15 Awesome Wind Chimes To Make Your Patio Sing

Engaging all your senses is the secret to turning a house into a home. One often overlooked sensory delight is the gentle melody produced by wind chimes on your patio, filling your outdoor space with calming harmonies.

The unique sound that each wind chime creates is determined by the material it’s made from, and if tubular, the width and length of its tubes. There is an array of awesome wind chimes for your patio available in the market, each producing its distinct soothing sound that can transform your patio experience.

If you’re interested in the mechanics of how wind chimes work, you can check out this informative article from Wonderopolis. But for now, let’s explore some of the best wind chimes you can add to your patio, enriching your outdoor moments with pleasing melodies.

16 Awesome Wind Chimes

Traditional Resonant Wind Chimes

Resonant wind chimes in metal for the patio.

Here is an example of your typical wind chime that is made with metal tubes.

I love the simplicity of this traditional look and I love that these will give that musical sound to the patio.

Pictured in a natural-looking garden, these make me want to sit on the patio all day.

Woodstock Wind Chimes

These tubular wind chimes are known as “The World’s Favorite Windchime” and for good reason. They are musically tuned so they can play the beginning notes of actual songs. This particular one plays the beginning notes of “Amazing Grace”.

I never knew these existed nor would I expect these wind chimes to be sold on Amazon!

This “Amazing Grace” melody would make for the most beautiful memorial wind chime too.

Green Glass Wind Chimes

Green glass windchimes.

There is something very serene about adding green decor to your already green outdoor space. It’s very harmonious.

These glass wind chimes are beautiful and they aren’t competing against the nature that is around them.

The driftwood base just works and I think this would look gorge above a rock garden.

Buddha Wind Chimes

Buddha wind chimes

Is there anything more calming than some Buddha inspired wind chimes on your patio?

These are beautiful and un-fussy.

I’m not a fan of fussy, fancy things. I love instead the handcrafted look of these wind chimes.

Stoneware Wind Chimes

Stoneware wind chimes in blues and greens

Theses stoneware wind chimes are my personal favorite of the bunch.

I typically go for bright, bold colors, but these soft yellows, blues and greens have captured my heart.

These are delicate and at ease. I don’t even need to hear these to feel a little calmer.

DIY Ombre Wind Chimes

diy wind chime made of small terracotta pots that are painted blue

If you’d rather DIY your wind chimes, you can make this easy & pretty project from Thanks I Made It!

Capiz Wind Chimes

blue/green capiz wind chimes

If your patio has more of a tropical vibe, then these capiz wind chimes might be the perfect accent you’ve been looking for.

The marine blues and greens are stunning.

The scale of these chimes means they will brighten an entire corner of your patio. They remind me of the capiz wall décor from this post on bedroom wall decor.

Celestial Metal Wind Chimes

Celestial metal wind chimes in copper

To be fair, I can’t say for certain how much “chime” these celestial wind chimes might give you when the breeze does blow by.

But, they are very interesting to look at, aren’t they?

These are hung against a wall for contrast, so that you can get an idea of what they look like, but when I got these home, I would hang them somewhere that they could twist easily in the wind.

Coconut Shell Wind Chimes

Coconut shell wind chimes in natural colors.

Maybe I’m just hungry but these coconut shell wind chimes remind me of chocolate dipped cookies.

I chose these because I like the subdued, more natural look of them. They will fit well into the landscape and are interesting to look at.

The sound of coconut wind chimes is very distinctive and so I had to include these.

Parisian Cowbell Wind Chime

Copper Parisien wind chime, single chime.

I don’t what it is exactly that I love about this Parisian Cowbell wind chime, but I think it has something to do with how it looks simple and rustic and fancy all at the same time.

There’s a commercial for a faucet where the woman brings the faucet to her architect and says, design the house around this.

This wind chime is that for me. I could see someone bringing this to their designer as the perfect representation of their style.

Solar Powered Hummingbird Wind Chimes

I love this unique wind chime. How cool is it that it will soak up the sun all day and then light up at night? So cool!

Rainbow Wind Chimes

Rainbow glass wind chime

Here’s a serious punch of color for my color lovers. These rainbow wind chimes are made with glass.

These are party wind chimes. These are for the patio you go to on Friday night to share some food and cocktails with friends.

I love a wind chime with a driftwood branch, too.

This rainbow wind chime would be perfect with the rainbow wreath from this Summer Wreaths post.

Bead and Bell Wind Chimes

Set of colorful bead and bell windchimes

If you’re looking for slightly more subtle color than those rainbow wind chimes, then these bead and bell wind chimes might be perfect for you.

They are much more subtle in color and I love the pretty bells on the ends.

These are perfect for a small spot that needs just a little something. And they come as a pair so one for you and one for your friend!

Green Wind Chimes

Green metal wind chimes

Here’s another set of your more traditional metal wind chimes in green.

And this is a very pretty green. They are listed as blue and green, but I’m seeing all green.

This is a simple design, but the color definitely makes these chimes pop.

Copper Wind Chimes

These copper wind chimes are like the Parisian wind chime found love and had some babies.

I really, really love these. The copper color is stunning.

The design is only a little intricate, which I also love. These are a definite stand out.

DIY IKEA Wind Chimes

ikea wind chimes that are diy using ikea plant pots, bells, and paint

If you’re looking for a project to do with kids, IKEA has a tutorial on how to use their small plant pots to make wind chimes. It would be a perfect handmade gift!

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