Small Bedroom Organization Ideas: Make The Most of Your Space

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Does it ever feel like your bedroom, especially a small one, is the last space in your house to get the organization it needs? You’ve meticulously arranged the rest of your home, but the organization in your small bedroom is nowhere in sight. This is even more significant if you’re dealing with a small bedroom where closet space is minimal, almost resembling a linen closet. That’s when you truly understand the importance of organization ideas for small bedrooms.

However, while you’re engrossed in sorting out the rest of your home, your bedroom often unintentionally becomes the storage area for miscellaneous items that don’t have a place elsewhere. But, it needn’t be so. Your bedroom, despite its size, should be your tranquil sanctuary, not a cluttered storage space. Harnessing the right organization ideas for small bedrooms can be the key to transforming your space into a well-organized retreat.

Why Implement Small Room Organization Ideas?

There are two reasons that it’s important to keep a small bedroom organized.

  1. You do a lot of living in your bedroom space. If it’s not organized it’s going to get messy fast. Messy is stressful.
  2. Little spaces have unique needs for organization. You can totally take advantage of all of the floor space in your small bedroom, if you organize it properly.

How to Organize A Small Bedroom

First Things First: Purge

There should never be an organizing How-to for any room in any house, small bedroom, organization, giant kitchen organization, dungeony basement organization, that doesn’t first start with a good purge.

It is the #1 step in how to organize a bedroom with too much stuff. Unless you are actually Marie Kondo, there is stuff in your bedroom that you can get rid of!

It will make the rest of the process SO much easier.

If you need help with decluttering, this is a great How To Declutter tutorial.

Just make sure that as soon as you’re done decluttering, before you start any organizing, you actually get the stuff you decluttered out of the house.

Then you can move on to some of these amazing small bedroom organization ideas.

Dresser Organization

Let’s assume that your bedroom has at least enough space for one dresser. If you’re sharing that dresser with another person, then you need to really make sure you’ve got a lot of function happening within those dresser drawers.

Dresser Drawer Organization: The Small Stuff

drawer organizer with underwear, bras, and socks divided up neatly

To keep all the little stuff like socks and undies organized, it’s great to have an insert for your drawers that will make little compartments for all of that.

I love this drawer organizer from Amazon because it truly has a spot for everything.

You might be thinking that this isn’t something that you really need. But this drawer organizer isn’t just for separating your socks from your bras. It also is the perfect visual reminder that you NEED to do laundry.

When you’re down to one pair of undies in that little compartment, you know it’s time to do some wash. Or else. It’s definitely the small bedroom organizer you didn’t know you needed!

Dresser Drawer Organization: The Bulky Stuff

First, ask yourself, “What do I really want in a drawer and what should be hanging?”

Got bulky sweaters and hoodies? It may make a lot more sense hanging clothes in the closet than folded in a drawer.

Once you’ve figured out what is definitely going to get folded into the dresser drawers, it’s important to fold them in the most space efficient way possible.

Organize your small bedroom drawers with a Marie Kondo fold.

And that way is the Marie Kondo way. I haven’t forgotten that the best way to fold clothes is Kondo style! Why did I ever stop doing that???? Ahhhh!

My friend Marissa from Squirrels of a Feather has an amazing tutorial on how to fold EVERY SINGLE THING the Kondo way.

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

drawer dividers being used to neatly separate towels, linens, a hat, etc.

You might find that once you’ve figured out the Marie Kondo fold, you can fit two types of things in one drawer. So maybe your tshirts and your leggings suddenly fit easily in one.

But you don’t want them intermingling and getting all messy, right? That’s where you can use drawer dividers for both the small stuff and bulky stuff. I love these dividers from Amazon.

They are adjustable so you can make drawer storage work for whatever you have.

Top of the Dresser

modern white top of dresser organizer

Now that the inside is organized, take advantage of horizontal space on the top of the dresser. You have stuff and stuff needs a place.

