14 DIY Command Center Ideas to Keep Your Family Organized

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The modern family is a like a tiny little corporation. Keeping track of the stock room (closets & pantries?), meetings with vendors (teachers, coaches, girl scouts?) and production (cooking food, doing homework, washing things?)…

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know if my tiny corporation=modern family analogy was going to work, but it really is like a tiny little corporation. If you’re not organized, some piece of this amazing company is going to fall to the wayside.

You need a centralized place where all of the little bits like important papers, important dates, pencils and all the other things that you don’t want to have to spend time looking for, can go.

That’s called a DIY Command Center and I don’t know if there’s any corporations that actually have Command Centers, but they should. Maybe the plant manager has a command center in his office.

Here’s a bunch of DIY Command Centers to inspire you to get all your stuff together in one place so you can be the Plant Manager of your own home.

That doesn’t really sound very appealing, but you probably get to wear safety goggles and a hard hat sometimes.

Again. Completely unappealing.

What Makes Up a DIY Command Center?

It can vary depending on the needs of your family, but there are a few staples I think every command center needs.

A calendar is a must. Everyone is into so many different things between sports, school and other activities that there’s no way you can keep all of that in your head and it’s nice to have a place you can quickly glance at for reference.

A place to jot notes is a good addition as well. Quick reminders of what you’ve run out of, what you have planned for dinner and other miscellaneous notes.

Some type of bin or file folder for each member of your family to keep important papers like project outlines, permission slips and whatever the adult equivalent of the permission slip is.

Lists are great for the Command Center, too. To Do lists, cleaning schedules, morning routines… You get the idea.

13 DIY Command Center Ideas to Inspire You to Organize

Pretty Blue Command Center

I’m starting with this pretty blue command center because I like it visually the best.

If I made one like this I would need to make sure to add something to hold paper, but this is the “look” I would go for.

You can find all of the details for this project at All Things Thrifty.

It’s Got It All Command Center

This DIY command center has got a place for everything. I mean, really, everything.

I like all of the options, but I think for me something a little more simple would be best to start. Baby steps, ya know?

You can find all the details for this project at One Creative Housewife.

Fresh, Minimal Command Center (with a touch of Harry Potter!)

This Family Command Center from Smile and a Coffee has everything you need.

Shoes? Yup, throw ’em in the shoe bin. Calendar. Meal plan. A nod to Harry Potter.

I love how it even incorporates the thermostat. Cause you should have a thermostat in your Command Center, right?

Rustic Meets Glam Command Center

If Goldilocks had been testing command centers, this one would be just right. It’s got just everything you need and nothing you don’t.

I love the brass frame with the rustic elements and the fact that there’s still a lot of white space here. Places to rest the eyes.

You can find the details for this project at Blesser House.

Modern Command Center

If you’re worried that a command center couldn’t possibly fit your more modern aesthetic, then have no fear.

The stained wood backdrop to this command center is cool and modern. Perfect for that mid-century vibe.

It’s the combo of dark wood, black frames and just enough white to set it all off that I love about this one. Plus the brass cup.

You can find the details for this project at Girl Loves Glam.

Keep It Together Command Center

This is a tidy little command center, isn’t it? I love that everything is white. It keeps it from looking messy.

I also love the printable art above the calendar. Ideally your whole family is going to spend some time looking at this command center daily so it’s a great place for some inspirational art.

You can find all of the details on this project at How To Nest For Less.

Bright & Colorful Command Center

I love color and this command center has plenty of it. Not too much of it, but just enough.

You do want to be careful to not get to crazy with the design of your command center because it IS going to get filled with writing and papers and keys.

So keep it simple with pops of color.

You can find all of the details for this project on My Life And Kids.

Rustic Command Center

Rustic isn’t really my thing, but I do totally adore the idea of the butcher paper for making notes on your command center. It makes sense, right?

This could take a totally different look with a roll of white paper if rustic isn’t your thing either.

You can find all of the details on this project at Create Pray Love.

Neutral Command Center

You may not want your command center to be the center of attention. You might want it to just be like, “Hey, I’m over here when you need me”.

That’s what this command center is like. It’s cool and calm. It’s there when you need it, but all that white and light wood tone makes it a little mellow.

You can find all of the details for this project at Sweet Maple Lane.

Customized to You Command Center

One thing that is really important when planning out your DIY command center is that you take into consideration exactly what you and your family needs.

Make sure to pull inspiration from any of these command centers, but the actual components will probably be unique to you and your family.

This command center from Aileen Cooks does a great job of customizing.

Behind the Door Command Center

This DIY command center that is conveniently tucked away in a closet is sort of what I have in mind for my own command center except mine will be on the outside of the door.

I love this idea of being able to close the doors on the “stuff”. But there’s also a part of me that knows I need to see the “stuff” or else I will most definitely forget about it.

That’s not a problem for everyone so if you prefer the clutter behind closed doors this may be for you!

You can find all the details on this project at Sand and Sisal.

Chalkboards and Clipboards

Clipboards have made an appearance in a couple of these command centers and they are a very smart choice.

They hold paper. Awesome. They also can hang from a hook on your command center so that when you want to write it on it, you can take it off of the wall and write. Instead of leaning awkwardly by the wall.

You can find all of the details for this command center on Houseful of Handmade.

Cabinet Door Command Center

I had to include this behind the cabinet door command center. This is basically what my mother did when we were kids.

I wouldn’t call hers a command center, she didn’t have Pinterest to get all of these amazing ideas from, but the spirit of the command center was there.

I’m big on less is more and that’s what this command center is to me. A little bit of everything. Except a place to hold papers. That’s going to be a definite for me.

You can find the details for this project on Two Twenty One.

Cool Command Center

I like this one. I like the diamond grid in the background. I like that the stuff is carelessly, but still artfully arranged on the cork board.

This command center says, we live here, we use this. It helps our family. And that’s important to think about when designing your Command Center.

You can find the details of this project on Hometalk.

Magnetic Command Center

This is a smart idea. A magnetic command center is going to be very versatile for you.

As your needs change, you can add or subtract whatever pieces you might need and as long as you can add some magnets to it, you’re good.

Not to mention that the wall on the side of the fridge is an excellent place for a command center.

Go Manage Your Command Center Like a Boss!

Do you feel like you could seriously move mountains if you had one of these command centers in your life?

That’s how they make me feel. In command and control.

Let’s go make one and get fitted for a hard hat.

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