Fill The Blank Wall Above Your Bed with These Stunning Bedroom Wall Art Ideas


A headboard isn’t art, ok?

If you want your bedroom to look pulled together, you need some stunning, big wall art for that wall above the bed.

Bedroom wall art can be tricky because you don’t want to look like you live in a hotel. Hotel artwork is usually nondescript and not inspiring.

The goal for that spot above the bed is to get some art that is beautiful and personal to you in some way.

The Rules for Above the Bed Art

Let’s pretend that you have a Queen size bed. There’s a LOT of real estate on that wall over the headboard.

It can be intimidating. Jennifer Squires of Jennifer Squires Productions says:

The rule of thumb is that your finished art hanging above any piece of furniture should be 60-80% of the width of said furniture. Since a queen size bed is 60 inches wide, that leaves you with something like 36-48 inches wide. Frame and all.

A king-size bed is 76″ and I’m going to leave the math to you. It will be better for all of us, trust me. You’ll get the right answer and I won’t tear my hair out because I did math.

Once you’ve got the size down, you have to think about what type of art you want to hang there.

There are a couple of things that are a hard no for me for above the bed. Family pictures and religious images.

My mother has a painting of the Holy Child in her bedroom for example. That’s just odd to me.

My kids looking down on me in my bed is also weird.

Plaster every other wall in the house with your kids and the holy pictures, but not the bedroom, mmkay?

Outside of those two easy rules, you are free to let your imagination run wild with what to put over the bed.

Here are some ideas to inspire you. Or you can just buy one of them.

15 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas You’ll Love Above Your Bed

I’ve pulled together some of my very favorite wall art ideas for above the bed.

There are a few of your traditional canvasses and framed paintings, but if you’re looking for something a little different, make sure you make it all the way to the metal wall decor and wall murals at the end!

Take a Break

Take A Break Wall Art from Minted Abstract Landscape Large Wall Art for the Bedroom

This stunning print from Minted is perfect for that spot above the bed.

I love that it has color, but it’s not overwhelming color. It’s muted enough to be restful and the abstract look gives it a dream-like quality.

This can be finished with a frame or as a canvas.

Colorful Abstract

Colroful Abstract Wall Art for the space above the bed.

If you like to sit and contemplate life in your bedroom then a beautiful abstract piece of art like this is a great way to let your mind wander.

What is it? What does it all mean?

You can hang this one horizontally in order to meet the size requirements for that spot above the bed.

Smoky Blue

Smoky Tryptic Art for the bedroom

This smoky blue tryptic would be stunning as bedroom wall art.

I like the idea of a tryptic above the bed because there is so much space to be covered and a tryptic does it perfectly.

To me, this is a little too artistic to be reminiscent of hotel decor.

Contemporary Wall art for the bedroom

Ok, I’m going to come clean with you. I’m really on the prowl for my own wall art for the bedroom and so a lot of these are items I’m trying to decide between.

Like, almost all of them.

I really do love this blush & blue tryptic, too, but it might be a little too contemporary for me. If you’re a contemporary lover, however, this might be perfect for you.

Lake and Mountains

Pretty lake and mountain bedroom art

Sometimes a thing just grabs you.

That didn’t come out right.

Sometimes you see something and it’s like it was made for you.

That’s how I feel about this series of paintings of the lake and mountains.

That’s how you should feel about the things you choose for your home, including your bedroom wall art.

Safe & Wild

Word art for the bedroom

I’ve been a fan of this “I’ll Keep You Safe, You Keep Me Wild” print for a long, long time.

I love the saying and I love the simplicity of the written word on a white background.

And that script on Wild is really beautiful.


Farmhouse style art for the bedroom

Here’s another option for some written word art for above the bed.

I love the sentiment and the wood frame makes this perfect for a farmhouse bedroom.

I’ve seen a lot of word art for above the bed and there are a lot of gorgeous options. My advice if you’re choosing one is to go with something short and sweet like this instead of a long quote.

You want something you can glance at and get a feeling from it.

Budget Botanicals

Budget friendly art for the bedroom - Botanical printables

If you need large scale prints that are budget-friendly, you can check out the beautiful printables that are available on Etsy.

These quiet botanical prints come in sizes up to 20×30 for $12.66 per print.

You can do frames or find a creative DIY way to hang them. These would be lovely in a Boho bedroom.

Dreamy Mountain Line Art

Do you dream in black and white? This line drawing of a mountain reminds me of what a black and white dream must look like.

This simple look is almost mesmerizing as you follow the lines. It’s perfect for above the bed.

Dried Leaves Metal Wall Art

Pretty Metal Dried Leaves for the bedroom walls.

If you want something a little different than the traditional painting above the bed, then some metal wall art might be perfect for you.

These Dried Autumn Leaves in white or black metal from Etsy are absolutely stunning.

The delicate leaves in metal are such a beautiful and curious combination.

Rose Gold Botanical Wall Decor

Sculptural wall art with Rose Gold Ginko leaves

Here’s another mix of metal and floral. These rose gold gingko leaves are perfect for a blush and gold glam bedroom.

I like the hint of color that these will bring to your walls and that layered look gives some texture and depth to your room, too.

Framed Capiz Art

Framed Capiz wall art for the bedroom

This pretty shimmery capiz art is one of my favorites on this list despite the fact that this is not really my style at all.

This is the type of thing that you could decide to redecorate your whole house for.

If you’ve got a boho bedroom, or glam bedroom or even a shabby chic bedroom, this is a beautiful addition to your bedroom wall decor.

Foggy Mural

Large scale mural of woods and birds for the bedroom

If you want to go really, truly dramatic, consider an entire mural for behind the bed.

This foggy mural would work best with a low to the ground bed so that the mural is the star of the show and gets a lot of the attention.

It would be so calming to walk into this every night, wouldn’t it?

Black & White Floral

Graphic black and white print wallpaper mural for behind the bed.

If you’re looking for something a little more graphic, this black & white floral wallpaper mural is it.

This would make a statement in your modern farmhouse bedroom.

Bloom Mixer Mural

Colorful wall mural for a bedroom.

If you love color and drama then this is the bedroom wall art mural for you.

It’s like walking into a dream in your bedroom.

Now What Do We Do?

Hopefully, you’ve found something you totally loved for wall art above your bed. Let’s get that spot decorated and see how good it feels to walk into a pulled-together bedroom at the end of each long and trying day.

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