17 Lemon Decor Ideas Is Exactly What Your Need For Summer

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What Season Is Lemon Decor?

Lemon decor is a great way to bring a bright, cheerful look to any home or patio. It’s especially popular during the summer months, when the vibrant yellow color of lemons can really liven up a room. From lemon-themed tablecloths and napkins, to wall art and wreaths, there are plenty of ways to incorporate lemon decor into your home. Whether you opt for a bright yellow palette or go with a more subtle citrus style, lemon decor is sure to make any room feel sunny and inviting.

It’s official. Lemon décor is the “it” thing right now. Lemons, lemonade, lemon into lemonade quote art. It’s everywhere. And I can understand why. That pretty lemony color screams sunshine and summer. I found a bunch of pretty lemon decorations that you can squeeze (get it??) into your home this summer.

17 Lemon Decor Finds For Summer

Lemon Wall Decor

wall art framed with lemons on them

It’s a very lovely idea to have a set of prints in your home that you change out seasonally. Over the dining room table or on your mantel is a great place to do this.

It doesn’t have to be very difficult to decorate for the seasons. We love Christmas, but why not change things up more often? These pretty lemon prints are so fresh and summery and would be perfect above your table and simple enough to change every now and then.

Bowl Full of Lemons

No, these aren’t real. So you don’t have to worry about replacing them every week! A bowl full of lemons is the epitome of delightful, isn’t it?!

Lemon Melamine Plates

lemon plate used as wall art

Melamine gives you a lightweight, difficult to break option other than paper. Plus you don’t throw them away, so there’s that added benefit, too. These lemon melamine plates are perfect for outdoor dining occasions!

Lemon Serving Tray

I do love some color and this lemon yellow and navy blue combo on this serving platter is pretty awesome. Treat yourself to one of these for the summer, or buy one as a hostess gift for the next time you get to go to someone’s house.

Lemon Tree

I had not seen this before, but I love it! It would look great in a bright white room!

Lemon Word Art

I love these lemon themed word art wall signs. I like the black and white against the yellow lemons.

Lemon Bicycle

wall art picture of a bike where the wheels are lemon slices

I like pretty much anything that will make someone go, “Oh! I love that!” That’s why I picked Lemon Bicycle for this list. Because it is joyful and makes no sense.

Bright Lemon Pillow

If you want a smash of yellow lemons in your face that won’t hurt at all, then this pretty lemony pillow is for you. I saw a lot of lemon pillows while I looked for one I loved and I picked this one because the navy blue accent made it a little less YELLOW!

Graphic Lemon Wall Art

This pretty framed lemon print captured my imagination. If you’re going with bright color, a minimal pattern like this is a great way to do it. You know you’re looking at lemons, but the color is the story. The lemons don’t have to be a perfect lemon portrait. The color is the star.

Lemon Foliage

faux lemon tree stems with lemons on them in a vase

This is the lemon decor that is in my cart right now. I love, love this lemon foliage in a vase. It’s sculptural. It’s tall. It would be a knock out on my dining room table.

It’s a smidge expensive. I mean, it’s not really for what you get, but that’s my only hesitation. Decisions, decisions.

Lemony Word Art

If you love word art, you may as well go as cheerful and inspirational as you can!

Lemon Table Runner

This lemon print table runner is super pretty and very sophisticated looking. This yellow with black and white stripes are perfect. Not too crazy in your face color.

Lemon Scent Your Home

If you’re a candle lover or a lemonade lover, you’ll love that your home smells like clean lemons too! No, you don’t have to go crazy cleaning with Pine-sol. Grab this Yankee Candle Sicilian Lemon jar instead!

Personalized Lemon Kitchen Towels

personalized lemon towel

I’ve always loved the idea of something personalized for your home. These lemon kitchen towels with your family name are a perfect little unique touch.

That establishment date is too cute and also makes these a really sweet wedding shower gift.

Lemon Centerpiece

diy lemons in painted mason jars

Your little farmhouse needs some lemon decor, doesn’t it? This lemon mason jar centerpiece is perfect. Farmhouse can be a little too cute for me, but that black and white ribbon really makes this “modern farmhouse” to me.

Lemon Garland

This lemon garland would look amazing as a unique table runner or hanging across your mantel.

Lemonade Decor Set

I love this tiered tray that is already filled with all the cutest lemon decor pieces. If putting things together in a cute way is not your forte, then go with this already done-for-you lemon decor set!

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