13 Halloween Decor Ideas for a Truly Unique Halloween

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I’m going to say this and I mean it. Halloween is the most fun holiday to decorate for.

Christmas is great and all, but Halloween is more fun. Meaning, there’s a sense of humor about it all, isn’t there? Christmas is joyful. Halloween is funny. And scary.

But there’s a fine line between funny and scary, isn’t there?

I found some Halloween decor for your home that is truly unique that I think you’ll love. Let’s look.

13 Halloween Decor Ideas That the Neighbors Won’t Have

This isn’t the “normal” Halloween stuff. If you can even put “Halloween” and “normal” in the same sentence. There’s hardly any pumpkins. If you want pumpkin, check out this pumpkin decor post and this completely separate but equally awesome white pumpkin decor post.

The stuff we’re going to look at today is more of the creepy, just for Halloween variety, ok? It’s not all creepy, but it all has that Halloween vibe. This isn’t stuff you can keep up all Fall. It’s October only.

Here we go.

Halloween Tiered Tray Decor

halloween tiered tray

I love the tiered tray trend that is happening. Say Tiered Tray Trend three times fast.

This Halloween tiered tray set is totally adorable. You’re kids will love it but it’s not screaming “CHILDREN!”. You know what I mean?

It’s cute and classy at the same time. You can find the Tiered Tray Halloween set on Etsy.

Lace Bat

Lacey black bat

If you’ve ever had a bat in your bedroom you know that actual bats are not this sexy.

This a sexy lace bat, isn’t it?? Real bats are hideous ungodly things that you don’t ever want to have anywhere near you. I promise you.

You can deck your Halloween halls with some Lace Bats from Etsy, though!

Halloween Pillow Covers

Halloween Pillow Covers

I was starting to say how Witches are synonymous with Halloween, but actually, when you think about, witches are kind of for any time of year.

Anyhoo, it you’d like to celebrate some witchiness during Halloween, this cute pillow will do the trick.

You can find the Halloween pillow covers on Etsy.

Blooming Skull Canvas

Beautiful floral skull canvas

If you love this Blooming Skull canvas, I give you permission to put it up in your house for Halloween and then never take it down.

I bought these giant stars from Ikea for Christmas to hang in my windows and I still have them up. Several years later. They aren’t ever coming down.

Sometimes there is a thing you love enough to transcend the holiday. This could be that for you. Or it could be just Halloween.

You can find this gorgeous Blooming Skull canvas on Etsy.

Addams Family Personalized Halloween Sign

Addams family personalized halloween decor

It’s not up to me to figure out what happens if you have a long last name with this adorable Addams Family sign. I have just two syllables in mine, so I know I’m good.

You’ll have to do the math on last names longer than 2 syllables. Or ask the Etsy shop owner to do it for you. Either way, this sign is adorable and I love anything that is personalized.

You can find this cute Addams Family Sign on Etsy.

Skull Candle

Simple Skull Candle

This skull candle is one of those things that stands out to me because it is so simple. I love the look of this.

I love that it functions as a candle and also as a creepy piece of skull decor. If you’re looking for a more minimal Halloween home, this is for you.

You can find the Skull Candle on Etsy.

Halloween Prints

Halloween prints for a gallery wall.

Here’s kind of what I meant when I talked in the beginning about how this was not going to be “normal” Halloween decor. This set of prints is basically creating an entire Halloween gallery wall in your home.

But these are “artsy” enough that you will love looking at them all October long. And then when November comes, you can re-theme the wall.

That sounds fun, doesn’t it? I know. You wouldn’t be here if it didn’t sound fun to you.

You can find the Halloween Prints on Etsy.

Animated Broom

ANimated brooms for Halloween

You know how sometimes you have more money than you know what to do with? This is what you do with it.

You buy an animated broom for Halloween. Yes, a broom that moves around and plays creepy noises and bumps into things and turns around and goes the other way.

How freaking awesome is that?

(Side note, I’ve never had more money than I knew what to do with, but I have thought a lot about what I would do with that money when the time came. So I guess I will never have more money than I know what to do with).

You can find this Animated Broom on Grandin Road.

Antique Gold Pumpkins

Antique Gold Pumpkins with Steampunk edge.

Ok, I had to include one set of Pumpkins in this list. These are so great for Halloween. They are a little bit steampunk, I think.

They are just a tiny smidgen creepy which means these are Halloween pumpkins, not Fall pumpkins.

I mean, not that I make the rules. It’s up to you, really. You want these on your Thanksgiving table, then have at it.

You can find these Antique Gold Pumpkins on Grandin Road.

Skull Platter

Skull party platter

This might not be the MOST practical platter ever. I mean you really don’t want to cover up that awesome skull grin with cheese, but there are plenty of olives in there, aren’t there?

This is perfect for a Halloween party if we ever get to have parties again.

You can find the Skull Platter at Grandin Road.

Black Cat Canvas

Black cat with green eyes on a canvas.

I have a very soft spot for black cats. I’ve had three in my life and I’ve loved them all. Well, the last one wasn’t the greatest cat ever, but I love cats no matter how much they don’t really like me.

So I would totally hang this black cat canvas at Halloween time.

You can find the Black Cat canvas on Wayfair.

Iridescent Skull

iridescent skull

Iridescent is equal parts beautiful and creepy. Cause you know it’s like an oil spill that caused it, but it’s still really pretty.

This skull is perfect for your creepy end table or your creepy mantel.

You can find the Iridescent Skull on Cost Plus World Market.

Yoga Skeletons

yoga skulls.

Yoga skeletons. It’s kind of niche, but if you’re the audience for that niche, then you are clicking over to buy these right now, aren’t you?

And I bet you don’t put them away after Halloween. I don’t blame you.

You can find the Yoga Skeletons on Cost Plus World Market.

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