15 Summer Decor Ideas That Will Help You Savor the Season

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I have to be honest. Fall is actually my favorite season of the year, but I think if we ran a contest, Summer would win “Best Season of the Year”. So we should celebrate it indoors with a little summer decor, right? With seasonal decor you can totally go a little cutesy and outside of your normal comfort zone of decorating because you only have to live with the items for a few months. So this is the time to try something a little different, a different splash of color or something that is totally unique.

Summer decor is going to feature some bright colors that might not be what you would normally pick. It might also feature some styles you wouldn’t normally pick. Like, I don’t usually go for Farmhouse, but there’s something very summery about Farmhouse, isn’t there? That’s what’s so great about seasonal decorating. You get to go outside of your normal comfort zone and find something new to love about your home.

15 Summer Decor Ideas

Mini Summer Signs

mini summery signs

This is a great example of a summer decor find that I wouldn’t normally pick for all year round, but a farmhouse style sign that says “hello summer” is the perfect little compliment to the kitchen or entry.

One or three, or all of them will brighten up little spots in your home.

They are great in any room, but I can see these as a nice touch to your summer mantel.

Hello Summer Popsicle Sign

rainbow popsicle summer sign

Popsicles and rainbows. What says summer more than that? I love this little sign, especially for a home with little kids.

This is something you can love and they can love it, too. And I would dare to say that this woodblock is pretty near unbreakable, so most definitely kid friendly!

Watermelon Themed Summer Decor

watermelon decor for summer

Forget what I just said about popsicles and rainbows.

Watermelon is what really says “summer”. The pink and green of a watermelon is easily some of nature’s best work.

This is perfect for your summertime tiered tray.

Summer Tiered Tray Decor

If watermelon isn’t your thing then maybe lemons will do? Lemon decor is huge for summer. And tiered trays are all the rage right now, too.

So why not be trendy and go with a Lemon Tiered Tray on your kitchen island?

Pool Themed Wood Block Art

cute pool wood block signs

If the color scheme of some of these summer decor items have thrown you off a bit, then these cute pool signs might be perfect for you.

The pale blues, greens and yellows are cute, but not so bright that they might be over the top.

Of course you probably want to have a pool if you’re going with these signs. Even if it’s just the kiddie pool. Because the signs are cute.

Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket list wall decor

Summer goes by in a flash. The summers you have with your kids are going to go by in a flash.

A summer bucket list on the wall that is this pretty will remind you to take time to do things that you can really only do in summer.

Especially eat ice cream. Although you can do that all year. I’m not going to stop you.

Summer Lemony Welcome Mat

lemon summer door mat

Get summery right at the front door. Again with the lemons because lemons look like edible sunshine on this summer doormat.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, your front door mat got super ratty looking over the winter.

Time to change that thing out.

Hello Summer Pillow

Hello Summer pillow

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways you can quickly change things up for the season.

For summer, you can go with this cute canvas Welcome Summer pillow.

The pretty muted colors should fit in almost where.

Summer Porch Welcome Signs

Hello summer patio sign

We’re back on the front porch and I already know you love this. Because everyone loves this.

A big bright welcome sign next to your summer door wreath is all you really need on the front steps.

Well, and some flowers. But that’s it!

Summery Plant Baskets

sisal plant pots in summery colors

Jazz up your plants for summer with these super pretty sisal plant pots in perfectly summery colors.

This is one of the fun little things that make the change of seasons interesting to decorate around.

You know how you look forward to taking out your summer clothes? You’ll look forward to taking out your summer decor, too!

Butterfly Linen Scroll Wall Hanging

Butterfly wall hanging

Butterflies are the bug symbol for a lazy summer afternoon. They are the only (and I mean only) bug that I like.

I really like them on this beautiful linen wall hanging.

This I would be happy to leave up all year round because I really do love these colors.

Summery Throw Blanket

light weight throw blanket for summer decor

Just because it’s hot summer doesn’t mean you don’t want a cozy throw around you at night.

This pretty lightweight throw is perfect for a summer night.

Ooh! A summer night by the firepit! Perfect! Keep the tassels away from the fire though, okay?

Framed Summer Ferns

traditional fern prints for summer decor idea

If you really want to keep with your kind of Traditional look, but want to bring just a touch of summer inside, then these pretty ferns might be perfect for you.

They are a bit of color and a bit of nature. You don’t have to scream summer.

You can just whisper, “summer“.

Summery Curtains

summery curtains, crinkly

Summer is a fantastic time to change out your drapes. Especially if you have heavy, thick drapes.

Try something gauzy and soft like these crinkly curtains.

You might just want to leave them up all year!

Summer Aloha Banner

Aloha banner for summer

If you’ve got a spot for this cute little Aloha banner then you should have it for your summer decor.

Especially if the idea of drinking pina colada’s out of a coconut is appealing to you.

Because I think you are going to want to drink a lot of pina colada’s out of coconuts if you have this sign.

Get Your Summer Decor Quick Before It’s Fall

You know the pumpkins and mums are going to be out before you even know it.

Don’t miss out on bringing some summer into the house.

Even just a little bit.

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