14 Pumpkin Decor Ideas To Start Pumpkin Season Out Right

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It’s time for an upgrade. You’re ready. We’re not doing Dollar Store DIY’s on those rubber pumpkins this Fall, ok?

I’ve found some Fall pumpkin decor that you are going to happily welcome into your home without once pulling out the glue gun.

These are stunning and you’ll use them year after year.

And your poor, burnt fingertips will thank me.

13 Grown Up Fall Pumpkin Decor Ideas Everyone Will OOOH Over

One of, I’m not saying the only reason, but ONE of the reasons we love to decorate is so that someone comes over and goes, OH I LOVE THAT! Where did you get it??

These are the cute pumpkin ideas that will make your friends say that this fall. Well, I guess you’ll have to show them on Zoom since it’s a pandemic, but they’ll look amazing either way.

Iridescent Pumpkins

Pretty iridescent pumpkin decor that's totally Hocus Pocus.

I TOLD you. These are amazing, right? They are so classy Hocus Pocus. I love these so much I think I would have a hard time putting them away.

They are styled for Halloween here, but you’ll be fine with getting through all of Fall with these.

They come in various sizes and as singles as sets. They are on the pricey side, so you’re going to have some sticker shock if you usually do the Dollar Store DIY, but these will last forever. They are your Fall staples.

You can find these gorgeous Iridescent Pumpkins on Grandin Road.

Quirky Painted Pumpkins

Prettty painted pumpkins that you can use every Fall for decor.

If you want a fun and easy pumpkin centerpiece, these are the pumpkins for you. It can be hard to pull off orange and black, but these guys are so flawless they make it easy.

That harlequin one is pretty amazing, isn’t it? I’d love three-ish of these on the dining room table or maybe the hall entry.

And if you don’t want to spring for the little pedestals, you can see a little stack of books does the job of creating varying heights just as well.

You can find these Quirky Pumpkins on Grandin Road.

Bungalow Pumpkins

A different take on the carved pumpkin.

These pumpkins are named Bungalow pumpkins, but I don’t know why that is, exactly. I’m not sure what to call them besides stunning.

Carved, I guess? But that brings up the image of a jack-o-lantern and this is definitely not that.

These are seriously special. And the gold stem is the perfect touch.

You can find these Bungalow Pumpkins on Grandin Road.

Lacquer Pumpkins

Lacquer pumpkins you won't be able to stop looking at.

These laquer pumpkins remind me of a looking glass globe for the garden. There is such pretty depth to the paint and sparkles.

And they are wonderfully colorful, which of course, I love. They are colorful but still Fall inspired colors.

You can find these Lacquer Pumpkins on Grandin Road.

Dragon Scale Pumpkins

These dragon scale pumpkins are show stoppers.

Just shut up with these Dragon Scale pumpkins. These are the ones I love.

These are my favorite of the list.

No, you probably can’t get away with these as “Fall” decor; they are decidedly Halloween. But come on! GORGEOUS.

Classiest Halloween decor I ever saw.

You can find these Dragon Scale pumpkins on Grandin Road.

Hi Pumpkin Pillow

Welcome everybody with this cute Hi Pumpkin pillow.

Ok, we were pretty “Modern” with those first few pumpkin ideas, but this cute Hi Pumpkin pillow will do perfectly well in your Farmhouse.

Or your Shabby Chic house. It’s cute, it’s orange. What more can you ask for?

You can find the Hi Pumpkin pillow on Grandin Road.

Pumpkin Truck Pillow

But this pumpkin truck pillow, though!

Before you say “yes” to the Hi Pumpkin Pillow above, you probably need to see this super adorable Pumpkin Truck pillow.

This is the type of thing that makes me rethink my whole style. Like, I should just throw everything away and decorate around this adorable pillow.

You can find the Pumpkin Truck Pillow on Wayfair.

Striped Glass Pumpkin

Fall decor with pumpkins like this striped glass pumpkin.

I know you like to do your mantel for the seasons and the holidays.

This pretty striped glass pumpkin is totally mantel worthy. I love the subtle color variations in the stripes and that whimsical stem.

You can find the Striped Glass Pumpkin on Wayfair.

Pumpkin Dutch Oven

Fall decor can be useful with a pumpkin shaped dutch oven.

I love when decor does double duty. This Pumpkin Dutch Oven is cute pumpkin decor AND it is functional for serving your Fall soup.

Even if it’s Campbell’s Soup, stick it in this thing and people will think you’re Martha Stewart.

You can find the Pumpkin Dutch Oven on Wayfair.

Art Glass Pumpkin

All of the Fall decor in one tiny glass pumpkin.

I don’t know what it is exactly about this little glass pumpkin, but it speaks to me. It says, “Hi. It’s Fall. Can I come to your house?”

And I say yes. This pumpkin is Fall in a nutshell.

You can find the Glass Pumpkin on Wayfair.

Fabric Pumpkins

Upscale fabric pumpkins when you're ready for real pumpkin decor.

I know what you’re thinking. I could make those.

Just stop with that. You can just buy them. There’s nothing wrong with that.

These are hands down the prettiest fabric pumpkins I’ve seen. I could have put that white plaid one in my post on White Pumpkin Decor. But it’s here instead.

You can find these Fabric Pumpkins on Wayfair.

Cheers Pumpkin Pillow

Pretty blue pumpkin pillow.

This one is for me. I love the blue/green color on this pumpkin pillow and so I had to include it.

Maybe you’ll love it, too? It’s got some word art and we all love that.

You can find this Cheers Pumpkin Pillow on Wayfair.

Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

Rustic pumpkin decor.

I have to admit, I’m not usually a fan of this type of rustic decor. But these reclaimed wood pumpkins jumped off the page at me.

It’s the colors. They are stunning. If this is your look, you should get these. These are beautiful.

You can find these Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins on Etsy.

3D Pumpkin

3D sculptural pumpkins

These cute 3D Pumpkins spoke to the little part of me that’s wants to be a minimalist.

I love the sculptural look and I also love that they are see through.

That’s a big deal if you’re using these as a centerpiece. You know, so you can see who is across the table from you.

You can find these 3D Pumpkins on Etsy.

All Your Pumpkin Decor Needs Satisfied

A couple of pumpkins will go pretty much all the way for you when it comes to your decor for Fall. You don’t want a Pumpkin explosion, ok?

Just pick the aesthetic from this list that speaks to you and go with three or so of those. Then you get to put them out every year.

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