20+ Home Office Decor Ideas & How To Decorate A Home Office

If you suddenly found yourself working from home this year, your first priority was probably all of the utilitarian stuff. Flat surface for the laptop, outlets, chair, and hiding in a nook to keep away from distractions. I started working from home a couple of years ago and I did all of the wrong things first. I worked from the kitchen counter, then the living room, and then in my bed under the blanket. Eek!

Now that it seems that this work-at-home thing might be carrying on for a while, a little bit of home office décor should be a higher priority now. This is your real estate around you. This is a unique opportunity to really put your own style into this room. Take advantage of it!

How to decorate a home office?

Plan Out Your Home Office Ideas

Before you start ordering desks and shelves willy-nilly, take a step back. No successful decorating project starts without a clear plan. Whip out a measuring tape, gauge your space, and map out your dream home office layout. You’ll want to ensure you have ample room for your chair to swivel freely, your legs to stretch out, and – crucially – your cat to wander without knocking over your precious cup of coffee. Are you in an apartment and need to plan on using no nails? Your office should feel like an inviting, comfortable space, not a cluttered storage closet, so take your time with this first crucial step.

Comfort First: Choosing Office Furniture

Now that you have your floor plan, let’s talk furniture. This isn’t just about choosing comfy chairs that complement your room’s color scheme (although we’ll get to that later). It’s about selecting a chair and a desk that support you—literally. You’re going to be spending a good chunk of your day here, so treat your body right with ergonomic furniture that keeps your posture in check and your comfort levels high. Maybe you want to look into stand-up desks. 

Light Up Your Life: The Role of Lighting

Let’s get one thing straight: Squinting at your screen in a poorly lit room is a no-no. Save your eyesight and ensure your office has plenty of light. If you’re lucky enough to have a window, set up your work space to make the most of this natural light source. If not, fear not! Invest in a quality desk lamp, and you’re all set. Keep in mind possible glare when arranging everything around windows and lights.

Choosing Your Color Scheme

Colors can influence your mood and significantly impact your productivity. Blues and greens are often linked to calmness and focus, while yellows and reds can energize your space. But remember, this is your office, so choose colors that resonate with you. If a bubblegum pink wall inspires your best work, then grab that paintbrush and start painting all the shades of pink you want. 

Personal Touches: Making the Space Yours

If your home office feels like a sterile, corporate cubicle, we’re doing something wrong. Personalize your space with family photos, art pieces, or trinkets from your travels. Fill your office with items that make you smile, spark joy, and inspire you. You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to beautify your home office.  Work with what you’ve already got! 

Go Green: Nature On Trend

home office desk with decorations and plants on the shelves all around it

Indoor plants are not just for hipster coffee shops. They can boost your mood, improve air quality, and transform your office into a vibrant, living space. Whether you have a green thumb or you’re known for killing cacti, there’s a plant out there for you. And if you chat with them during your coffee breaks, we promise we won’t tell.

Declutter and Conquer: Organization is Key

home office with wallpaper and storage cubes

Sure, a cluttered desk might be a sign of a creative mind, but let’s aim for organized creativity, shall we? Storage is your best friend here. Think shelves, file cabinets, and stylish boxes that hide your mountains of paperwork. A clean workspace is a productive workspace, after all.

Untangling Your Life: Managing Your Tech

It’s time to tackle that pesky, inevitable feature of any modern workspace: cables. Wires for your computer, your phone charger, your headphones – they can quickly turn your desk into a tangled mess. This is where clever cable management comes to your rescue. Use clips, ties, or cord organizers to keep everything tidy and out of sight. You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your office will look (and how much easier it is to find your phone charger).

Aesthetics Underfoot: Rugs and Curtains

home office with light wood desk and a boho rug underneath, how to beautify your home office

Next up: rugs and curtains. These might seem like minor details, but trust us, they can significantly change the vibe of your home office. A rug can define your work area, especially if your home office is part of a larger room. And, you know the drill. They’ll give the room texture. Meanwhile, curtains or blinds can give you control over natural light and add a touch of elegance or whimsy to your decor. To make your home office look high-end, get curtains that go from floor to ceiling! 

Using Your Wall Space

close up picture of home office desk with floating shelf above it and large wall art, how to decorate a home office

Your office wall isn’t just there to hold up your roof – it’s also prime real estate in your home office. Add open shelving for extra storage or display. Or, how about a corkboard or whiteboard for notes and brainstorming? Framed inspirational quotes, artwork, wallpaper, or photos can also add a personal touch. Go wild and create a gallery wall that’ll keep everyone from noticing the mess on your desk. 