A top of the dresser organizer like this one is perfect for your all your stuff:

I like this one because it has some closed and some open extra storage. So you can tuck away stuff you don’t want seen and leave other stuff out.

Side of the Dresser

Did you think we were done with organizing the dresser?? We’re not!

We’re going to add some organization to the sides of your dresser, too. You said you had a small bedroom right? So we need to take advantage of that vertical space.

This example from Canadian Living is perfect. They’ve added some hooks to the side of the dresser and it’s instant additional storage.

Space Underneath the Bed

under bed storage containers holding blankets and clothes

You’ve got a great expanse of horizontal extra storage space just waiting to be used. It’s under your bed.

You have to maximize that under bed storage though, or you will hate using it and probably just forget that anything is under there.

You want something with a cover, not open storage and you want something that you can move around easily.

What I like about these fabric boxes is that they are pretty lightweight, they have a clear top so you can see what is inside, they zipper shut and they have a handle so you can easily pull it out from under that unused space.

These boxes are perfect for your extra sheets or blankets or even your out-of-season clothes.

Bed frame With Storage

If you can spend the money, you could just go ahead and get a whole bed frame that offers yet another way to maximize storage space!

Invest In Shoe Organizers

There is something so satisfying about shoe organizers. Amirite?!? My son and daughter are even begging for this one from Amazon so he can display all their shoes (Gotta be able to see Jordans).

Umm…yes I will be getting that for them both for Christmas. Kill two birds with one stone: Christmas present and a clean organized room!

I think I’m buying this for myself for “Christmas” too.

Decor Hack: Use Decor That Doubles as Storage

Put A Bench At The End of The Bed

bench ottoman that you would use at the end of your bed, has storage inside

A great way to get the most organization out of your small bedroom is to find pieces that serve dual purposes- like bedroom furniture.

An end-of-bed bench is great for putting a lot of smaller items in or a couple blankets or pillows.. And its a good place to sit and put on your shoes! You can get one like mine that has some additional storage inside. I use this in my guest room too.

Full Length Mirror With Jewelry Storage

full length mirror that opens and holds all types of jewelry, cosmetics, sunglasses, scarves, etc

A great functional piece of decor for your small bedroom is a standing mirror. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can get a standing mirror with storage like this one.

That mirror is pretty; it’s a mirror and it holds a TON of your stuff. You can roll up your scarves into a perfect Kondo fold and keep those at the bottom, too.

Obvies your jewelry can go in there. There’s also perfume and lotions stowed away. I have a small walk-in closet and it has been on my wish list to buy this so I can free up shelf space.

Here is a wall mounted version!

A Lamp That Charges Your Phone AND Neatly Stores It

lamp made to offer storage, lamp is shown holding cell phones and charging them at the same time

One thing that can really clutter up your bed side table is your phone and it’s charger. You can get a light like this that will charge and neatly store your phone

If you don’t have room for a bedside table, you can even get a wall sconce that will charge your phone and even has a little shelf to rest it on. Perfect for your small space!

Bedside Organizer

bedside organizer is grey wool and holds magazines, headphones, remotes, cell phone, glasses, etc

One of my favorite extra storage pieces that stays completely hidden away until you need it is a bedside organizer that attaches right to bed.

That cute little caddy is one teeny tiny bedside table replacement, probably offers extra storage space compared to that too.

Actually, I think you just replace those last two things with a floating night stand (keep your floor space and use that wall space). Look to see how you can make one with an Ikea Spice Rack in another one of our blog posts!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an obvious choice! I love the way they look but more importantly you’re taking stuff off the floor or off your dresser and moving it to the wall. I’m sure you have some unused wall space for extra storage!

Bottom Line: Use These Tiny Bedroom Organization Ideas

Don’t you just want to RUN to The Container Store? After organizing, the new best thing about your small bedroom is suddenly seem it doesn’t seem so small after all. If you can get your small bedroom organized you’re going to feel so much better in that room.

It will be tranquil and cozy just like you wanted. Tight spaces can be dreamy too! Next tackle your small closet space for even more storage space.

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