Lemon Decor is The Thing You Need This Summer


It’s official. Lemon decor is the “it” thing right now. Lemons, lemonade, lemon into lemonade quote art.

It’s everywhere. And I can understand why. That pretty lemony color screams sunshine and summer.

I found a bunch of pretty Lemon decor items that you can squeeze (get it??) into your home this summer. Yellow can be a little tough to add in depending on your decor, so I’ve got a good variety for you.

15 Lemon Decor Finds For A Tangy Summer Home

I’ve got lemons for the kitchen, the living room, the dining room and even outside. You have room for some lemon decor in your home, ok?

Lemon Wall Decor

It’s a very lovely idea to have a set of prints in your home that you change out seasonally. Over the dining room table or on your mantel is a great place to do this.

It doesn’t have to be very difficult to decorate for the seasons. We love Christmas, but why not change things up more often?

These pretty lemon prints are so fresh and summery and would be perfect above your table and simple enough to change every now and then.

It doesn’t take a lot to keep your home unique. It’s small details that will get you there.

Lemon Melamine Plates

Melamine dinner plates are perfect for outdoor eating. No one on earth actually enjoys eating off of a paper plate.

Melamine gives you a lightweight, difficult to break option other than paper. Plus you don’t throw them away, so there’s that added benefit, too.

These lemon melamine plates are a slightly more earthy yellow if the normal brilliant yellow of a lemon isn’t your thing.

Lemon Serving Tray

I do love some color and this lemon yellow and cherry red combo on this serving tray is pretty awesome.

Serving trays are one of those things that you might have gotten for your wedding, but you don’t really think about buying one for yourself, do you?

Treat yourself to one of these for the summer, or buy one as a hostess gift for the next time you get to go to someone’s house.

Lemon Linen Wall Hangings

Ok, I snuck some oranges in this one, too, but I really love this Lemon Linen Wallhanging. I love that again the color isn’t crazy bright yellow, but you still get all the lemony goodness.

These, to me, look like they would be expensive. Or they look like something you found in a great antique shop. But they are neither of those things.

For the right home, these are perfect lemon decor and would be great all year, not just the summer.

Lemon Bicycle

I like pretty much anything that will make someone go,

“Oh! I love that!”

I love that little moment of unexpected joy because something is sort of out of the ordinary.

That’s why I picked Lemon Bicycle for this list. Because it is joyful and makes no sense.

Bright Lemon Pillow

If you want a smash of yellow lemons in your face that won’t hurt at all, then this pretty lemony pillow is for you.

I saw a lot of lemon pillows while I looked for one I loved and I picked this one because the navy blue accent made it a little less YELLOW!

You know what I’m saying?

Graphic Lemon Wall Art

This pretty framed lemon print captured my imagination.

If you’re going with bright color, a minimal pattern like this is a great way to do it.

You know you’re looking at lemons, but the color is the story. The lemons don’t have to be a perfect lemon portrait. The color is the star.

Lemon Foliage with Vase

This is the lemon decor that is in my cart right now.

I love, love this lemon foliage with the vase. It’s sculptural. It’s tall. It would be a knock out on my dining room table.

It’s a smidge expensive. I mean, it’s not really for what you get, but that’s my only hesitation. Decisions, decisions.

Lemony Art

I went back to back with expensive lemon decor items. Sorry about that.

But I really, really love this lemon art from Anthropolgie. If you have the budget for this guy, I wish you well with it.

It’s just so, so pretty.

Lemon Table Runner

This lemon print table runner is super pretty and very sophisticated looking. This yellow and that green are perfect. Not too crazy in your face color.

To be honest, I don’t really understand the function of a table runner other than as decor, but I’m ok with that in this instance.

I mean it’s not like your plates go on it? What is it for?

Lemon Branches

If you are a DIY-er, these lemon branches would be fantastic on your crafty tablescape.

They come four to a pack, so not the six that you see pictured here, but four rounded out with some more greens would be nice, too.

I can see this taking center stage on a big kitchen island.

Personalized Lemon Kitchen Towels

I’ve always loved the idea of something personalized for your home. These lemon kitchen towels with your family name are a perfect little unique touch.

That Est. 2019 is too cute and also makes these a really sweet wedding shower gift.

Something like this is a perfect gift because it’s special and it’s something a person doesn’t normally think about buying for themselves.

Lemon Centerpiece

Your little farmhouse needs some lemon decor, doesn’t it? This lemon mason jar centerpiece is perfect.

Farmhouse can be a little too cute for me, but that black and white ribbon really makes this “modern farmhouse” to me.

This would be perfect on a breakfast table.

5×5 Wood Lemon Signs

One thing I love about the whole “lemon decor” theme for summer is all of the cute phrases that go along with lemons.

These little 5×5 wooden block lemon signs make me smile. They are rustic/farmhouse but you can get away with something like this in almost any kitchen.

I love the old fashioned vibe with this art.

Lemonade Decor Set

This little set of lemonade themed decor from Etsy is like summer decor in a box.

I love this idea of getting a little package of like-themed things for each season. This comes with the cute set of books, the rolling pin and the beads.

And the yellow I’m seeing on my screen is possibly one of the best yellows I’ve ever seen. Sign me up for that on my walls.

Don’t Make Lemonade, Make Lemon Decor With Your Lemons!

Are you going to bring a little sunshine into your home with lemon decor? (Oh, ps, check this post for Summer Wreaths, including two lemon themed ones!).

My house is tricky for adding lemon-y yellow, but there are still a few things on this list that will work with my crazy color palette.

Like that vase with the lemon branches…

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