Shoe Storage Ideas: 9 Fabulous Ways to Organize Your Cluttered Space

It seems like a weird thing for me to say but if I were to say that shoe organization is one of the most important things you can do for your home, I don’t think it would be an understatement. It’s why I’m always on the lookout for shoe storage ideas.

It’s no different than making sure you organize your kitchen cabinets.

However, if you’re even thinking about shoe organization then you’re going to need some shoe storage ideas.

You can’t just keep throwing your shoes in the closet and then spending hours looking for the right pair. It’s much easier to gain some perspective on things when you have them all organized.

It also helps to give you an idea of what you need to clean out because keeping shoes around forever just isn’t going to work.

I went on the lookout for some shoe organization ideas and I found some real peaches that I want to share with you.

Let’s check them out.

9 Shoe Storage Ideas That You’ll Love

I went looking for a variety of options because I don’t know how much space you actually have in your home. It would be great for me to only find shoe storage ideas that involved 10 ft long planks but who has 10 ft of space in their closet?!

Certainly not me.

Anyways let’s get this party started.

The Ladder Shoe Shelf

Shoe storage DIY ladder for shoe organization.

Image credit goes to A Pair & A Spare.

This is truly beautiful and if you take a look at it you can see that it isn’t that hard to make assuming you have the right tools.

If you don’t then it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone that can make it for you but in all honesty, it would be easier just to get Home Depot or Lowes to cut the wood for you and then you take it home and screw everything into place.

What I really love about this idea is that because you’re using wood that means you can paint it any way that you want.

This essentially gives you the ability to put this in any room in your home and make it blend in.

Cooper Shoe Rack

Copper shoe storage shelf that you can create today.

Image credit goes to Fresh Crush.

If you’re all about that metal + rustic look then Fresh Crush has the perfect tutorial for you. I don’t like dealing with metal too much but I probably need to get over it because you can do some really cool things with it.

To be honest I’ve never looked into cutting metal pipes so maybe if I can learn to do that then the world will be my oyster.

The only hangup about this solution is that it offers limited space and I’m not too sure about building multiple racks and screwing them into my wall unless I have a permanent home.

However, that doesn’t mean this solution isn’t fabulous because it really is.

Wooden Shoe Rack

DIY wooden shoe storage rack to help organize your shoes.

Image credit goes to Apartment Therapy.

I’ll admit to you right now. I would never do anything like this.

It’s just a bit too quirky but hey, I know some of you out there are wild so I figured that I’d share it.

Plus, you get to build this yourself!

It just makes me think that there is supposed to be water in my shoes and this will help dry them out.


Shoe Crates

Entryway shoe storage idea with crates.

Image credit goes to The Merry Thought.

Now this is something I can get behind.

I loooooove organization ideas that also work has home decor ideas. Different size crates means different configurations which means I can always change stuff up around the home.

I really love how they went with two contrasting colors to really pull you into things. The only issue with this setup is that you’re limited with the amount of shoes you can store.

But then again you could just keep on adding crates.

Vintage Shoe Cubby

DIY Shoe Cubby plans for your shoe organization at home.

Image credit goes to Remodelaholic.

This reminds me of kindergarten and can be a great solution if you don’t mind stacking shoes.

Works perfect for kids but a little less so for adults and their gigantic feet.

But you might be one of those women with petite feet so you can walk over to the kid’s section and buy the Jordans for cheap.


Vintage Crate Shoe Storage Idea

Vintage crate shoe storage idea.

Image credit goes to Room for Rent.

Not much to say here.

Find vintage crates and then put your shoes in them.


DIY Plywood Shoe Rack

DIY plywood shoe storage idea.

Image credit goes to At Home in Love.

I’m a big fine of diversity in my storage options and this plywood shoe rack definitely gives you options.

Plywood is pretty easy to work with as long as you can get it cut. Once that happens you’re good to go.

The only hang up I have with this solution is that if you build it and then don’t have the right shoes to fit in the storage spaces it can leave gaps.

DIY Wooden Shoe Rack

DIY wooden shoe rack to store your shoes.

Image credit goes to A Bubbly Life.

By now you might be thinking “please just let me buy a shoe storage solution” but I can’t do that to you.

You need to see these ideas and embrace them.

You need to be able to put your own things together because your shoe collection is different than everyone else’s. Sometimes that means you need to look at custom solutions for things.

So grab the tools and build yourself a wooden shoe rack.

Shoe Shelf

The most magnificent shoe shelf as a shoe storage idea.

Image credit goes to Style Me Pretty.

This is a dangerous solution.


Because it’s the type of solution that makes you want to buy more shoes to ensure you fill up your shelves.

Nobody wants empty space on their shelves.

Hm, the more I think about it the more I believe that the shoe industry is pimping this solution out to the world.

That must be it.

Shoe Storage Organization Is a Must

Not only does shoe storage help to keep things neat and organized for your sanity but it also helps to keep your shoes lasting longer.

You aren’t going to spend $160 on those Lolos only to toss them out one month later.

You want them to last as long as you do and that means you need to store them properly.

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