Top 10 Ways To Decorate A Large Blank Kitchen Wall

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The number of renovating homeowners creating an open-concept floor plan by opening up their kitchen to other interior spaces has dropped dramatically since 2019 (43% in 2021 versus 53% in 2019). But, if you’re still a homeowner with an open floor plan, chances are you have large blank walls in your kitchens and living rooms. And not everyone has kitchen cabinets taking up all the space between counters and ceiling.

Decorating your kitchen wall can be a daunting task when you have a lot of open space and not sure where to start. But with some imagination and creativity, there are many ways to make your kitchen look stylish and inviting, while utilizing the large area available. Here are some ideas and tips from interior designers on how to decorate your large kitchen wall.

How To Decorate A Large Blank Kitchen Wall?

Don’t be afraid of color and texture.

colorful kitchen with each cabinet painted a different pastel color and the large kitchen wall is painted with various colors in a geometric pattern

One of the most important tips when decorating a large kitchen wall is not to be afraid of color and texture. Embrace the opportunity to mix artistic prints and patterns that reflect your personal style and bring in accents like textiles, fabric art, or crocheted pieces in vibrant colors. If you’re worried about overwhelming the room with too much color, keep the main elements neutral while allowing subtle pops of color or only paint an accent wall. Paint effects such as mural designs or stenciling are also great ways to add texture without overpowering the space.

Incorporate artwork or framed photographs.

Hang meaningful pieces of art or framed photographs to add visual interest and give the room a personalized touch. Frame a large piece of art along with smaller ones and position them in an eye-catching arrangement across the wall. This way, you’re creating an entire gallery space that becomes more than just a blank canvas. Get creative with unique wall displays like hanging objects together in clusters, abstract art, layering frames and prints on top of each other, or creating a montage of different sized frames. Extra large pieces can go a long way to filling blank space too.

Hang necessary items like a clock, map, or calendar for functional art.

kitchen wall painted with black chalkboard paint with a calendar painted on it with chalk-paint

Mount a clock, map, or calendar onto the wall for a fun and functional piece of art. Not only do they provide an aesthetically pleasing display, but they also serve as a reminder of important dates, tasks to complete that day, or directions to follow during your next trip. Find pieces with interesting shapes and textures that can easily be hung in any kitchen style. Embellish with colorful frames and choose prints that you will love looking at every day! Or, go the bold route and paint the wall with black chalkboard paint and create your own DIY wall calendar (or write your grocery list on it)!

Showcase your cookware with open shelves.

Small apartment kitchenette interior with a modern gas cooker and simple open wall mounted shelves with a small wooden table

Sleek open shelving units or floating shelves are great for highlighting your kitchen utensils and cookware. Showcase a selection of carefully chosen pieces – from rustic old skillets to chic copper pots and pans- that you can easily reach when whipping up those delicious meals. Get creative with the arrangement and combine it with other accessories like plants, vases, and cookbooks. Shelves become more than just kitchen wall decor ideas, but also provide accessible storage space! Check out our post on Command Storage Ideas to see more ways you can incorporate vertical storage on your kitchen walls.


kitchen with wall painted in chalk paint and lots of plants on shelves, how to decorate a large blank kitchen wall

A living wall of plants can instantly liven up any kitchen wall and add warmth, while also improving air quality and adding a natural element to the space. Check out our post on the best plants to get for air purification! You could even hang several mason jars on the wall and fill them with herbs or flowers to bring a rustic charm to the kitchen. Of course, there are tons of planters out there that fit every single kitchen and dining room vibe. Adding greenery is a brilliant addition to any kitchen design (especially farmhouse)!

Use A Television That Also Doubles As Framed Artwork

Ok, I will probably catch a side-eye from some people about putting a tv in the kitchen. But, hear me out! Nowadays, you can get televisions that double as artwork. They are slim and come with different color frames! It would be perfect as part of a gallery wall and it can either display art or your own photos! And let’s be honest, everyone always gathers in a kitchen and sometimes people want to be able to watch tv while they eat or while they are cooking! I mean, picture watching cooking tutorials on YouTube in your kitchen so you can actually follow along!

A Collection of Ceramics

Beautiful white shelves with tableware and decor

Using brightly colored ceramics and plates is a great way to decorate a large kitchen wall. Ceramic dishes come in many shapes, sizes, and color combinations, making them perfect for creating an interesting wall display that is sure to draw the eye. Plates can be hung on the wall in unique arrangements. Or, they can be placed in groups in a clear cabinet or open shelf. For a bold, eye-catching look, try combining a variety of sizes and colors to create an eclectic visual effect. With a few well-placed pieces of brightly colored ceramics and plates, you can easily transform your kitchen wall into a stunning work of art!


extra large mirror with an ornate silver frame hanging on a blank wall, how to decorate a large kitchen wall

Using mirrors in a modern kitchen can be a great way to fill up an expansive wall while adding a decorative touch. You could use one extra large mirror or a few mirrors as part of a gallery wall. Mirrors help create the illusion of more space, making the kitchen feel larger and brighter. Additionally, they reflect light, bringing brightness and character to the room. They are also perfect for reflecting interesting details like artwork or architectural focal points. With so many shapes, sizes and styles available, mirrors are a versatile decorative element that can be tailored to any kitchen space.

We wrote a whole post dedicated to hilarious kitchen wall art. Funny kitchen signs are a great way to liven up any large wall. Whether it’s a funny saying, an inspirational quote, or even just a funny cartoon character, these humorous decorations make for lively conversation starters and can add personality to your kitchen. Not only will they show off your sense of humor, but they can also be a great way to express your own unique style. With so many different options out there, you can easily find the perfect sign that suits your taste and fits with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. It’s a fun and easy way to add some creativity and flair to any kitchen wall!


Full length portrait of a 3 years old girl in a cook hat sits in the kitchen and drinks tea with cookies.

Adding wallpaper to a large blank kitchen wall can be an ideal way to fill the space with style and personality. From striking patterns to subtle textures, there is a range of options available for completing the look of your kitchen (you can even make it look like your wall is made of bricks or tiles!). Not only does it brighten up the room and make it more inviting, but it also adds dimension and interest without needing to make any drastic changes. With the right wallpaper, you can transform a blank wall into a stylish feature of your kitchen.

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