Best Furniture for Basement Family Room: Fun & Functional

Basements have a reputation for being dark, uninviting, and neglected spaces where forgotten belongings stay stashed away forever. But what if I told you that you could transform this underutilized area into your family’s favorite part of the home?

Regardless of the size or state of your downstairs level, adding the right pieces and decor can turn it into a warm, cozy, and inviting family room fit for making memories with your loved ones and friends. 

We’ve put together this list of the best furniture for basement family room to help you get inspired and get started.

1. Large Farmhouse Table for Game Nights

Modern farmhouse table, best furniture for basement family room

If you’re into the farmhouse vibe, investing in a large, rustic, and highly functional table that fits everyone is something you won’t want to miss out on. Where else will the family gather for an exhilarating night of board games and laughter?

Select a sizeable table that’s big enough to accommodate all the fun without leaving you lacking space. A solid wood farmhouse table is a beautiful choice that’s sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Farmhouse tables are built to last, so the one you get may someday turn into a priceless family heirloom full of precious memories.

2. Comfortable Seating With Cozy Pillows and Blankets

Plenty of seating is an absolute must-have for your basement space, especially if you belong to one big family that loves spending time together. Whether you’re having a sleepover, a holiday get-together, or just lounging around, everyone will appreciate having deep seats to sink into.

Choose a comfy L-shaped sofa or U-shaped sectional couch to provide seating around your television and media center. If you want the freedom to switch up your family room layouts every now and then, say hello to modular sofas and reversible sectionals.

Bored with your current couch? Play with vibrant patterns, prints, and colors of cushion covers to refresh your look every season. As for cozy blankets and extra pillows, the more the merrier!

3. Multipurpose Media Console

The entertainment area is usually the focal point of a family room. It’s where everyone gathers around to watch a football game, catch up on the latest news, and play video games. A sleek media console is just what you need to compliment your flatscreen while holding other gadgets.

If you’re an avid gamer, console tables can provide additional storage for your controllers, PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii consoles. Another cool game room idea is to showcase your board games, action figures, knick-knacks, and collectibles on the shelves of your table.

Try to stick to a unified color scheme to make your console feel balanced and tidy.

4. Basement Bar Counter and Stools

Store your collection of fine wines and have your favorite beers on tap with your very own basement bar. Now’s your chance to sharpen those bartending skills while entertaining guests from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you’ll get to save money—no overpriced drinks here.

Transforming your basement space into a cozy bar starts with a set of versatile barstools. Pair them with a high-top table or an open-storage bar console if you’re tight on space. Next, go for floating shelves or wall-mounted storage to show off those fancy bottles and wine glasses.

Set the mood for your bar corner by selecting slightly darker colors than the rest of the family room. Cheers!

5. Bold and Playful Accent Chairs

Decking out your family room in eye-catching accent chairs will make it go from plain to fantastic! A homey club chair, a modern egg chair, or a snug armchair will make everyone want to plop right in.

To maintain harmony, consider how the chairs will relate to your existing furniture and the overall style you’re going for. Take a look at your basement’s color palette and pick out a recurring color to keep everything cohesive.

Another good tip is to match the chairs’ height and seat elevation with your sofa. This will prevent the chairs from overpowering the room.

6. Refreshing Wall Art and Decor

Natural light may be scarce in your underground basement, but you can still achieve the look of a bright, inviting, and airy space using a few simple tricks. Light paint colors, laid-back wall art, clean lines, and delicate decor will give your family room a refreshing vibe.

A mashup of dark colors and standout wall art can make the space look cramped, overwhelming, and even dungeon-like—yikes! The key is to strike a nice balance between subtle and statement pieces.

7. Stylish Storage Cabinets and Organizers

Extra storage space might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about furniture for your basement. Guess what? A clever storage solution will not only eliminate visual clutter but will also spruce up your space while keeping your family belongings organized.

Floating wall shelves, hanging baskets, ladder storage, and mounted cabinets with glass doors instantly add interest while effectively utilizing vertical space. Modern cabinets have adjustable shelves that can hold anything from seasonal clothes to holiday decorations.

No space? No problem! The tiniest of corners can offer the best storage potential if you know the right furniture for the job. Try a behind-the-door cabinet, a slim tower, or a dual-purpose ottoman that blends style with utility. They’ll keep your basement neat and pretty in a snap!

8. Kids’ Corner Bookshelf and Lamps

An essential part of furnishing a family room is making sure that everyone has a space that makes them feel cozy and comfortable. By positioning a lovely bookshelf and some lamps in a quiet corner, you can carve out a special reading nook where kids can cuddle up with a book.

Pastel-colored poufs, a furry rug, soft throw pillows, and overflowing toy storage baskets create an awesome kid hangout space. Keep the area cute and child-friendly by choosing quaint and small-sized pieces of furniture with no edges and sharp corners.

9. Charming Coffee Table with Meaningful Decor

A coffee table is more than just a place to set down your cup of joe! When chosen correctly, it can be the perfect centerpiece to bring your entire family room together while showing off its own sparkling personality.

It doubles as a productive workspace where you can discuss matters with guests, serve refreshments, or go over important paperwork. You can also use it to highlight precious items like travel souvenirs, sculptures, floral arrangements, or a family room photo.

Scandinavian style coffee table

For a soft look, go for a light-colored table with a round shape and plenty of surface area. To match a modern theme, you can opt for an elegant glass or metal coffee table. Some versatile pieces have hidden drawers for stashing small items, like your TV remote.

10. Colorful Concession Stand for Movie Nights

Add a burst of excitement to your weekly family movie night by setting up a concession stand filled with your favorite treats and snacks! Aside from holding all your goodies, a home theater concession stand is a wonderful way to introduce a pop of color to your family room.

Candy racks and cases come in a wide selection of sizes, styles, and finishes, such as black, gold, silver, and brass. A wall-mounted candy case will help you save up on floor space, while a back-lit case will make your chips, candies, chocolates, and crackers look oh-so-tempting!

Other fun pieces to include in your movie-watching space include recliner chairs with drink holders, cozy lamps for post-movie discussions, and a nostalgic popcorn machine to complete the setup!

Candy & Chip Display Rack

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FAQ: Best Furniture for Basement Family Room

How do I design the basement as a family room?

The best way to start your basement design project is to have an overall concept of what you want your family room to look like. Consider your basement’s floor plan, the intended use of the space, and your preferred aesthetic, whether it’s farmhouseglamfall vibes, or Barbiecore.

The next part is to look at your basement’s current design elements, such as your floors, lighting, existing furniture, and wallpaper. See anything that doesn’t match your design vision? Now’s the time to change it! 

The fun part is adding individual pieces of art and furniture to amp up the cozy vibes and transform your space into what you want it to be. A movie-watching lounge is essential, but do you want to add a gaming station, a reading nook, a basement bar, or a gallery corner?

Note that the last step doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of DIY options that can help you achieve the best style on a budget.


Many home basements serve as dark and unwelcoming storage spaces. Yours doesn’t have to be one! With our collection of fun, fresh, and functional pieces, you can transform your basement into an ultimate hangout for your family and friends and the coolest spot in the house.

If you enjoyed these furniture ideas for your basement family room, there’s lots more on our Pinterest page! Also, please share this with your family and friends so you can start decorating your dream family room together.

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