15 Ways To Decorate A Garden & Make It Stand Out

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Do gardens really need decorations? I mean they are full of nature’s decor already, annuals and perennials galore. So garden decor ideas might seem a little unnecessary. But, I think a couple of little items in the garden can go a long way to show your personality.

How To Decorate A Plain Garden?

To decorate a plain garden, start by installing features like water features, pergolas, seating areas, and walkways. These structures can help define the area and make it more inviting. Next, consider adding some greenery such as shrubs, trees, and flowers to add color and texture. For a more natural look to your garden, add plants that are native to your area. If you’re looking for a more modern style, consider adding decorative containers with colorful annuals or potted herbs. Finally, don’t forget about lighting! Outdoor lights can help define the space and make it enjoyable at night.

15 Garden Decor Ideas

Gazing Balls

gazing balls for garden decor in multiple colors

Gazing balls are kind of your traditional starting point for garden decor.

The add color and reflection and it’s the reflection that makes these kind of mesmerizing. Sort of like adding a little jewelry to the garden.

They even have gorge gazing balls that light up at nights with twinkle lights, which you can find on Amazon.

Celtic Ring Statue

Circular Celtic garden statue

This Celtic statue is great for a garden. It’s sort of like adding just the right centerpiece to a table.

It makes a statement and it’s interesting to look at, but it doesn’t obstruct the view too much. The flowers are still the show.

As opposed to some dining room table centerpieces that you have to shout around to have a conversation. Or hide behind if you don’t feel like looking at the person on the other side.

Wishing Buddha

Kissing/Wishing Buddha for garden decor

Buddha is a pretty commonly found statue for the garden, but this little wishing Buddha is my favorite.

I don’t know really if he’s wishing so much as blowing a kiss.

Maybe that’s the same thing. Either way, the face here is so perfectly captured. It’s contentment in a statue.

Glowing Spheres

Glowing LED globes for the garden

Glowing Spheres are a thing for the garden. I see these used a lot to illuminate pathways too, which I love. They even make ones that go in your pool at night!

So you have a lot of choices when it comes to spheres which means you can totally pick whatever matches your unique personality. I’m coming to your house for some relaxing drinks on the patio with a beautiful view!

Metal Garden Spheres

Rustic metal spheres for the garden

Here’s the metal spheres. These are obviously a little more subtle than the other round garden decor items we’ve seen.

But that doesn’t mean they are less interesting. These are beautiful for a modern farmhouse garden. Sometimes it’s good to be subtle.

Pineapple Statue

Pineapple statue to welcome to the garden

Did you know that the pineapple is a universal symbol for welcome?

It is. And that’s what makes it perfect for a garden statue. Welcome people, welcome birds, welcome butterflies.

Only butterflies though. No other bugs. Slugs, stay out.

Pagoda Statue

Pretty pagoda statue for the garden

There’s something so serene about this little pagoda. It’s somehow simple and complicated at the same time. I found some on Amazon that even have lights inside them which really highlight your garden at night!

If you’re into Japanese ornamentals for your garden, then this would be a lovely addition. It really won’t matter what you’re garden is made up of, though. This will be a great addition to any garden.

Garden Stones

funny vegetable face garden stones

Let’s not forget to decorate the vegetable garden!

If you need to place markers for the stuff you’re growing, why not make them ridiculously adorable markers like these funny painted stones?

Sure you could DIY these, but I mean, you’re already growing the food, it’s ok to buy the markers. Your call.


beautiful blue heron statue

When I write these articles, there’s always one (ok, sometimes two) things that really speak to me. I don’t know if that happens to everyone, but sometimes I see something and I know it’s “mine”.

This Heron is it for me in this article.

It’s exactly what I would love to look at and I feel like if you came to my house and saw it you’d say, “That’s so you”. That’s what I want you to find for yourself.

Stained Glass Garden Stakes

pretty stained glass flower stakes for the garden

If I were doing superlative awards for this list, these pretty stained glass garden stakes would win “Best Looking”. They are so pretty! And symmetrical. And colorful and just a delight all around. I also love that these are tall because adding a little height in the garden is a great idea.

Boho Stained Glass Suncatchers

Kaleidoscope like suncatcher for garden decor

If you have a shady garden and find it difficult to find colorful flowers that will bloom, then a sun catcher like this pretty floral one might be just what you need. I love the mix of colors here and the design is really interesting. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope. Stained Glass Garden Decor also gives a fun boho vibe!

Amish Wagon

Amish blue wagon for displaying flowers

This blue Amish wagon is a lot to love.

The style is great. It’s cute, it’s a great color. It holds flowers.

But think about all of the ways you could decorate with this AFTER the flower season is over. Pumpkins! Christmas stuff! So many things to do!

Hummingbird Dripper

Hummingbird dipper for the bird feeder

A dripper goes on top of your bird bath and makes it super-bird bath.

I love this hummingbird dripper. It’s pretty and the birds will love it.

Plus, you get the added bonus of the water feature and the pretty sounds it will make. If you don’t like water sounds, don’t forget about wind chimes.

Grow Dammit

Grow Dammit Garden sign

And finally, some word art to encourage your plants. Or yell at them. I don’t know if this works, but if I start a real garden, I will probably resort to yelling at the plants at some point. But, hey, at least these signs come in all different colors!

Got More To Decorate Outside?

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