Unique Home Office Decor Ideas Because You’re Going to Spend A Lot of Time In There

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If you suddenly found yourself working from this year, your first priority was probably all of the utilitarian stuff.

Flat surface for the laptop, outlets, comfortable chair and a modicum of privacy and quiet.

Now that it seems that this work at home thing might be carrying on for a while, a little bit of home office decor should be on your list.

17 Home Office Decor Ideas for To Keep the “Home” In Home Office

One of the perks of working from home is that you are indeed, home.

This is your real estate around you. You can choose to do pretty much whatever you want with it. Within in reason and within the bounds of appropriateness for your Zoom meetings.

I started working from home a couple of years ago and I did all of the wrong things first. I worked from the kitchen counter and then the dining room table.

That is not sustainable or comfortable and you should not do that if you are working from home long term. Your neck and wrists will thank me. Get a real desk.

I worked from the back half of the living room at a proper desk for a while and that was better, except, I had zero privacy.

We finally put up a real wall in the living room to carve out a tiny office for me and it is my favorite room in the house.

I love my work and I love having this one space that is really and truly, just mine.

Think about it. If you’re married and have kids, you share pretty much every other space in the house with someone else. But not the office. Your office is all yours!

This is a unique opportunity to really put your own style into this room. Take advantage of it!

Here are some beautiful Home Office Decor Ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Home Office Wall Decor

The walls should be decorated because you have those Zoom calls, right? But also, you have to look at the walls all day!

You should have something that makes you smile or makes you zone out or something on the walls.

Here are some ideas:

Acrylic To Do List

acrylic to-do list

I love when form meets function. You need a to do list. It’s super helpful if you have a large to do list.

It’s a lot of fun to check off a to do list. And if you can get a pretty and modern acrylic one like this, then you have added some decor, too.

You can find this Acrylic To Do List on Etsy.

I have a large scale To Do List in my own office (along with some DIY art!):

gallery wall made with macrame wall hanging, white board, handmade art

That’s the wall that’s behind me for all of my Zoom meetings. Now that I see it there, I feel like maybe I need a change of scenery.

Inspirational Word Art

You can go in lots and lots of directions with Word art for your office. There’s funny signs, there are motivational signs… Ok, maybe just two directions.

This one, “Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud”, definitely speaks to me. That’s a sentiment that I can get behind.

You can find this particular Word art (or lots of others that might speak to you) on Etsy.

Pretty Word Art

framed wall art that says "office sweet office"

If you like your word art mixed with some pretty florals, then this might be just perfect for you.

There’s something about this combo of dark blue with the pale pink flowers. It’s not technically my style, but this super pretty.

You can find this pretty floral word art on Etsy.

Mid Century Modern Cat

modern wall art with a black cat sitting on a laptop

Sometimes a thing just jumps off the page at you. This cat sitting on the laptop totally did that for me.

The cat is exquisite. Like, so perfect. I love the whole vibe that is happening here.

And guess what, this cat has got all sorts of different prints in this mid century modern style. You can find the MCM Cat and all of his different iterations on Etsy.

Decorative Shelf

one-piece wall gallery

If you’re looking for a little bit of organization and a little bit of decor, then a floating shelf like this one is perfect.

It looks beautiful, you can store some beautiful things and you can tuck away some books or whateve else you might have that you want off your desk.

You can find this handsome industrial floating shelf on Overstock.

Watercolor Feathers

3 piece wall art with a colorful watercolored feather on each

Amazon has some larger scale artwork like these three feathers that are really quite pretty.

You can check out all of the different options, but this set is beautiful for a feminine home office.

You can find the pretty feather tryptic and all of the other options on Amazon.


Plants are a brilliant idea for the home office.

First of all they are beautiful. But, to be honest, they kind of keep you company. If you don’t have kids or a dog barging in all day, you can talk to your plant.

If you get a real plant it’s a nice break to take care of it every day. Water it. Pick off the dead parts. Or just pretend to if it’s a faux plant.

