide plank forms is very appealing, isn’t it? This design idea is all about inviting natural light and fresh country air into your space. View more details of this look on Houzz.

2. Vibrant Farmhouse Bedroom

cottage style farmhouse with wallpaper and  matching quilt on bed

Who said farmhouse bedrooms are all about white linens? Add a pop of color to infuse your space with vivacity and personality. An eye-catching quilt partnered with lively wallpaper exhibits a well-loved and thoughtfully designed farmhouse bedroom. You can find the details of this room on Houzz.

3. Modern Black & White Farmhouse Bedroom

black and white modern farmhouse bedroom with wood beams

Modern farmhouse design is achievable and exceptionally stylish. With bold black paneling, patterned pillows, and chic white accents, this room is far from your traditional farmhouse decor. You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

4. Canopied Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom with white wood exposed beams and white paneling

Featuring a simple canopy, this farmhouse bedroom brings a touch of luxury while maintaining its rustic charm. Note the purposeful use of black iron, adding a stark contrast against the room’s neutral color scheme. Explore more at Houzz.

5. Modern Masculine Farmhouse Bedroom

masculine farmhouse bedroom with navy blue wall and rustic decor

Incorporating natural wood and blinds, this modern masculine farmhouse bedroom offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements. The room’s decor, such as the antique-style alarm clock, speaks volumes about its farmhouse heritage. You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

6. Feminine Farmhouse Bedroom

feminine farmhouse bedroom with pink and white shabby chic decor

Balance rustic features with soft feminine touches for a delicate farmhouse aesthetic. I love the little faint pink accents.

Also, it’s not necessarily feminine, but the iron bed in here is worth noting. It’s black so it grounds the whole room and would work with any farmhouse decor. Learn more about creating this look at My Lifestyle Memoir.

7. Neutral Toned Farmhouse Bedroom

close up of bedroom with neutral cream linens, neutral farmhouse bedroom

A neutral farmhouse bedroom focuses on texture, merging tufting, fur, linen, and crochet to create a warm, inviting space.

And you can’t see a ton of it, but there’s a beautiful accent wall with chipped paint behind the bed. Now, that’s farmhouse. Wallpaper may be a more updated choice! You can find the details for this room on She Gave It a Go.

8. Romantic Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse bedrooms can definitely be romantic. Gauzy curtains and ruffled bed linens can make a cozy nook feel particularly dreamy. Explore more on this romantic farmhouse bedroom at Love Grows Wild.

9. Blue & White Farmhouse Bedroom

The blue and white color scheme is a classic in farmhouse decor. Achieve vintage charm with soft blues or lean towards an updated farmhouse look with navy hues. Be sure to check the details for this look at Savvy Southern Style.

10. Traditional Farmhouse Bedroom

An homage to tradition, this farmhouse bedroom boasts a wood plank ceiling and a barn door, blending effortlessly with the room’s intricate details. Find out more about crafting a traditional farmhouse bedroom at Remington Ranch Farmhouse.

Incorporating Key Elements into Your Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Creating a farmhouse style bedroom involves more than just choosing the right color palette. It’s about bringing together the right mix of furniture, fixtures, fabrics, and decorative accents to create a warm and inviting space. Here’s how to incorporate key elements into your farmhouse bedroom design.

Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Farmhouse Bedroom

The Cottage-inspired Nightstand and Dresser

A charming cottage-style nightstand or dresser can add a touch of rustic elegance to your farmhouse master bedroom. Their vintage appeal can provide both practical storage and a perfect spot for a lamp, adding a warm glow to your room.

The Rustic Headboard and Frames

When considering farmhouse bedroom ideas, don’t forget about the power of a rustic headboard. Choose a headboard made from repurposed wood or even wrought iron to add an element of character. Similarly, frames featuring weathered wood or distressed finishes can add to the rustic charm of your space.

The Side Table and Storage Solutions

Side tables not only offer additional storage space but also provide a place to display decorative accents. For additional storage solutions, consider woven baskets, vintage trunks, or even a rustic wooden chest to further enhance the farmhouse aesthetic.

Setting the Tone with Fabrics, Rugs, and Palette

The Cozy Fabrics

In terms of fabrics, go for ones that evoke warmth and comfort. Think soft cotton, linen, and even burlap. These materials not only add texture to your room but also enhance the cozy vibe inherent in farmhouse decor.

The Area Rug

A rustic area rug can ground your space, providing both comfort underfoot and a visually striking element. Opt for natural materials such as wool or jute and patterns that complement your color palette and overall design.

The Color Palette

A farmhouse color palette is typically light and airy, with a focus on natural hues. Whites, creams, soft blues, and earth tones are all excellent choices.

Lighting and Architectural Details in Your Farmhouse Bedroom

The Lamps and Fireplace

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the perfect ambiance. Choose lamps with a vintage feel to illuminate your space. If your room allows for it, consider adding a fireplace. This will provide a stunning focal point and an extra dose of coziness to your farmhouse bedroom.

The Beams

Exposed beams can bring a sense of authenticity to your farmhouse bedroom. Whether you choose to keep them raw and rustic or paint them to match your color scheme, they will add a touch of country charm.

Is a Farmhouse Bedroom Your Dream Design?

The undeniable charm of the farmhouse style is its invitation to relax and unwind. Its timeless appeal creates a welcoming environment that’s perfect for your bedroom sanctuary. As you marvel at these farmhouse bedroom ideas, ask yourself if this cozy, comfortable style aligns with your aesthetic preferences. If you’re seeking more inspiration, don’t hesitate to explore our post on Ikea farmhouse decor. Embrace the warmth and simplicity of farmhouse style, and craft the bedroom of your dreams.

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