9 Vertical Indoor Gardens for Big Impact In a Small Space

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Having a plant or two in your home is lovely. Plants are pretty and bring nature in and they even work to clean your air. But if you want to be a little extra with your indoor plants, you might want to try a Vertical Indoor Garden.

Imagine a pretty ivy creeping up the wall or a beautiful piece of art that’s actually succulents. It’s striking and unique. And it’s going to take some ongoing effort on your part to keep this “art” alive and thriving.

I think that’s special and definitely different. It’s one thing to hang some beautiful wall decor, it’s a whole other thing when you are responsible for the care and keeping of that art. Have I convinced you? Here are my favorite vertical garden ideas.

9 Indoor Vertical Garden Ideas for a Completely Unique Art Experience

There are a few benefits of a vertical garden. First of all, they are vertical, so they aren’t taking up any usable surfaces. That’s a good thing if you live in a smaller space. It’s a great way to use your space well.

A vertical garden means all of your plants are in one place which means, you won’t forget the Snake Plant you bought for the dining room a month ago and never water it. Not that you would do that. I wouldn’t do that either.

Hanging plants vertically also means your pets shouldn’t be able to get to them. You still need to be careful and you probably don’t want to try any plants that might make your dog or cat sick, but you at least won’t have to worry about a wagging tail knocking over your Ficus.

Copper(ish) Pipe Vertical Garden

I love the look of this copper pipe (it’s not really copper, just copper color) Vertical garden. The copper look is very popular right now and I also love that the plants you can use in this one are small.

It seems like a very manageable way to start your indoor vertical garden.

You can either do soil for the plants, OR, you could try air plants which wouldn’t even require the soil.

You can find the full tutorial for the Copper Pipe Garden at Craft Bits.

Mini Living Wall

This is a great option if you’ve only got a small space that you’d like to liven up with some plants.

This mini living wall is an easy DIY. You can totally manage this. It’s stuff from Lowe’s and some planters from Ikea

What’s great about this is if you do happen to have a mishap with one of the plants, you can pop in a replacement pretty easily.

You can find the full tutorial for the Mini Living Wall at Pretty Handy Girl.

Horizontal Vertical Indoor Garden(?)

This is the perfect starter indoor vertical garden because it allows you to start minimal. Just start with three plants and if you love it, make another row!

You can keep adding as your budget and plant skills allow.

This also allows you to create as much or as little space between the height of the plants as you need which will give you more options on the plants you use.

You can find the full tutorial for the Horizontal Vertical Plant wall on Hometalk.

Indoor Vertical Garden from Mugs

How cute is this? I love repurposing something like mugs that you can grab from the thrift store as a little indoor vertical garden.

This would be so inexpensive to do. Mugs are small so you don’t use large plants or a ton of a soil. And you can either thrift the mugs or use one’s you have.

Personally I wouldn’t use command hooks to hang these as the tutorial shows, but if you’re a risk taker and don’t mind the potential disaster of smashed mugs, spilled soil and traumatized plants, then give it a try. I’d go a little sturdier with those hooks that screw into the wall.

You can find the full tutorial for the Mug Garden on Hometalk.

Tiered Vertical Garden

Your vertical garden doesn’t have to be on the wall. Think outside of the box, or just check out this tiered dessert stand that has been transformed into a vertical garden.

You will take up some space on your counter, but this is a great idea if you have a sunny spot to grow herbs in your kitchen. It’s pretty and it will make you a better cook!

That’s a win/win in my book.

You can find the full tutorial for the Tiered Garden on Hometalk.

Florafelt Vertical Garden

You don’t have to build a DIY contraption to create your beautiful indoor vertical garden.

You can purchase Florafelt Pocket Panels and simple plant your plants in the cozy felt pockets.

These are easy to install and manage and you can make them as big or small as you want.

You can find out more about Florafelt Wall Panels at Florafelt.

Moss Wall

moss wall

If you’d like a vertical garden that’s already established, Etsy has you covered.

This Moss Wall is dramatic. It’s the only word I have to describe it. It will be the centerpiece of whatever room you hang it in.

And it’s moss which is said to be very easy to care for. I’ve never tried it, but they are said to require zero maintenance.

You can find out more about the Moss Wall on Etsy.

Climbing Vines

These beautiful flowers are creating a separating wall in this home.

It’s a stunning way to create a new space.

Let’s Go Build a Garden Wall!

You want to go make an indoor vertical garden now, don’t you? I do, too. I have some ideas inspired by these beautiful vertical gardens I’ve researched and I’m excited to try one.

I’ve got a great blank wall in my office that is begging for something beautiful on it. Of course, I’ll need to do low light plants and I want to use plants that purify the air.

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