20 Summer Decor Ideas That Will Help You Savor the Season

While autumn has its unique charm, there’s no denying the infectious vibrancy of summer. As the season of sunshine, beaches, and barbecues takes over, why not infuse that delightful warmth into your home’s decor? Here’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with bold designs and fresh themes. Dive into these summer décor ideas, designed to rejuvenate your living spaces with a sun-kissed glow.

1. Wicker Furniture for Summer Vibes

Wicker furniture, paired with cotton throw pillows or rugs, brings an earthy and comfortable ambiance to both living rooms and outdoor spaces. The natural materials exude a timeless summer feel that’s both elegant and cozy.

2. Farmhouse-Styled Mini Summer Signs

mini summery signs

Even if you haven’t embraced farmhouse decor throughout the year, summer is the perfect time to give it a try. A quaint sign with “hello summer” written on it can serve as an adorable addition to your kitchen or entryway, giving your home that countryside summer vibe.

3. The Living Room’s Pop of Color

white living room with bright pops of color for summer decor, summer decor ideas

Consider adding vibrant throw pillows, rugs, or even a bold bowl of seashells to your living room for that essential summer pop of color. The mix of vivid hues and natural materials screams summer.

4. Hello Summer Popsicle Sign

rainbow popsicle summer sign

Nothing shouts ‘summer’ louder than popsicles, especially in vibrant rainbow shades. Ideal for households with children, this sign is not just eye-catching but also incredibly durable – a win-win!

5. Watermelon-inspired Decorations

watermelon decor for summer

Swap the popsicles for watermelon and immerse in nature’s most refreshing colors. These green and pink accents are a surefire way to sprinkle summer zest onto your tiered tray or center table.

6. Lemon-Adorned Summer Tiered Trays

Lemon tiered tray decor

If watermelon isn’t your thing then maybe lemons will do? Lemon decor is huge for summer. And tiered trays are all the rage right now, too. So why not be trendy and go with a Lemon Tiered Tray on your kitchen island?

7. Pool Themed Wood Block Art

cute pool wood block signs

For those leaning towards subtle hues, pool-themed wooden signs with gentle shades of blue, green, and yellow will resonate with your aesthetic. It’s a bonus if you have a pool, even if it’s just a kiddie one.

8. Herb Jars for a Summery Kitchen

older woman planting herbs in a tin bucket in the kitchen

Repurpose mason jars or tin buckets as herb planters for your kitchen. Basil, mint, or rosemary will not only be handy for cooking but also add a fresh aroma and green touch to your indoor space.

9. The Essential Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket list wall decor

Summer often flies by, especially the cherished ones with your kids. A beautifully designed wall bucket list can serve as a daily reminder to indulge in exclusive summer activities – like devouring ice creams!

10. Summer Lemony Welcome Mat

lemon summer door mat

Lemon-Imprinted Welcome Mat

Initiate the summer feel right from the doorstep with a lemon-themed doormat. Not just aesthetically pleasing, it’s a practical change from the worn-out mat you had all winter.

11. “Hello Summer” Throw Pillow

Hello Summer pillow

Pillows are the most effortless decor transitions between seasons. Opt for a muted, yet lively, ‘Welcome Summer’ throw pillow to transform any room instantly.

12. Summer Porch Welcome Signs

Hello summer patio sign

Brighten up your porch with a radiant welcome sign. Complement it with a summer wreath, and you have a combo that visitors can’t resist admiring.

13. Vibrant Plant Baskets

sisal plant pots in summery colors

Redesign your indoor greenery with sisal plant pots painted in typical summer shades. It’s a subtle change that can make a significant difference.

14. Butterfly Linen Scroll Wall Hanging

Butterfly wall hanging

Butterflies symbolize the leisure of summer days. They are the only (and I mean only) bug that I like. Capture that essence with a beautiful butterfly-themed linen scroll, perfect for year-round display.

15. Summer Evening Throw Blanket

Just because it’s hot summer doesn’t mean you don’t want a cozy throw around you at night. This pretty lightweight throw is perfect for a summer night.

Ooh! A summer night by the firepit! Perfect! Keep the tassels away from the fire though, okay?

16. Bring Ferns in From The Patio

For those who prefer understated elegance, faux summer ferns offer a touch of nature without going overboard. Get this one at Target!

