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No matter how solid your DIY room design skills are, sometimes there’s a room that you can’t just quite nail. That’s when you know it’s time to call in the pros. But did you know that you can “call in the pros” virtually in the form of an online interior designer? Well, my friend, you totally can! There’s actually quite a few to choose from and I’ve been reading up on each of them because I intend to get some professional help with my own bedroom refresh.

How Do You Choose an Online Interior Designer?

There are a few things that are important to me as I’m going through these online interior designer services. First of all, price. I’m not looking to spend a fortune on the service, so budget in both what the service costs and how flexible the designs are when it comes to budget are important. I also believe I have kind of quirky taste, so I want to see that there is a good variety of style options to choose from because what I definitely don’t want is a room that looks like it’s not “me”.

Finally, ease of use is going to be a big one for me. I’m looking for a streamlined process where I give an idea of my style and my needs and I get a rendering back that fits that. I don’t want to have to do a lot of back and forth or really much work at all. We’ll see how that goes. I wrote that and realized it sounds lazy, but it is also true.

5 Online Interior Designers That Might Be Perfect For Your


Havenly caught my eye first. They are budget-friendly both in the cost of their service and they take your budget into account when it comes time to make purchases for decor items, too.

Havenly has two options to choose from, a “havenly mini” for $79 and “havenly full” for $129 (at the time of the writing of this post those are sale prices, so forgive me if you click and they’ve gone up).

The “havenly mini” is like a spruce up of your room. You’re not starting from scratch, but you need to kind of get the finishing touches that really pull a room together.

Havenly is a breeze to use. I walked through the process of finding my style and finding a designer that matches it by clicking on some images I like.

You can also share a Pinterest board or any other links for further detail on exactly what you’re looking for in a room.

Once you’re ready to commit, you purchase your package and send along some images and measurements to your design and await your design.

You’ll have 1:1 time with your designer via chat or phone calls. And once the design is delivered, you get multiple revisions til it’s perfect.


This is what stood out to me about Modsy:

Unlike other interior design companies who pair you with a portfolio, all of our designers are trained to cater to your style and needs.

That’s the kind of thing I mean when I say I want the room to be “me”. Not “designer”. So Modsy hits the right note there.

Modsy’s pricing starts at $89 with a “beginner” designer and goes up to $259 and beyond for 2+ rooms and an “established” designer.

Modsy also offers stunning 3D designs for all of their price points, so if you’re someone who wants to “see” it first, this might be for you.

I did prefer the “find your style” feature on Havenly to Modsy. I didn’t feel like after I’d chosen a few options that Modsy “got me”.


Decorist had me on first impressions. I browsed a few of their rooms and I liked what I saw. They seemed really personalized.

They are a bit pricier, however.

Room designs start at $299 and go as high as $1299. Don’t forget that this is just for the service, not any actual physical pieces. Those purchases come later when you’ve got a design you’re happy with.

Outside of the great first impression, I wasn’t wowed by anything Modsy offered to justify the higher price tag, so this is probably not where I’d be spending my money.

The difference might very well be in the quality of the designers, however and if that’s the case, then I can completely understand the higher price tag.

If I find that whoever I do end up going with just isn’t super high quality, then I’ll consider a higher priced service like Decorist.


Decorilla did not have a great first impression. When you arrive at the site, you’re going to be disappointed because it doesn’t look very modern.


They have a video that explains the process for getting your room designed and it’s great. It makes the process clear and I have to say Decorilla does this better than any of the other sites I looked at.

The process for teaching Decorilla your style was also the easiest of all of the others that I tried. You just pick a preference between a series of two photos and it took probably less than a minute.

Then came the bummer. The pricing.

Decorilla starts at $414 dollars. That’s outside of my price range.

I just don’t think I need $414 dollars worth of help, you know?


Browsing through the before and afters at roomLift was a joy. Like, seriously, I loved what I saw.

Really unique rooms that did not look “designed” at all. They looked like someone with really good, really unique taste lived in them. That’s the feel that I want.

I also loved how they showcased some little corners of rooms with really basic updates done really well.

The process to get started with roomLift is simple just like the others, you fill out a questionairre and pick some things that appeal to you and send over the details of your room.

But where roomLift really stands out is you’ll actually get a curated, customized box with inspiration for your design!

So if you’re a “I need to see it, touch it” kind of person, this is great!

roomLift is pricey, however. It starts at $695. Definitely out of my price range, but if I had an unlimited budget for online interior designers, I would probably pick roomLift.

I loved the makeovers I saw there that much.

Which Online Interior Design Would You Pick?

I’m leaning toward Havenly because the price is right for me and the process seems to be pretty steamlined and I loved the options they showed me when I was choosing my style.

But of these five, I think it really could just come down to budget.

There were a couple that I left off the list that I felt I just couldn’t find much good to say about, so if you find another service and wondering why I didn’t include it, that’s probably why.

I’m excited to see how this process goes and I will definitely be back to update you!

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