10 Vacation Worthy Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas

Waking up in a room that feels like vacation sounds nice right? How about a beach vacation? A beach themed bedroom can give you that vacation feel every morning.

You might be a little mad when you open your eyes and realize it’s March and it’s 38 degrees outside and it kind of snowed a little last night, but, you’ll start the day dreaming about the beach.

That’s always a good thing.

What Makes a Beach Themed Bedroom Beachy?

It’s not hard to imagine what goes into a Beach themed bedroom. The colors of the ocean, blues & greens plus the natural neutral colors of the sand are going to play important roles.

Your particular brand of beach vacation might be more cottage-y with painted furniture that looks handed down or picked up from the thrift store. Or there might be natural wood tones.

The decor is a reflection of the ocean or lake that waits outside the door. Sea creatures and seashells and natural rattan pieces are great accents.

10 Beach Themed Bedroom for A Bedroom That Feels Like Vacation

#1 – Textured Beachy

The seagrass headboard, the rattan bench at the end of the bed and textured pillows give this room that is basic pale blue and white a lot interest and depth

Without those pieces, the room is just a pretty blue and white room. With those pieces, it’s clearly beach themed.

The tiny seashells framed and hung above the bed help, too. You can see all of the details for this room at ZDesign At Home.

#2 – Sand & Water

This room is so calm and relaxing. I love the touches of blue, but this room is mostly about the sandy neutrals.

Oh, and that chandelier. It’s fancy, but it’s not too fancy to belong in a relaxed beach themed bedroom.

And the abstract painting of the ocean is a perfect reminder of the beach.

You can find all of the details for this room on Life On Virginia Street.

#3 – Upcycled Family Vacation Home

This is the kind of beach themed bedroom that I love. The painted furniture reminds me of a cottage on the Cape. Everything is sort of hobbled together from hand me downs and thrifted finds that have been restored or repainted

There’s color here, but I love that the yellow table sort of stands out while all the blues kind of just hang out in the background.

This is a room I can see in a cottage more than a Master Bedroom at your every day house, but it is lovely.

You can find the details for this room on Sustain My Craft Habit.

#4 – Natural Beachy

This beachy bedroom looks high end and expensive. I love the sort of sun bleached looking wood tones in this room.

Everything has a sort of natural feel. The lamps look like granite, the wood is unfinished looking and the little bit of palm frond in the vase on the night stand is perfect.

It’s only a corner of this room, but I know I love it. You can find all of the details on Beach Life Bliss.

#5 – Cottage Beachy

You can do seaside beach, or you can do lakeside beach and this bedroom is definitely lakeside beach.

The barn wood accent wall reminds me of every little cottage we stayed in when I was a kid.

The mix of different yellow bed linens are perfectly and purposefully not matched.

I can feel myself getting into this bed after sitting on the deck watching the sun set over the lake.

You can find the details for this room on The Ace of Space.

#6 – Driftwood Chic

It’s not actually driftwood, but this headboard gives the feel of driftwood and that paired with all of the other natural elements in this room make it very beachy.

That little make shift table sitting on top of magazines at the foot of the bed is pretty awesome.

And those wood vases above the headboard are my definitely my favorite things in this room.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#7 – Bold Beachy

I do love a bold room and this room is definitely that. The black accents against the white are fresh and interesting.

And then that green is also right in your face, isn’t it? But it all works together. This is totally my kind of beachy.

I even like the framed bug. I don’t like bugs, but I can tolerate a bug that’s behind glass. Maybe it scares away the living bugs.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#8 – Turquoise Beachy

Turquoise is a happy beachy color. It is the color of the ocean, sometimes, and there’s just about every shade of it here along with some other pretty blues.

That glass lamp on the turquoise bed table is beautiful, but my favorite thing in this room is the color framed above the bed.

This is a classic beachy bedroom. You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#9 – Boho Beachy

Boho and beachy make a great pair. Boho is all about collected and on vacation we do tend to collect things. Especially at the beach (rocks, glass, driftwood, seashells).

This room feels like an easy place to have a sunburn. Like somewhere nearby there’s an aloe plant to soothe the burn.

And that bed is pretty spectacular.

You can find the details for this room on Houzz.

#10 – Navy Blue & White

Navy and white are very maritime and so they fit perfectly in your beach themed bedroom.

It’s accented with turquoise here which is sort of unexpected, but it’s really pretty. Navy blue can be a little stuffy, but the turquoise kind of relaxes it.

You can find all of the details for this bedroom on Houzz.

Are You Ready for a Beach Themed Bedroom?

Wouldn’t you feel like you’re waking up on vacation every morning in one of these beach themed bedrooms.

That might be a problem in the thirty seconds that follow waking up when you realize you are NOT on vacation, but those first foggy moments would be nice right?