17. Breezy Summer Curtains

Replace your dense drapes with lightweight, airy summer curtains. Their softness might convince you to keep them throughout the year.

18. Summer Aloha Sign

Dreaming of tropical vacations? A playful Aloha sign might just set the right mood, especially when paired with a delicious pina colada in hand!

19. Vases and Bowls with a Citrus Touch

bowl of citrus fruit on table with sun casting over it

Brighten up your dining room with glass vases filled with slices of citrus fruits — a clear representation of summer’s zest. Bowls brimming with lemons, limes, and oranges offer a refreshing pop of color, making them perfect centerpieces.

20. Wicker Lanterns and Plant Baskets

Introduce a sense of the outdoors in your living room with wicker lanterns. Surrounded by indoor plants trees in cute plant baskets.  These two items alone can transform a simple corner into a summer oasis.

FAQ: Easy Summer Decor Ideas

Where can I buy summer décor items?

Local craft stores, garage sales, online marketplaces, or DIY projects can be great sources for summer décor.

How can I decorate my house for summer?

Here are some general tips and ideas that you can use for summer home decor:

  • Use light and bright colors. Summer is all about freshness and brightness, so choose colors that reflect that. You can paint your walls, furniture, or accessories with shades of white, cream, yellow, blue, green, or pink. You can also use colorful fabrics, pillows, rugs, or curtains to add some pops of color to your rooms.
  • Bring in natural elements. Summer is also a time to connect with nature, so why not bring some of it indoors? You can use plants, flowers, shells, driftwood, or stones to decorate your shelves, tables, or mantels. You can also hang some botanical prints, landscape paintings, or beach photos on your walls. Or you can create a vertical garden indoors by training a vine to grow on a wall sculpture.
  • Mix and match patterns. Summer is a fun and playful season, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns in your decor. You can use floral, tropical, nautical, geometric, or animal prints to create some visual interest and contrast. You can also use different textures, such as rattan, wicker, lighter fabrics like linen, or cotton to add some variety and coziness.

How can I decorate for late fall?

Late summer is a transitional time between the hot and sunny days of summer and the cozy and colorful days of fall. It’s a great opportunity to refresh your home decor and create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Here are some tips and ideas that you can use to decorate for late summer:

  • Use warm and earthy colors. Late summer is a time to embrace the natural beauty of the changing seasons. You can use colors that reflect the hues of the leaves, flowers, fruits, and grasses that are typical of this time of year. For example, you can use shades of yellow, orange, red, brown, green, or purple to add some warmth and richness to your decor. You can also use metallic accents, such as gold, copper, or bronze, to add some sparkle and elegance.
  • Use cozy and soft fabrics. Late summer is also a time to prepare for the cooler weather ahead. You can use cozy and soft fabrics, such as wool, flannel, velvet, or faux fur, to add some texture and comfort to your decor. You can use these fabrics for pillows, blankets, throws, rugs, or curtains. You can also layer different fabrics and patterns to create some contrast and interest.
  • Use natural and rustic elements. Late summer is also a time to celebrate the harvest and the bounty of nature. You can use natural and rustic elements, such as wood, metal, stone, or clay, to add some character and charm to your decor. You can use these elements for furniture, accessories, wall art, or lighting. You can also use natural items, such as pinecones, apples, leaves, branches, acorns, pumpkins, or gourds, to decorate your shelves, tables, mantels, or centerpieces.
  • Use candles and lanterns. Late summer is also a time to enjoy the longer evenings and the romantic mood they create. You can use candles and lanterns to add some ambiance and warmth to your decor. You can use scented candles that evoke the smells of late summer, such as apple, pear, cinnamon, or vanilla. You can also use lanterns that create interesting shadows and shapes on your walls or ceilings.

How often should I update my seasonal décor?

Seasonal décor updates can happen 3-4 times a year, aligning with major shifts in seasons. Summer, however, offers a unique palette of bright and lively colors.


Summer provides the perfect canvas to refresh and revamp your living spaces with innovative and lively décor ideas. From fruity themes to beachy vibes, there’s something for everyone. So, as the temperatures rise, let your creativity soar and embrace these delightful summer décor ideas.

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