Optimize Your View

If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your workspace, take full advantage of it. Natural light is fantastic, and a pleasant view can give you a mood boost during your workday. Position your desk to overlook your garden, the street, or even just the sky, and let nature inspire you.

Noise Control

Sound pollution can be a productivity killer. If you’re in a bustling household or a noisy neighborhood, consider adding sound-absorbing materials to your office. A thick rug, heavy curtains, or even specific acoustic panels can make a world of difference. Now you can join that meeting without everyone hearing your dog’s impressive rendition of ‘Bark at the Moon.’

Lounge Level: Adding Comfort Zones

home office with navy blue walls and black and white wall art

Why limit your office to just a desk and chair? If you have space, consider adding a comfy couch or armchair. It’s a perfect spot for reading, brainstorming, or just taking a well-deserved break. Plus, who says business meetings can’t happen on a sofa?

A Breath of Fresh Air: Adding Aroma

Did you know that smell can influence your mood and productivity? Yes, your nose knows! Consider using a diffuser with essential oils to enhance your workspace. Peppermint or citrus can boost energy, while lavender or chamomile can create a calming environment. Not only will your office smell amazing, but you’ll also feel more focused and relaxed.

Home Office Design Inspiration

Acrylic To Do List

acrylic to-do list

I love when form meets function. It’s super helpful if you have a large to-do list.

It’s a lot of fun to check off a to-do list. And if you can get a pretty and modern acrylic one like this, then you have added some decor, too. You can find this Acrylic To Do List on Amazon. I have a large-scale “To Do List” in my own office (along with some DIY art!):

gallery wall made with macrame wall hanging, white board, handmade art

Word Art

You can go in lots and lots of directions with Word art for your office. There are funny signs, there are motivational signs… Ok, maybe just two directions.

So, grab wall decor where you make the quote. Because your mood and needs change every day!

Pretty Word Art

If you like your word art mixed with some pretty watercolors, then this might be just perfect for you. You can find this watercolor word art on Amazon.

Mid Century Modern Cat

modern wall art with a black cat sitting on a laptop

Sometimes a thing just jumps off the page at you. This cat sitting on the laptop totally did that for me.

The cat is exquisite. Like, so perfect. I love the whole vibe that is happening here.

And guess what, this cat has got all sorts of different prints in this mid century modern style. You can find the MCM Cat and all of his different iterations on Etsy.

Decorative Shelf

one-piece wall gallery

If you’re looking for a little bit of organization and a little bit of decor, then a floating shelf like this one is perfect.

It looks beautiful, you can store some beautiful things and you can tuck away some books or whatever else you might have that you want off your desk. You can find this handsome industrial floating shelf at Target.

Watercolor Feathers

3 piece wall art with a colorful watercolored feather on each

Amazon has some larger scale artwork like these three feathers that are really quite pretty.

You can check out all of the different options, but this set is beautiful for a feminine home office. You can find the pretty feather tryptic and all of the other options on Amazon.

Faux Fiddle Leaf

fiddle leaf tree

If you’ve got a great big corner to fill, a large Fiddle Leaf Fern like this faux (or get a real one if you can not kill it) is a great idea.

Real Plants

two tiny houseplants

If you want the real plant experience, you can buy all sorts of different options from Etsy. You can pick up a cute little pot to fit whatever size plant you get there, too. If you get a real plant it’s a nice break to take care of it every day. Water it. Pick off the dead parts.

These cute little Money plants are available in pairs on Etsy.

Unique Planters

plant holder with water globes you can try to grow plants

You can get some really cute and unique planters. This one is perfect for a Pothos which is allegedly unkillable. You can grow them just like this, with no soil, just water and they barely need any light.

Maybe I’ll give it a shot. Maybe it will survive. You can find this cool planter on Amazon.

Stuff Holders

Stuff holders aren’t the technical term here, but that’s not really important. What’s important is how pretty these cups are for holding your pens and stuff. I love this multi-color terrazzo pen and pencil holder from Amazon.

Desk Mat

painted wooden desk mat diy

I was just staring at my ugly black mouse pad the other day thinking, I should get something cute instead of this.

