Stunning Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas for A Perfect Holiday Table

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I have hosted Thanksgiving at my house every year for the last 16 years. It’s a lot of work but I love doing it and it is my favorite holiday of the year.

I’ve got a good handle on all of the food prep (unless you think it’s a bad thing that we have leftovers for a week after). And I have a lot of help with all of the sides and desserts.

What I’d like to put a tiny bit more effort into is the Thanksgiving decor. And that starts with a great Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

13 Stunning Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Generally the “tablescape” at our Thanksgiving is plates with glasses and silverware. And the grocery store bouquet that my mom always brings me. Oh and a tablecloth.

So it’s not terrible. It’s an upgrade from my average, non-holiday table, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

These are some of the ideas I’m mulling. Maybe you’ll upgrade your Thanksgiving centerpiece, too.

Succulents & Pumpkins

Ok, I know I don’t really need anything else on this list, do I?

These are GORGEOUS. They are perfect for the entire Fall season and they will have your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing. I promise.

You can find these beautiful Succulent Pumpkins on Etsy.

Mason Jars & Greens

I kind of feel bad following up those Pumpkin Succulents with anything, but this is a really sweet Farmhouse centerpiece. It’s simple and rustic and that’s a great look for Thanksgiving.

A couple of tealights and some white pumpkins strewn about this centerpiece and you’ve got a perfectly pretty table.

You can find the Mason Jar centerpiece on Etsy.

Antler Centerpiece

How about this centerpiece, though? I really love this one even though I’m not usually an antler kind of girl.

I mean, I do like antlers because they have that sculptural quality and that paired with those soft feathers is really great.

You can find this Antler & Feather Centerpiece on Etsy.

Minimalist Wheat Centerpiece

This pretty and simple wheat centerpiece works because it’s beautiful and it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.

That can be a problem at Thanksgiving. You’ve got a lot of feed to consume, and you might not want to give up a lot of table space to the centerpiece.

Enter this guy. Which reminds me very much of the Wheat wreath from the Fall Wreaths post, if you’re also in the market for a wreath.

You can find this Wheat Centerpiece on Wayfair.

Thankful Box

This wooden box stamped with the word Thankful is a great choice for your Thanksgiving table. It’s narrow and it’s got a low profile.

A low profile is important for a centerpiece because it means you’ll have a clear view across the table to your great aunt Barbara.

Assuming you want the clear view across the table to your great aunt Barbara. If you don’t we have some tall options for you a little further down the list.

You can find this Thankful Centerpiece on Etsy.

Fall Floral Centerpiece

If you love the low profile look but also want something that works for the entire Fall season, then this is a great option for you.

Those colors and scale of these flowers just got me. They are faux which I don’t always love, but I do really like these.

You can find this Fall Floral Centerpiece on Etsy.

Mason Jar Thanks

I know we all love our Mason Jars and I just could not resist adding this “Thanks” centerpiece from Mason Jars. I think it’s just so pretty.

I’d like to see some filler in each mason jar, but it’s not completely necessary.

I’d also like to point out the rest of this simple tablescape. The white dishes and woven chargers are perfect for Thanksgiving, but neutral enough for all of Fall. Add a few small pumpkins and this is just lovely.

You can find this Thanks Centerpiece on Etsy.

Feathery Wreath

I know, I know. This is a wreath, not a centerpiece.

But lie this flat in the center of your Thanksgiving table with a pumpkin in the middle or a candle in the middle and it is now a centerpiece.

And a beautiful centerpiece, too.

You can find this Feather Wreath on Etsy.

Chunky Pumpkin Garland

I like when I centerpiece travels a good bit of the length of the table. If it’s low profile like this one, then the whole table still gets to enjoy it.

The colors here are spot on for a warm neutral Fall holiday. You can complement this with more white pumpkin decor from this post, too.

You can find this Fall Garland centerpiece on Etsy.

Fall Candles

On their own, these candles could do just fine as a simple centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

But I’d really like to see them nestled into a long garland, up and down the table. I especially like these candles for this because they are flameless.

You can find these Fall Candles on Amazon.

Pretty Pumpkin Centerpiece

Sometimes you want to buck the trends and pick a color scheme that is non-traditional. Especially with the Fall holidays. Orange and brown is not for everybody.

You can still get the Fall vibes with this dusty blue/green centerpiece with white pumpkins. The rustic birch look basket is pretty and rustic for Fall.

You can find this Pretty Pumpkin Centerpiece at Target.

Copper Swag Centerpiece

Technically, this stunning Fall swag is meant for your mantel. It is stunning on the mantel and there’s a wreath and other accessories that go with it.

But this works on a nice, big Thanksgiving table, too. If you need something that is going to look impressive on a large scale table, this is it.

You can find this Copper Fall Swag on Grandin Road.

Blushing Fall Centerpiece

Here’s the taller centerpiece I told you about in case you’re looking for something to hide behind so that you can avoid talking about politics with your great aunt on Thanksgiving.

This is really pretty and I love the blush and rust colors for Fall. It’s perfect as a Thanksgiving centerpiece, but it works all season, too.

You can find this Blushing Fall Centerpiece on Grandin Road.

Which Thanksgiving Centerpiece Will Make It To Your Table?

I’m still stuck on the Pumpkin & Succulents centerpiece. There are some beautiful centerpieces here, but that’s the one that is speaking to me.

Which one is speaking to you?