8 Gothic Decor Ideas For Added Drama: Style Guide

What is Gothic Style Decorating?

modern luxury black interior.

Gothic style Decor is anything but boring! Think unusual and dramatic interiors with a hint of dark romanticism. Picture ornate furniture, dramatic curtains, and black accents set against a backdrop of rich reds or blues. Candles, gargoyles and crosses adorn the walls, while Gothic inspired art and figurines give it a mysterious feel. Throw in some carved wood to add that extra touch of mystique, and accessories like skulls or velvet cushions bring some quirkiness to the mix. If done right, it will be equal parts elegant and eerie – perfect for those who love that Wednesday Adams or Kourtney Kardashian/Travis Barker vibe!

How Can I Make My House Look Gothic?

If you’re looking to make your home feel more like a Gothic castle, it doesn’t take dark and foreboding décor from the 13th century. In fact, incorporating gothic decor ideas can be chic with just the right combination of contemporary design and color palette (no, not everything has to be black). Consider embracing jewel tones such as deep purples and teals for furniture and artwork pieces. Accent them with dark-toned wallpaper featuring intricate flourishes, drapery in heavier fabrics with fringes or tassels, antique mirrors, and even dramatic chandeliers. You don’t have to be morbid to enjoy this classic decorating style – just go bold and turn your home into something straight outta the Victorian Era.

8 Stunning Gothic Decor Ideas

Gothic Style Wallpaper

Royal sofa with pillows and chandelier in luxurious interior with ornament wallpapers, gothic wallpaper

There are several different types of wallpaper you can use to give your home a gothic style. Dark, moody colors like black, deep purples and blues are great for giving a room an edgy, gothic feel. You could also opt for textured wallpapers with intricate designs and patterns that evoke an old-world charm, such as damask and paisley. Metallic wallpaper is another great choice for adding a modern, stylish twist to your home’s gothic style. P.S. I want this sofa!

Use Black Paint

bright high rise bedroom with arched windows and black painted walls, gothic home decor ideas

A black accent wall is the perfect way to transform a dull room into something bold, daring and extraordinary. Not only will the dark hue add texture and contrast to walls that are filled with light colors, you can also create a cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation. Or if you want to bring an edgy yet sophisticated feel to your living room or bedroom, using black paint for an accent wall will give your spaces a unique attitude. So embrace this dramatic design choice and make your home interiors come alive!

Light Fixtures and Candelabras

A low angle shot of a modern black chandelier hanging from a white ceiling

Replacing light fixtures with candelabras and other gothic-style lighting can be an exciting and transformative task for any home! Not only can it add a unique sense of personal style to a room, but it also helps create an ambiance that is mysterious, beautiful and slightly spooky. Candelabras bring candle light into the equation, creating a warm mood while still offering functionality. So if you’re looking to turn any space into something special and evocative, personalized gothic-style lighting is the way to go!

Hang Heavy Curtains For A Dramatic Look

heavy graphite colored drapes

Consider trading out your lightweight curtains for heavier thicker ones! Hang them over your windows and doorways to add a dramatic flair to the interior. Heavier curtains help block out noise, light, and prying eyes – so you can transform any room into a private sanctuary. Plus, they come in all sorts of colors, fabrics and styles that can add texture and charm to your space. Step up your décor game with some weighty window treatments!

Gothic House Plants

large black magic house plant in a living room corner

House plants can be an essential element to create a gothic ambiance in any home. Plants with dark foliage, such as the Cast Iron Plant, Black Magic Elephant Ears and Purple Passion Vine, work best to infuse a room with a darker sexy vibe. Other exciting choices are White Calatheas which offer ghostly white fronds and deep purple undersides. For an added touch of drama, add in some dark-colored flowers such as Black Petunias or Red Dragon Wing Begonias.

Throne Chairs For A Gothic Look

Adding a throne chair to any room can add an impressive touch of Gothic decor style. A well-crafted, ornately detailed throne chair is sure to be the focal point of the room with its imposing presence and bold design. The addition of such a piece will lend a sense of grandeur to any space. By selecting a throne chair featuring rich materials such as velvet, leather, or fabrics in deep hues such as blues, greens and purples, you will further enhance the room’s Gothic style.

Wall Art For Goths

Accent Pieces For Gothic Design

Interior designers accentuate the look with additional gothic elements such as crystals, silk tapestries, candles, dark rugs and velvet pillows and throws to create a truly unique atmosphere. My inner goth loves lace too!

You can even make some diy gothic decor by spray painting items a dark color like black, purple, grey, white or silver. You can found things at garage sales or around your house even!

Or think in terms of room features too that are more structural, like crown molding or a tray ceiling which gives the room a vintage victorian gothic elegance. If you have entryways that are arches that’s a double bonus for gothic architecture!

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