And then I found this adorable desk mat. For the whole keyboard AND mouse. There are lots of different styles of desk mats to choose from, too. I found this cute geometric one on Etsy, but there are loads of other patterns, too.

A Globe

gold and ivory globe

Do you need a globe for your home office space? No. Probably not.

But some days you just want to look sophisticated like those executives in the movies or that scholarly dad working in his den. And, I forget where a lot of places are in comparison to each other. 

Ampersand Decor

wood and marble ampersand sign block

I used to think that paperweights were like, a funny thing that only existed in movies. Who really uses a paperweight?

Then I started working from home and I write myself a million notes a week and I realized, Oh, that’s why people have paperweights. That’s what I would use this cool Ampersand for.


This is so cool. I have never seen anything like it, which makes me want it. I mean, everybody wants to find unique obscure decorations. This would definitely be one of them. And, it’s a clock so obviously it’s practical too! If a kid walks into your office who can’t tell time but can read, well then that’s a perfect use case! Ha! Believe it or not, I actually found this word clock at Walmart.

A Pretty Mug

coffee mug painted gold, blue, and pink

I know your mug is sitting on your desk all day while you sip on your coffee. Might as well make it a really pretty mug so that it adds to your decor, too.

Teal Task Lamp

modern tiffany blue desk lamp

If you’ve got limited desk real estate, then you don’t want something large. This cute little lamp is perfect for when you just need a little extra light. I love the teal and gold. It will look cute while it’s waiting to be used.

You can find a Teal Task Lamp just like it on Amazon.

Desk Lamp With Charger

desk lamp turned on

This slim little barely noticeable desk lamp has a handy USB outlet so that you can charge your phone while you’re at the desk. I don’t know about you, but I can always use one more USB outlet. You can find this little desk lamp on Etsy.

Another Charging Desk Lamp

lamp with charging base

Here’s another take on the charging desk lamp. This one has a different, more stylized vibe to it, and it provides wireless charging for your phone.

Now that is something I can get on board with. I’m very happy to have less wires at my desk. You can find this charging desk lamp on Wayfair.

How can a home office be decorated nicely when you have a lot of computer monitors? 

home office with multiple monitors on the desk

Ah, the multi-monitor setup. It’s a productivity powerhouse, but it can be a challenge to decorate around, can’t it? However, with a dash of creativity and strategic planning, you can transform your high-tech workspace into a stunning home office that suits your needs and style. Here are some top tips:

1. Monitor Mounts

Using monitor mounts or stands can free up valuable desk space and give you more flexibility in positioning your screens. Plus, they can keep those pesky cables tidier!

2. Coordinating Technology

If possible, opt for monitors of the same brand and model. Uniformity in color, size, and design can make your tech blend more seamlessly into your decor

3. Use a Large Desk

A large, stylish desk can comfortably accommodate your multiple monitors and still have room for a few personal touches. L-shaped desks can be particularly useful for multi-monitor setups.

4. Cable Management

With multiple monitors, you’re likely dealing with a slew of cables. Keep them organized with cable management solutions like cable trays, sleeves, or ties. 

5. Decorate Around

You can place small plants, a digital photo frame, or desk lamps around your monitors. Just make sure not to crowd your workspace.

6. Draw The Eye Away

Since most of your desk space may be occupied by monitors, use the adjacent walls for decoration. Hang your favorite artwork, wallpaper, or mount shelves to display personal items on the opposite wall. That will draw people’s attention to the other side of the room and make it the main focal point.

7. Bias Lighting

Good lighting is crucial, especially with multiple monitors. Bias lighting (LED strips placed behind your monitors) can reduce eye strain and add a cool, futuristic vibe. It truly can be part of the home office’s décor.

9. Computer Accessories

Matching or stylish accessories, such as a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headphones, can add to the overall aesthetic.

10. Color Scheme

Use a color scheme that complements the dominant colors of your monitors. This can help make the technology feel like part of the decor. Pick a really nice desk chair too.

11. Tidy Up

With more equipment, there’s more need for cleanliness. Keep your workspace clean and free of clutter. That doesn’t mean you can just throw everything in a drawer. 

So there you have it! With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a home office that’s not just a workspace, but a haven. A place where creativity, productivity, and comfort unite. A place that’s uniquely, unmistakably you.

Even with a multiple monitor setup, there are still plenty of opportunities to add personal touches and create a beautiful, functional space. After all, who says tech-savvy can’t also be style-savvy?

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