12 Beautiful Air Purifying Houseplants You Need in Your Home

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I love plants and yet I’m terrified of them.

It doesn’t matter what type of plant that I come across, I’ll find a way to kill it. I don’t know if they hate me or what, but plants have a tendency to run away from me.

However, since my husband wants to get more plants in the house to help purify the air (that’s what plants do), I decided to do some research to see what kind of plants are hard to kill and still look great.

12 Air Purifying Plants for Your Home

I don’t want to spend all day watering plants so I’m not trying to create a forest feel in my home. These plants will all be strategically placed in areas throughout the house and if I forget to water them for a day or two that should be alright.

It also helps if they can fit into some lovely containers that add a bit of style to my home decor.

Here’s what I found with my research.

1. Money Bonsai

Money Bonsai to purify your home.

The funny thing about this plant is that it doesn’t look like money and it doesn’t look like a bonsai. So why is it called that?

I honestly have no idea but I do know that it has a very cool root structure that intertwines with itself. It looks more like two tree hugging and they just can’t seem to let go.

I’m going to call this the Money Love tree.

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2. Snake Plant

Snake plant in your home to purify air.

If I’m being honest I’m not a fan of the name of this plant. I don’t like snakes. They don’t bother me and I don’t bother them but that doesn’t mean I want them around me.

I guess it gets its name due to the scaley look of the leaves. This is one of the easiest plants on the list to keep so if you forget some water session it will be okay.

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3. Devil’s Ivy

devils ivy plant

This is a great hanging plant that will grow like gangbusters when given the right light and water. You can do some really cool things with it since it acts like almost any other vine and grows along whatever surface it can find.

You must be careful with this one though because it can be toxic to humans and pets so make sure your dogs and cats aren’t jumping up trying to make a salad.

Side note: This plant also works well in filters for aquariums if that is your thing.

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4. Weeping Fig

Weeping fig houseplant purify air

One of my favorite plants on the list due to its bushiness and compactness. With so many leaves you really get a sense that is cleaning the air around you and it doesn’t get out of hand with growth.

The only downfall, in my opinion, is that this plant truly looks like it should be outside and when I think about that I sometimes get sad.

I don’t mean to cage you pretty plant! It’s just that I need some natural decorations in my home and you seem to fit the bill.

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5. Peace Lily

peace lily houseplant for your home to purify air

Right off the bag I’m going warn you about this plant. It can grow pretty damn big!

The flowers are beautiful (they don’t last long so you’ll have to cut them at some point) but this plant can grow to a massive size compared to what you buy it at.

It’s also one of those plants that you want to keep out of the way of children and plants as it can be toxic if consumed in large quantities.

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6. Cornstalk Dracaena

cornstalk dracaena for your houseplants

If you’re into tall plants then this one is a good one for you.

If you’re lucky, you can find a pot with multiple plants of varying sizes. This adds a new dimension to any room but I’m not sure if eventually all of the plants catch put to each other in size.

If so then ummmm, chop one down and start again?

This is another one of those toxic plants so keep away from pets and small children.

In fact, just keep all plants away from small children and pets. Let’s just play it safe.

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7. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heart Leaf Philodendron for home

Another beautiful hanging plant, this plant gets its name from the heart-shaped leaves that it grows.

It is fairly easy to care for as long as you give a decent light source and don’t forget that plants need water every once in a while.

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8. Dumb Cane

dumb cane plant

You’re asking yourself why does it have the name dumb cane and the answer is that when you eat it, you end up slurring your words. In large quantities, it can be fatal, but some say people think it’s fun to chew on a leaf every once in a while. This is a plant that gets pretty big and bushy, especially when you consider the size of the leaves.

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9. Aglaonema

Aglaonema houseplant

Not every plant has to be hanging or grow to the ceiling. Sometimes you just want a simple plant to put on a windowsill or the kitchen island.

With the right planter, this can be that plant. Simple to care for and nothing crazy about its appearance but there is nothing wrong with just keeping some green around.

If you want to propagate this plant then you just have to take the offshoots and plant them elsewhere. Buy one plant and in a year you’ll have 15 around your house.

That’s a pretty good deal.

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10. Spider Plant

spider plant in a terracotta pot

Spiders have lots of crazy legs that seem to droop out from their body.

This plant has lots of crazy leaves that tend to droop out from its body. While some people don’t mind putting this plant on a table, I’d prefer to keep it hanging, especially since the flowers tend to grow like vines and hang down lower than the actual leaves.

This is one of the more colorful houseplants with a cool white strip going down the middle of each leaf.

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11. English Ivy

English ivy for air purification

The smallest plant on the list serves as a great desk ornament. It might not look like it can do a lot of work but it does a great job of removing benzene from the air.

You might have to get your scissors out and give it a trim from time to time unless you find a cool way for the leaves to travel across a surface.

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12. Boston Fern

Boston fern air purification

When I think of ferns, these are the types of plants that I think of.

The Boston Fern does a great job of removing formaldehyde from the air. In fact, it does it better than any other plant on the list. I guess you can say formaldehyde is it’s Sour Patch Kids. Put those in front of me and I’ll remove them better than anyone in the room.

This plant also acts as a great humidifier.

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