Faux Fiddle Leaf

fiddle leaf tree

If you’ve got a great big corner to fill, a large Fiddle Leaf Fern like this faux (or get a real one if you can not kill it) is a great idea.

Real Plants

two tiny houseplants

If you want the real plant experience, you can buy all sorts of different options from Etsy.

You can pick up a cute little pot to fit whatever size plant you get there, too.

These cute little Money plants are available in pairs on Etsy.

Unique Planters

plant holder with water globes you can try to grow plants

You can get some really cute and unique planters from Etsy.

This one is perfect for a Pothos which is allegedly unkillable. You can grow them just like this, with no soil, just water and they barely need any light.

Maybe I’ll give it a shot. Maybe it will survive.

You can find this cool planter on Etsy.

Desk Accessories

I’m not about to tell you to buy a bunch of stuff to keep on your desk. I like a clean surface area.

But, there are some things you might actually need and so if that’s the case, those things might as well work as decor, too, right?

Stuff Holders

navy blue cups with gold painted rims

Stuff holders isn’t the technical term here, but that’s not really important.

What’s important is how pretty these cups are for holding your pens and stuff.

I’m a big fan of blue and I’m thinking about tossing my mismatched set of stuff holders for this super pretty one.

You can find these pretty blue cups on Etsy.

Desk Mat

painted wooden desk mat diy

I was just staring at my ugly black mouse pad the other day thinking, I should get something cute instead of this.

And then I found this adorable desk mat. For the whole keyboard AND mouse. There are lots of different styles of desk mats to choose from, too.

I found this cute geometric one on Etsy, but there are loads of other patterns, too.

A Globe

gold and ivory globe

Do you need a globe for your desk? No. Probably not.

But somedays do you just want to stare at something that makes you feel really far away from work? Then maybe you do need a globe for your desk after all.

You can find this pretty globe at Cost Plus World Market.

Ampersand Decor

wood and marble ampersand sign block

I used to think that paperweights were like, a funny thing that only existed in movies. Who really uses a paperweight?

Then I started working from home and I write myself a million notes a week and I realized, Oh, that’s why people have paperweights.

That’s what I would use this cool Ampersand for. Holding down all my notes.

You can find the Ampersand paperweight on Cost Plus World Market.

A Pretty Mug

coffee mug painted gold, blue, and pink

I know your mug is sitting on your desk all day while you sip on your coffee.

Might as well make it a really pretty mug so that it adds to your decor, too.

You can find this pretty mug and tons of other cool mugs on Society 6.

Desk Lamps

One thing you should definitely have at your desk is a little desk lamp. It is really helpful to have some task lighting because you know what is one big difference between the home office and the office office?

No crazy overhead office lights.

So for me, if the sun goes behind a cloud during the day, I suddenly need to turn on a lamp. Or once the Fall gets here it will be getting dark at like 4pm and I’ll definitely need a lamp.

Teal Task Lamp

modern tiffany blue desk lamp

If you’ve got limited desk real estate, then you don’t want something large. This cute little lamp is perfect for when you just need a little extra light.

I love the teal and gold. It will look cute while it’s waiting to be used.

You can find this Teal Task Lamp on Cost Plus World Market.

Desk Lamp With Charger

desk lamp turned on

This slim little barely noticeable desk lamp has a handy USB outlet so that you can charge your phone while you’re at the desk.

I don’t know about you, but I can always use one more USB outlet.

You can find this little desk lamp on Etsy.

Another Charging Desk Lamp

lamp with charging base

Here’s another take on the charging desk lamp. This one has a different, more stylized vibe to it, and it provides wireless charging for your phone.

Now that is something I can get on board with. I’m very happy to have less wires at my desk.

You can find this charging desk lamp on Wayfair.

Ready to Upgrade Your Home Office Decor?

It doesn’t take a whole lot to add just a little bit of unique home office decor, does it?

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in that space. Make it you.

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