12 Desk Organization Ideas to Keep You Tidy

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How Can I Make My Desk More Organized?

Organizing your desk doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are some simple steps you can take that will help make your workspace more organized.

1. Start by getting rid of clutter.

Go through all the items on your desk and decide which ones you absolutely need to keep, and discard or store what isn’t necessary. It can also help to have designated spots for different items on your desk, like a tray for incoming documents, drawers for office supplies, or folders for papers you need to refer to often.

2. Organizational Tools

If your desk is still looking cluttered after purging excess items, consider investing in some organizational tools. Consider buying trays, shelves, and bins that can be used to organize items, such as desktop organizers, file folders and drawer dividers. You can also use accessories like pencil holders and desk organizers to keep the small items on your desk neat and tidy.

3. Create A Filing System

Another way to organize your desk is to create an efficient filing system. Having a designated place for each type of document makes it easier to keep track of documents, and also makes it easier to find items when you need them. Invest in file cabinets or desk organizers with file folders that you can use to store important documents, such as invoices, bills and contracts.

4. Clean It

Finally, take the time to clean your desk regularly. Dusting and wiping down your desk frequently will help keep it looking neat and organized. Additionally, getting rid of loose paper or other items that have accumulated on your desk can also make a big difference in how tidy it looks.

12 Desk Organization Ideas

Clipboard It

Yarn of assorted color and knitting books arranged neatly in separate segments of overhead shelf, row of clipboards hanging below shelf.

Clipboards are indeed meant to be hung up. They have that little hole there just for that purpose.

Any time you can hang something up, it is a good thing for your desk organization. It means papers are up off your desk. Or your calendar.

Or even, in this case, your scissors, pens and post its. That’s what makes your desk tidy! You can get all the details on this desk organization idea on Tater Tots and Jello.

Corral The Cords

I’m going to be honest with you. I started with that pretty picture of the clipboards because I thought if I started with this cord organization trick you might think this was going to be a boring post.

There is nothing boring about cord organization, ok? You don’t know how many times my foot has gotten wrapped in my cell phone cord or my microphone cord or my laptop cord as I was getting up to leave the office.

Sometimes I don’t just trip, I take out the cell phone or the microphone with me! Cord organization could save a life or at least an expensive piece of electronics.

You can find all of the details on this method of cord organization at One Crazy House.

Tackle The Little Clutter

If your desk is home to tiny clutter like paper clips and binder clips and elastics and other little bitty things, then a little tackle box might be just what you need.

It will wrangle all of those little bits and it closes so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it spilling thumbtacks all over the floor.

It’s a brilliant idea, really.

You can find all the fun ways to “tackle” the tiny clutter at Productive and Pretty.

Magic No Cord Desk

I’m back on the cords again. And this isn’t even the last time I’m going to talk about cords. That’s how important cord organization is to me. Even if they aren’t getting caught in your feet, they are distracting.

But, not if you can whip up this magical cord hiding trick. I mean, you can’t even see a single cord! How are they doing this?

It’s amazing, right? You probably always wanted to float your desk in the middle of a room but figured it required some type of magical air electricity.

Not so. You can find the details on this magic cord hack on Jak and Jill.

A Pegboard

modern and organized desk with a pegboard hanging on the wall above the desk

It’s all about functionality. Don’t you love the idea of having your phone up off the desk like that? It’s so smart! If you accidentally slosh some coffee all over your desk, you don’t have to worry about it getting on your phone.

You can find the details for how to make your own little pegboard at Love Create Celebrate.

Put It In a Pan

If you have nice deep drawers in your desk, then that is awesome for you. I don’t have any drawers in my desk, so this one is all for you.

The only problem with deep desk drawers is that if you aren’t careful they will quickly become an abyss of junk. Just like that oversized purse of yours.

But, you probably didn’t think about using mini loaf pans to organize all the stuff you’re going to throw in that drawer! It’s brilliant. You can fit them in and even stack them!

You can find all the details on the mini loaf pan organizing thing at Real Simple.

Labeled Power Strip

I’m back on the cords. I might be at my highest level of annoyance anytime I have to go underneath my desk to mess around with the cords.

If I’m under there it’s because something is probably not working the way I want it to and I have to futz around with the cords and I definitely don’t want to be figuring out what cord is what.

Now I don’t have to. Or I won’t have to once I’ve washi tape labeled all my cords.

You can find all of the details for this helpful DIY on The Chic Site.

A Stand Up To Do List

You know what I love about this To Do list? I hinted at it in this title.

I love that it stands up on your desk. It’s not written down on paper or inside a notebook. So all I have to do is flick my eyeballs over to it when I start to lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing on a particular day.

If I write my list down on paper, forget it, it’s gone in 3 seconds. If it’s in a notebook, then I have to flip pages and that’s annoying. This little DIY to do list is perfect.

You can find the details for making this to do list on Little Birdie Secrets.

Charger Organization With Binder Clips

Last cord organization idea, I promise. I could have written a whole article just on cord organization, I think.

But, one of the most annoying things about cords is that they are always flopping off the desk onto the floor. It’s so annoying, right?

The so simple solution using binder clips will keep you organized and un-annoyed.

You can find the details for this DIY on Every Day Dishes.

Cheap Drawer Dividers

Do you want to divide your drawers without spending a fortune at a ritzy organizing store?

You totally can with some DIY cardstock drawer dividers.

Imagine needing a crappy elastic and being able to reach into your drawer and just grab it without having to sift through a thousand other things, some of which are sharp little tacks.

You can find the whole tutorial for how to make these drawer dividers on The Crafting Nook.

Get Your Monitor Lifted

One of the best things you can do for your desk is get your monitor or laptop up and off the desk surface. First of all, it’s more than likely better for your neck.

But that’s not all. If you make a little DIY Monitor Stand, you create a cute little cubby underneath the monitor that you can also organize.

And you’ll have plenty of room for your keyboard and mouse.

You can find the tutorial for making this monitor stand at The Interior Frugalista.

The Obligatory Ikea Hack

Of course Ikea is going to have a beautiful little perfectly organized desk to drool at.

I don’t know if any of these are really hacks, but that’s a desk I could do some WORK at. Right?

The surface of the desk is almost completely clear, but there’s plenty of vertical storage so that everything you need is right near by.

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