10 Cool Gaming Bedroom Ideas: Time To Level Up

What should I put in my bedroom for gaming?

It depends on your age, budget, and level of enthusiasm for video games. If you’re looking to turn your bedroom into the ultimate gaming setup, then you might want to invest in some larger pieces of equipment like a TV, monitors, consoles, or gaming desk. Try adding some gaming-inspired posters or wall art. You can also get creative with gaming-themed bedding or pillows to make your space feel more personalized. Consider investing in a comfortable gaming chair or ergonomic desk to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Finally, consider adding in some fun lighting effects.

Top 10 Cool Gaming Room Ideas

1. Video Game Consoles

The first thing every gamer needs is a gaming console obviously.  So, pick your poison.  Do you prefer Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or PC?  If you are investing some serious bucks and want the ultimate game room setup, you’ll have it all in order to satisfy all of your buddies’ needs.  

2. Video Game Room Seating

woman sitting in a gaming chair in front of her PC

Invest in a gaming chair with maximum comfort and support. It’ll be your throne, so make sure it’s up to the challenge!  If you’ve got the room, you can get a couple compact gamer chairs that fold up or bean bag chairs, which would be perfect for friends playing next to you. 

3. Monitors

woman playing video games with a setup that has 3 monitors

Avid gamers love having a monitor, or better yet dual monitors, no matter what console they prefer playing on.  Curved monitors are cool too!  You’ll need to make sure you have a pretty big gaming area in your bedroom if that’s the case. 

4. Desks

Speaking of needing room to fit everything, L-shaped desks are more popular than a regular entertainment center (Even though, you may need both if you’re still wanting to watch tv and YouTube.).  There are actually a lot of different styles of gaming desks that offer tons of storage and cable management systems, which can be crucial. 

5. RGB Lighting

corner of bedroom with a gaming desk, led light strips, and a gaming chair

You see cool lighting in every gaming room design. String lights, LED strips and neon signs can be used in the entire room and around the ceiling!  You’ll notice that even PC towers, keyboards, and your mouse will have that RGB lighting built in.  So, if you’re looking to transform your gaming room into an awesome experience, RGB lighting is an essential part of the equation. 

What does RGB mean?

RGB stands for red-green-blue, and it’s the color palette used in most gaming rooms. RGB lighting allows you to create a wide variety of color hues and can provide an immersive lighting experience that is perfect for enhancing the gaming atmosphere.  With the right setup, you can take your gaming room from boring to extraordinary with just a few clicks of a mouse or the flick of a switch. 

6. Sound

A surround sound system is awesome for games and movies and provides an immersive gaming experience!  Also, every gamer needs a pair of headphones.  This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment, have roommates, or live with your parents!! 

7. Game Room Decor

boy playing video games in bedroom and the wall behind him has video game wall decals

Bring in some decorations to give the room personality. Posters of your favorite games, characters, wall decals, and memorabilia can all be great additions. Floating shelves are perfect for displaying cool Star Wars figurines (hello Baby Yoda!), Funko pops, and other gaming paraphernalia.

8. Organization For Gaming Essentials

There are countless things you can buy to help you keep your gaming space organized. Luckily, there are ways to display all of your gaming accessories that’ll give you extra space and make it look like its part of your interior design.  Pegboards, gaming console shelves, headphone stands, storage for cables are just a few ideas that even professional gamers use. 

9. Power Strips

You’re going to have so many things to plug-in so make sure you get surge protectors. Plus, power strips give you extra outlets! 

10. Get A Mini Fridge

Gamers play for hours and they like to have drinks and snacks within reach.  That’s why a mini-fridge is crucial for your gamer room.  

How to keep gaming room cool?

Make sure to keep the air moving by using a fan or air conditioning. You can also keep the sunlight out of the room by using curtains or shades to reduce heat. Make sure to unplug any electronics when they’re not in use to avoid them becoming too hot. If you can, keep the windows open at night to let in some cool air. Lastly, always keep your computer and gaming equipment clean to avoid any overheating issues.

Now those are cool gaming bedroom ideas!

How can I decorate my room for gaming?

teenage boy playing video games on a pc in a cool gaming bedroom

In summary, to decorate your room for gaming, you’ll want to invest in a comfortable gaming chair and a large monitor, add ambient lighting and sound and bring in decorations. Add a game console shelf and plenty of power outlets, plus comfortable seating options for friends to join in the fun. Don’t forget the snacks! By following these tips, you can create an awesome gaming bedroom setup. 

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